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Women First date Guide: The What and what’s NOT to Do List

Congratulations! You’re going on a first date… Exciting right? Well maybe not. Meeting someone for the very first time can be very stressful. It doesn’t matter if your meeting a guy that you really like, a blind date, your boyfriend’s parents, or even your boss. It is all just as stressful. There’s a lot to think about such as what to wear, what to talk about, how to act and how to pretty much NOT be yourself (if you know what I mean). And all of that has to be done just to make the right first impression.

Luckily for you, I have put down some simple guides on what you should and shouldn’t do on your first date.



What types of date is it?

Knowing the type of date you’ll be going to is extremely important. It helps you to prepare yourself ahead of time. Once you know the types of date you’re going to, it will help you to know the appropriate thing to wear, and what to expect.

Keep in mind that there are different types of date such as Movie date, Dinner date, Drink date, Coffee Date, Fancy/Formal date, Pretend date, etc.

Never be ashamed to ask your date about simple details like that, just to keep from embarrassing or disappointing yourself.

What kind of guy is he?

Here’s another thing I find to be really important. Knowing who he is or the kind of guys he is can help you in so many ways. Not all guys are alike. Some guys are old fashion, meaning, they believe in taking things slow, while other guys like to go with the flow.

Knowing who you’re going on a date with will not only prepare you ahead, but it will also help you to know if you should waste your time or not.

I understand that people do go on dates to first get to know each other but there are other ways you can use to get to know him beforehand. Ask around. Look him up (without stalking of course), or chat.




· Never give the wrong impression: know the type of date you’re going to, then when you figure it out, go try out some outfits. The number one rule for me to any women whether regular or plus-size is to wear something that fit. I’m not encouraging anyone to wear baggy and unflattering clothes, all I’m asking is to wear something that shows that you have class on your first date.

Be careful to always remember that you could be sending the wrong message to your date just by the way you dress.

Wear an outfit that accentuates your curves without showing too much.

We all know that everyone goes out on a day with their own reasons and intentions. So it is totally up to you to show your real intentions by what you’re wearing. In other words, don’t wear anything that’s too tight, or too revealing if you want to be respected or taken seriously.

· Know what to wear for your age: I know, no woman wants to be constantly reminded of their age. But a lot of time we forget that it is important. Again, I’m not encouraging you to wear your grandma’s outfit. All I’m asking is to put on something that doesn’t scream “She’s trying too hard to be young” or “ she’s dressed too old”. Know that there are some clothes that a 21-year old and a 50-year old can wear and still look equally great, but there are some that just wouldn’t give the same result. Know what’s trendy for people like yourself and you’ll be surprise on how great you’ll look.

· Undergarment: Wearing a matching and sexy undergarment is a plus. You never know what’s going to happen on your first date. Always be aware that accidents always do happen. And when you wear the right undergarment you could be sending the right message about who you are because sometimes undergarments say a lot about a person and their hygiene.


· Shoes: You can wear anything you want when it comes to shoes but always make sure of two things. First that the shoes is actually the right one for your outfit. And second, make sure it fit and that you’re 100% comfortable walking in it.

The embarrassing thing to avoid would be to fall or to do the “I got to pee” walk, because the last thing you want from your date is to ask you “are you ok?” or “ Do you maybe want to take off your shoes?”.

Also, don’t bring two different shoes to your date. Wear what you’re comfortable with in order to avoid changing them in the middle of your date. It’s too awkward and you don’t want to confuse your date.

· Look like yourself but even better: The worse thing you can do to yourself is to wear too much make-up, especially if you really like the guy. You don’t want to make him uncomfortable. I’m not saying that you should look like you just rolled out of bed, but make sure that you look like yourself on your first date. You can wear bold lips and that’s totally fine. But always be sure not to wear too much eye make-up or too much blush with it. keep it clean. 

When it comes to your hair, I would recommend that you style them. What I mean to say is when you wear your hair up, don’t do messy ponytail or bunds. Also make it look like you put some effort into it. And when you wear your hair down, either curl or straighten them. Avoid not doing your hair on your first date. You want to impress the guy that you’re with.

· ALWAYS smell pleasantly: Besides the clothes and the make-up that you wear, smelling well is another way to make a good impression. Avoid wearing too much colon or you might just make him too uncomfortable. Another way you could think about it is: let say your date wears a strong colon and you just happen to hate the smell. What would you do? Exactly. He might do just that.




Going on a date doesn’t have to be too stressful. All you need to remember is to be yourself, and be considerate of your date too. Always show up on time, listen more if you can, and don’t try to sound too smart especially if you want him to stay. Guys usually want to have someone that they can trust and be themselves around.

Enjoy every single minute of it, don’t forget to smile, don’t settle, and don’t attend your date with a negative mind set.

I hope this article was helpful to you, I encourage you to comment below for questions or comments. I would really love to hear your story especially your experience with dating.

Enjoy your date!

Rachel Francoise

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