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What to wear to your church Christmas Party? Guide to 2 complete looks

Hi there! So it’s the holiday season and you know what it means. Well Parties. If you’ve been on my website before you’ll notice that I started posting guides for the holiday parties in which last week was about what to wear for your office Christmas banquet. So, with that I idea, I decided to do another one today which is what to wear to a church Christmas party.

Since these parties usually take place either on Christmas eve or Christmas day, I chose to show you two complete look that would be most appropriate for the time of the occasion.



item: Maria dress- Magenta Damask

Where to find: LadyVLondon

Price: $75

Size: 16 & 20

This dress is perfect to wear to a church Christmas party. Since different churches plan different types of parties, this dress is a good one to wear when the church organizes a kid/adult performance, or a praise and worship types party rather than a semi-formal party. This dress is a little step up especially for those who attend a casual (Jean and T-shirt) kind of church.

Wear this with a wrap coat, some black open-toes pumps, and some leggings (black or nude). See complete look below

Complete the look



Item: Black Simply Wrap Trench

Where to find: CoEdition

Price: $149

Size: 14-16

This black coat would go pretty well with the dress above. One thing I like about it is the fact that it can be worn in more occasions such as work, date, school, and special occasions. So it’s a great investment.




Item: Sexy Black Ruffled Peep Toe platform High Heels faux Suede

Where to find: AmyClubWear

Price: $29.99

Size: 6 – 8.5

(I encourage you into the website if you are interested in purchasing. This helps you to see more options and more similar shoes on your size. So click the picture to see the site).

These pair of heels can be worn for more than one occasion such as work, special occasion, and every day wear for those who enjoy wearing high heel shoes.

Dress option 2


Item: Red Wine Band Waist Long Sleeve Lace Dress

Where to find: Rosewe

Price: $60.27

Size: M-2XL

Oh this dress is perfect for a church Christmas party especially with the amount of modesty and style. This dress would work just great for those who plan to attend a semi-formal, party like church Christmas Party.

Wear this with an either black or golden sandals, Coat, and some tight of your choice, or bare.

Complete the look!


Item: Long Pink Jacket

Where to find: Coedition

Price: $149

Size: OX-3X

When I saw this long pink Jacket, I thought that it would be a great match with Red Wine Long Sleeve lace dress because of first the colors, and the style. I believe that due to the style and look of it, that this Jacket was made for special occasions rather than to be worn on daily-basic.

Perfect to wear in colder areas.



Item: Sexy Blush Gemstone Open Toe Ankle Strap

Where to find: AmyCLubWear

Price; $69.99

Since there’s only one size for these shoes, I highly encourage you to check out more of their option by clicking the picture of shoes that will take you straight to their website. This would give you a chance to see the sale that they have on shoes and more options to choose.



I really hope that this article was helpful to you. If you loved any of the items I showed above and would love to purchase them, please feel free to click on the picture of the product. This will take you straight to the website. Also while you’re in there, don’t forget to look though the site to familiarize yourself with the company and their products. Doing this will really help you to find great offers that they have.

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Until next time, Merry Christmas!

Rachel Francoise


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