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So thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you’re like me, I bet by now you already have had your turkey in the freezer, a guest list, schedule, and some Christmas decorations all set for that day. With all that already planned most of the time we forget to prepare for another very important thing. What to wear. 

What can you wear that day? Me, like most people think that picking an outfit for that day is very simple, and that all I have to do is to run to my closet and pick anything. To be honest that usually lasts until the day of, when all my guests arrives and are dressed appropriately except me.


Choosing an outfit to wear during thanksgiving would require you to know the themes of your party, what you’ve prepared for your guests after dinner (for example: some family would head to the movies, some would go shopping, etc.), who you plan to celebrate it with, and whether or not you will be the host.

Not all Thanksgiving dinners are the same, that’s why It’s so important that you wear appropriately for any types of dinner that you plan to attend.


I have put together a couple of ideas on what to wear depending on your dinner, and whether you’re the host or guest.



Congratulations on hosting an awesome party for your family and friends. Now what do you wear?

Top Option 1

Item: Red Belted Plaid Print Blouse

Where to find: Liligal

Price: $28.41

This V-neck blouse is very elegant and stylish. It reminds me of the Christmas season. This is great especially for women looking for an elegant and feminine look while still bringing up the Christmas feel to the house. Great for introducing the Christmas season to your guests.

Make sure to accessorize very lightly. Wear this with some black skinny jeans or the pant shown below, and of course some black open toes heels.

Top Option 2

Item: Brick Red Faux Two Piece T-shirt

Where to find: Liligal

Price: $29.22

The Brick Red of this T-shirt reminds me of the Fall and this outfit will be a great fit for a Fall themed thanksgiving dinner. What I love about this T-shirt is that it’s simple yet stylish and comfortable. Wear this with a black or dark skinny jeans and flats of the same color as the T-shirt.



Item: Classic High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans

Where to find: Just Jeans

Price: $55.96

What’s better than to own  a pair of black skinny jeans that would go with almost anything? These types of jeans are exactly what you need to have especially if you can’t decide on what to wear them with.



Item: Camille Knit Dress

Where to find: Cashmere in Love

Price: $551

What other ways to look fancy than to wear cashmere? This simple yet stylish dress has just the right and appropriate amount of sexiness to it. Great style to wear with light heels (preferably beige), a handbag and cardigan.


Remember, you don’t need to wear an expensive outfit to look great or fancy.  you could make a very less expensive outfit look fancy if you wear it the right way.  


Going at his parent’s house can be very nerve racking, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them. The rules of going to his parents house is to dress appropriately. Always stay away from being too revealing or too flashy. Be sure to look elegant, confident and classy. In other words, dress as if you would do in a job interview without looking too overdressed or uncomfortable.

Item: Farrow Ankle High Rise Skinny Wakefield

Where to find: DL1961

Price: $189


item: Classic Solid Color Wrap Batwing Sleeve Shawl

Where to find: OASAP

Price: $ 23.99

The two outfit above are great if his family is more laid back. The top is comfortable and stylish, and will help give you a well put-together look. this will look awesome with the ankle Rise skinny jeans shown above, and some flats or ankle boots.

When his family’s is more upscale

Item: Long Sleeve V-neck button detail sheath dress

Where to find: Liligal

Price: $35.37

When his family’s more on the fancy side, wearing this dress could be the ideal choice. Instead of having to worry about what kind of pants and tops to wear, now you have this nice, stylish, simple but not too simple dress to impress them. Be careful when you accessorize. Wear this outfit with some open toes heels and a small/medium handbag.



what a relief! This year you’re going to spend thanksgiving at your parents. Though meeting your family at their place might not be as stressful as meeting your date’s or husband’s family, meeting your folks can still be stressful, because you still have to impress them somehow. Wearing too comfortably can make them wonder if you’re in need of help. But wearing just the right amount of style can keep them from worrying, at least for a bit (parents always worry).

Item: V-neck Zipper detailed long sleeve blouse

Where to find: Liligal

Price: $26.85

Very elegant and feminine blouse. Perfect to impress during this small family reunion. This is great to wear with black skinny jeans, and some black open toe heels.




Item: London calling Top-Red

Where to find: CoEdition

Price: $69

Meeting with friend during thanksgiving is fun especially when you’ve known each other for years. Wearing this with a solid black skinny jeans and black heel top is just ideal to give a fun and warm Christmas feel to your party.


Item: Off the shoulder light khaki belted dress

Where to find: Liligal

Price: $35.84

Let say your friend or family decide to have a huge thanksgiving party. You don’t want to show up in your jeans do you? of course not. That’s why I have provide you with this stylish and elegant dress that is just perfect for this event. Wear this with some heels of the same color or if you’re planning on wearing a black handbag, then you can always watch them up.


I hope this article was helpful to you and that you had some ideas on what to wear for thanksgiving. if you liked any of the outfit that I provided above, click on the links attached to their company names (where to find). please feel free to comment or review.

Thank you!

Rachel Francoise

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