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Items: Plus-size Vintage Dresses

Where to buy: Lady Vintage

Size: 8-32 (UK Size) 4-28 (US Size)



There’s something about vintage dresses that makes me feel like I can conquer it all. I guess it has to do with the history of women of the past. Women back then hardly had any right, but that didn’t stop them from standing for their rights and from being heard.

Thanks to women of the past, today, our world is filled with many talented and extraordinary women.

The revolution in women history somehow reminds me of the story of plus-size women. Similar to them, being curvy and plus-size wasn’t always accepted.

Now, because of beautiful and brave women like Queen Latifah and Ashley Graham, the USA is slowly changing the ways they see plus-size women. In fact, most have accepted us as beautiful and as sexy.

Well haven’t you heard? PLUS IS THE NEW SEXY.


Despite the connections between the history of vintage women and plus-size women would make it ideal to own a vintage fashion, there are other reasons that I believe every plus-size women should include vintage in their wardrobes:

  • Vintage dresses are known for its feminine yet striking styles. It has the power to give a feminine flair to a woman with a boyish body.
  • It’s one of the few styles that is both flirty and daring.
  • Its slimming materials and designs are great for plus-size women or anyone with unwanted fat. It helps them hide it.
  • Vintage dresses can be flattering to every body types and shapes.
  • The fact that Its styles are made to hug the body in all the right place, vintage dresses help give or/and accentuate the woman’s curves.


  • Though this is a very fashionable style, unfortunately there aren’t many places that still make or sell them.
  • It can be expensive, especially when it’s sold where good materials are used.
Macy's Wine Cellar

Product: Hepburn- Polka Dot

Where to buy: Lady Vintage

Color: Wine

Size: 8-28 (UK Size)

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastine (Spandex)


This is a fun and feminine style. Its small waist and 50s styles wide skirt are great to give an hourglass shape and more curve. This style would be very flattering to women with an apple shape, Straight shape, hourglass shape, and round shape body.

Though it’s a style that would look great on taller women, Shorter women would also look good wearing it with open toes heels. The benefit of wearing high heels with this dress is not only to make a woman look taller, but it also helps improve her posture. This help her look daring and confident.

This outfit is appropriate for many events such as Work, Church, Christmas parties, Weddings, Homecoming, Girl’s night out, etc.


Is this what you’re looking for and would love to see more of these amazing vintage designs? If the answer’s yes, then I invite you to visit click here to the Lady Vintage site where you can find choices to choose from.

Also, feel free to comment below with you have any questions or would like to share your experience. Remember, photos are always welcome.

Remain beautiful!


Rachel Francoise


  • Lara

    Thank you so much, Rachel. I’m one of those women whose figure likes to change and it’s difficult finding clothes that fit perfectly. You’ve encouraged me to try vintage!
    Keep up the great work.

    • Rachel Francoise

      I appreciate it Lara. I am very fortunate to have found this platform that allows me to know where to get fashionable clothing for plus-size women. you’re right, it difficult to find clothes that fits.

  • ElizabethCa1

    Rachel, I loved this article! I loved the way women looked classy yes very womanly. I think that you are right that women with curves should embrace this style as it was extremely flattering for women of all shapes and styles. I myself have have severe changes in my size so I understand the desire to look stunning and I think your opinion here is spot on. Lets go ladies bring back the classy!

    • Rachel Francoise

      I Elizabeth, I agree with you. Ladies should bring back the classy. It’s a pity that now-a-day our female celebrities teach and influence us differently. They should definitely bring back classy. Classy is the new sexy other wise it’s just trashy.

  • Helen

    I’m not plus size but I really like the style of these dresses, I think they would be flattering for any size figure. I’m off to check out the Lady Vintage site now. Thanks for a great post.

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