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Unique Christmas gift for women: Unique Ideas to please her this Christmas

Hi there! It’s me again with another post on what to give to a woman this Christmas. On my last post, you’ll notice that I had placed common gifts ideas such as clothing, shoes, etc. But then I realized that there are women who would love to be wowed by receiving presents other than fashion. And some women would actually love extravagant stuff like real pearls for example.

So, with that in mind, I decided to give you a few ideas on items you could buy them. Without further a due, here they are!



Item: The Pearl Source 14K Gold AAAA Quality… (Click here to view image and other details)

From: Amazon

Price: $249 (15% off Coupon available but MUST apply)

Earlier in the introductions I mentioned that I have placed Christmas ideas other than fashion in this post. But Since this article was made for unique gifts, I decided that this 14K gold would be a great choice to share with you. I find this gift to be pretty unique because not many women own real pearls. Don’t get me wrong, most women own pearls but they’re usually not real pearls.




Item: Easehold 21 Pcs Led Vanity Make-up Tri-fold with 38 Pcs Light Ultra-Thin 2X/5X/10X Magnifying 180 Degree Free Rotation Table Countertop Cosmetic Bathroom Mirror (white)

From: Amazon

Price: $34.99

Choosing make-up for anyone can be hard because you may not know their preferences. Since make-ups are so expensive, the last thing you need to do is to offer her the wrong materials. So instead of getting her make-up, try giving her some make-up accessories. But if she wants make-up then try to offer her a gift card to her favorite make-up boutique.


Item: Sephora Gift Card

From: Amazon

Price: $25




Item: Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

From: Amazon

Price: $68.42

Nowadays women have decided to change their lifestyles to a healthier one which is amazing. Getting them a blender is a way to encourage those healthier choices.



Item: SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum

From: Amazon

Price: $229.99 ( On Sale for $149.99)

There are women who would also appreciate a really good vacuum cleaner for their home, especially if they have the habit of buying the cheaper kinds. This is an excellent way to make their lives a little easier.



Item: West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popper Machine

From: Amazon

Price: $34.99

A popcorn maker is also among the unique gifts you can give to her, especially if they love popcorn and have only been microwaving them. This gives them a chance to update and to try one better quality popcorn rather than the microwavable one.





Item: Massanutten Resort Gift Card

From: Amazon

Price: $400

Another gift to give to your love one is a romantic or family trip to a nice resort either for around or after the holidays. This special gift is ideal especially for newlyweds or for a family holiday getaways.

My advice in ordering these gifts is to make familiarize yourself with the resort, and also get to know what the gift card will include.




Item: Spa and Wellness

From: Amazon

Price: $100

Giving a spa and massage to a woman is one of the most thoughtful gift you can give. It tells a woman that you appreciate their hard work and because of it, they deserve a relaxing treat. You can’t go wrong with this unless they are not the type to get massages.



Item: Starbucks Gift card

From: Amazon

Price: $50

Still have no idea what to give? Well why not offer a gifts card. Find out what they like, and if you still can’t figure it out, then get them a gasoline gift card, a grocery gift card, restaurant gift card or a Visa gift card.

I get that some women hate the thought of being offered a gift card because they prefer the idea of opening a box. But believe me, once they hit the store, restaurant or gas station, they’ll thank you for it.



I really hope that I was able to give you ideas on unique choices for this year’s Christmas. Remember, always ask them what they want first or if they don’t tell you, figure out a way to find out about what they have been missing or wanting throughout the year. I believe that what I have provided on this post will really surprise them .

Since Christmas is in just few days, be sure to contact your vendor to be sure that it would arrive right before Christmas.

Please feel free to comment below for any questions and suggestion you may have.

Until then, Merry Christmas to you!


Rachel Francoise


  • Darren

    This is a very useful post to give people, especially husbands and boyfriends in particular an idea on what to buy a partner especially for a surprise.

    The pearls or spa day are especially nice although I’m not sure on the hoover.

    I bought my wife a dishwasher on Christmas which didn’t go down as well as I thought! 😂

    Luckily the necklace I gave her after made up for it hence I think you can never go wrong with pearls or jewellery.

    Great post and very useful!

    • Rachel Francoise

      haha that’s funny that she didn’t like the dishwasher.I think that maybe she’s the kind who loves to be wowed with female accessories rather than household stuff. lol I’m glad that you got her a backup present to makeup for it. great story Darren thank you

  • Kaiser Creek

    Thanks for the great Christmas gift ideas. I really like the blender and your reasoning for it as a gift, might just have to get that. I’ll be sure to refer to this site when it’s time to shop.

  • Philip

    Hi Rachel,

    Just what I was looking for! I am so tired of being stranded with the usual predictable presents. That blender looks like it would go down a real treat.

    Thank you so much Rachel as I was hunting online for a while until I found your article.

    I see the prices are very reasonable as well which makes them all the more tempting 🙂 .

    I see a of gift cards in the shops and don’t remember them being so heavily promoted at anytime in the past. The Star Bucks gift card looks like an excellent side present as well.

    Right, I am off to take a look at all their prices. Thanks again Rachel and enjoy the upcoming holidays?

    By the way:- which of these presents would you love to get for Christmas?

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hi Philip, thank you for your message, I’m so glad i was able to help you find some unique present for your love one.
      oh and my favorite for this year would be the massage gift car. it’s been a stressful year. lol Thanks for asking

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