We’re slowly heading towards the summer, but, The spring styles just isn’t dying yet. Working at a clothing store and being a fashion blogger  has allowed to see what style and colors are in high demand. And I’ll tell you, the style that I provided below will help you find what’s a la mode this Spring and Summer so that you don’t miss a thing. So, what are waiting for? Scroll down to see for yourself!


Whether it’s bright or not, yellow has been very popular this year.

One Shoulder Jumpsuit (Sun Glaze) from ELOQUII at $79.95
Size: 14-28

Plus-size women Jumpsuit

I love this jumpsuit! Besides it’s stylish and sexy flare, it’s also a great investment because it allows you to wear it with almost any occasions such as a party, girl’s night out, wedding, Graduation, etc. Though it’s from the Spring and summer collection, I believe that, with its sunny/orange yellow color, you can still wear it even during the fall.

Wearing your hair up with some bold brown lipsticks could just be ideal for this type of color especially if you’re going to an evening event.  Some golden or transparent open toes heels would also look great with it.



Off the Shoulder Cinched Fit and Flare Dress from ELOQUII

at $94.95

Sizes: 14-28

Do you have a special occasion event going on? are you invited as a date to a semi-formal wedding and you want to dress to impress? Then, this dress might be what you’re looking for. I like how this dress gives you just the right amount of elegance and sexiness.  Again, I believe that this dress can also be worn during the Fall.

You can wear your hair up in a tight or messy bun or, you can also wear your hair short. The idea is to allow you to properly show the style of the dress.



These colorful stripes are in high demand this year. I like it so much because it reminds me of  rainbows. Who doesn’t like rainbows?

Gelato Striped Maxi Dress- Sunset from COEDITION at $119

Size: 16

Whether you’re on  a relaxing vacation or planning to attend a family reunion, well this dress can do the work for you. You can wear either it with some flat sandals and a light jacket if you plan on wearing it to a casual first date or girl’s day out. Or, you could also wear it with some high heels sandals with a light scarf to work, church, graduation ceremony, etc.

Due to its bright and colorful style, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this dress for an evening event. I believe that it was made for day time. I just think that this dress would look great on a sunny day.


Striped Dolman Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

Sizes: 14-28

Striped Dolman Sleeve Dress

I really like the style of this dress. Though colorful, It will still be good to wear during the night to an evening event. Great for weddings, graduation parties, Etc.

With this dress, you can wear your hair up on a messy bun or down (curled or straight). You’re also free to pick a light or heavy make up (my personal preference would be, light eye makeup and darker lips).



Yes! Denim! oh, It’s so on this season. I really just love how few years ago, you’ll think of pants when you think denim. But now, not so much. Though it’s considered a casual material, denim doesn’t have to be worn with tennis shoes. You can actually rock this with heels. Check it out below!


Tie Neck Denim Dress from ELOQUII at $49.95

Sizes: 14-28



I just love the classy and sophisticated style of this denim dress. Come one, why wouldn’t companies allow their workers to wear this to work? Though it looks like a multi-purpose dress, I think that it looks  professional enough  to be worn to a work place (check with your boss first to make sure).

This dress is such a great invested because, It allows you to wear it to so many different occasions such as parties, work, church, etc. for  a very reasonable price.


CITY CHIC’s Sweet Denim Dress from COEDITION at $109

Sizes: 14-22

Looking to look sexy in a casual denim dress? Then this dress is yours. It is the perfect style for ladies living in the  country or for those who love to through summer barbecue parties. Wear this with some wedges like the model provided to give yourself a one of a kind look. Trust me, no one would top this one off.

Chambray Midi Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

Sizes: 14-8

Though it’s not denim, I decided to throw this dress out for those looking to wear something that looks like it’s denim. Most people like myself would love to wear denim during the Summer but avoid doing so because it can be quite heavy sometimes especially when you live in Texas, where the temperature can get pretty high during the Summer.

Chambray can be similar to denim, only it’s a lot lighter and more comfortable. And, this dress and its material makes it so that you can look like you’re wearing denim but without all the heaviness  that denim can sometimes have.

This dress can be worn in many occasions such as church, showers, family reunion, girl’s day out, etc.



Puff Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $129.95

Sizes: 14-28


Puff Sleeve Dress

I call this dress “elegance with an attitude“. This puffed sleeves dress is very fashion forward and a great choice for those fashionistas who are all about expressing themselves. You can’t always be elegant and sweet. Be bold and daring!

Feel free to wear this gown to special occasions such a semi-formal weddings, first-date or a date with the love of your life when they decide to take you somewhere special and expensive. Lol


Smocked Bodice Puffed Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

Size: 14-28



Black and white is also very popular this season. One thing I love about this color  is that it can be worn pretty much at any season and time.

Below, I provided two amazing dresses that will also be great for special occasions. The first one is for those fun ladies aka party starters. But, the second dress is for the shy but fashion forward ladies. It’s your pick, which one are you?

MAREE POUR TOI’s Sequin Stripe Sleeveless Dress from COEDITION at $108

Sizes: 12-24

Printed Scuba Strapless Dress from ELOQUII at $119.95

Sizes: 14-28



Whether big or small, polka dots are huge this year. They now have polka-dots prints for almost every occasion like business casual on picture number one, Summer fun on picture number 2, or real elegance on picture number 3. Which one are you going to pick?

Tie Neck Blouse from ELOQUII at $59.95

Sizes: 14-28


Half Sleeve V-neck Polka Dot Pocket Romper from LILIGAL at $31.12

Size 8-20

polka dot jumpsuit


BAACAL’s No*33 Wrap Dress from COEDITION at $420


BAACAL’s No*33 Wrap Dress From: CoEdition Price: $420


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Have a great rest of the season!

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