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The holiday season is finally here. As we all know, this season is always the busiest time of the year, because companies, big or small, like to do their annual banquets or parties around that time. And attending them and preparing for it can be very stressful especially when one doesn’t know what to wear.

Knowing the stresses that it takes to pick the correct look for those events gave me the idea to create this post in order to help you get an idea of what you could wear. Below are the ideas and guide to two complete looks. Without further a due let get started.


Few years ago, I was invited to my former work place Christmas banquet. And since it was my first time, well I didn’t think that it would be fun or that anyone was going to dress-up (It was a business casual kind of work). So I arrived there, wearing the same kind of outfits that I would wear to work. Sadly for me, I looked like I never had any fun in my life, while everyone else took the opportunity to wear as if they were going to a semi-formal wedding. You can only image the regret I had.

Unfortunately there are many people who think just like me. When they hear the word “OFFICE PARTY” they automatically think “ dinner at the break room with no music or fun”, while it’s a totally different experience where everyone let loose but professionally. Going to an office Christmas party or banquet is a chance for you to showcase your personality to your co-workers and also a chance to also help you to get to know them in a whole new way.

So why be too serious? Let loose, put your hair down or up, wear make-up and let them see the beauty that hides behind those business professional appearances that you’re been wearing.

As you’re reading, you’ll notice that I have provided two looks for you. A designer/smaller size for those who love to wear designers’ or would love to try them for the holidays, and the plus-size non-designers for the more regular ladies like myself.

So without wasting too much of your time, go ahead and read below.




Where to find: Coltorti Boutique

Price: $273.93

Size: 00 & 4

When I saw this dress I knew that it would be a perfect for an office party and any women who love to wear designer dresses. Unfortunately they don’t have bigger sizes available, but the price is a great offer for a designer dress in my opinion. And this Micheal Kors dress can be worn for different special occasions though out the year. So It’s a great investment.

You can wear this dress with other designers’ accessories, or not, it all just depend on your taste. For the designers’ accessories, continue on reading right below, or if you don’t then check out way below under the Rachel Roy’s dress.



Item: FENDI’S small Kan I bag with micro studs

Where to find: Coltorti Boutique

Price: $1,662.13

Color: English rose

This bag is a perfect match with the Michael Kors dress provided above. The colors of both the dress and the bag are almost similar without being too matchy. And another great thing about this bag is that it can be worn in more than one occasion, or even in a daily basic.


Item: SWAROVSKI’s mixed earrings

Where to find: Coltorti Boutique

Price: $95.83

Color: Rose gold-coated


Item: SAINT LAURENT’s bronze-laminated leather Tribute Sandals

Where to find: Coltorti Boutique

Price: $738.21

Color: Metal Blush

Another great match with the Michael Kors dress. I love how it almost matches the earrings. It looks as if they were made for each other. The shoes in my opinion were made to wear them on very special occasions and any other time when you want to look and feel sexy.


Item: Rachel Roy’s Karine Dress

Where to find: Coedition

Price: $179.00

Size: 14W-24W

This Rachel Roy’s ombre gold and black sparkly dress is just the perfect gown for the holidays. It’s made for the fun and sexy gal who desire a fun Christmas party. What I like about this dress is that you could wear it at more than the office Christmas party such as the new year’s eve party or any other Christmas parties, or special events throughout the year.

This dress would look great with black heels with rhinestone or solid or some golden heels with glitters.


Check out the styles below to complete your look

Item: Luxe Black Star embellished shrug

From: Yoursclothing

Price: 39.99 Euro ($45.32)

Size: 14-30 (USA Size)

Wear this with Rachel Roy’s Katrine’s dress if you prefer to hide your arms.



Please click “FashionMia” to see image

Item: Luxury Imitated Crystal earrings

From: FashionMia

Price: $19.83

These earrings would go perfectly with the Rachel Roy dress or the Michael Di Michael Kors dress if you choose to add a lesser expensive accessories to your designer dress.


Item: Jessica McClintock’s Tanya Champagne

From: CoEdition

Price: $38.50

This Champagne bag is just the perfect choice for the Rachel Roy’s dress. It is very little and elegant to put in some make-up and a tiny mirror to refresh your look after the dance floor fun.


Item: Black Glittery Peep Toe sling back heels

From: YoursClothing

Price: 33.99 Euro ($38.41)

Size: 6 ½ – 12 ½

I really want to get these shoes. You know why? Despite the fact that it’s gorgeous, it also has a low high heels. So my ankle won’t kill me by the end of the evening and I wouldn’t have to carry flats.

These shoes would look great with both dresses.



Last but not least,

I really hope that I was able to give ideas on what to wear for the holidays office party. Please feel free to comment below for any questions or requests.

I would really love to hear your office party story too.

Thank so much for taking the time to read this post.

See you next time and Merry Christmas


Rachel Francoise


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