Item: Strappy Cold Shoulder Green overlay Jumpsuit

    From: Liligal

    Sizes: S-2Xl

    Prices: $35.52

    Color: Green


    Hi there and welcome! Like the title said, today I’m going to review an outfit that I purchased from Liligal which is this strappy cold shoulder green overlay jumpsuit. The reasons I chose to review this outfit and my overall experience with the company is because I have always liked this jumpsuit but was too afraid to buy it and be disappointed. If you knew me personally, you’ll know that I don’t like to return my orders especially online orders unless they’re expensive. That’s why I like to be extra careful when I order anything online. I’m sure that you are reading this review because you want to be sure of what you’re spending your hard-earned money on.

    In this review I’m going to talk about my experience with delivery, the quality of the outfit and also the quality of the materials used. I’m also going to talk about the way it fits, and give some of my recommendations. So, if you are curious to know, then stick around.



    I bought this jumpsuit on February 25th and got their free shipping option which was from 12-35, if I’m remembering it correctly. The package was shipped on March 1st and was delivered on March 25th
    from Shanghai, China.

    I’ll tell you the truth, the wait was quite long. I expected this to arrive between 12-15 days, because most businesses would give a long estimated shipping time but would actually surprise their customers by shipping their items a lot earlier. But that wasn’t the case. It took them exactly a month. That’s okay because the package didn’t arrive later than the time given. So, to avoid any disappointed, I would advise you to pay extra if you want your order shipped at a much earlier time.



    Tracking was a little awkward to be honest. I expected to receive an email stating that the item was either shipped or that the order was received. Unfortunately there was no emails. So what I did was, I went to their website, and under “my account”, I clicked “my order” which lead me to “track order”.

    So, if you haven’t received any emails after you have ordered your item, please don’t panic just login to your liligal account the take the step provided above.



    I received my package in a regular packaging bag like show in a picture below. I didn’t mind that, however I would have preferred a much fancier and more girlish packaging. Anyway, everything arrived pretty well folder and clean. I guessed that’s all that matters.



    I expected the fabric to be light like a scarf but it was actually made with a stretchy cotton material. I personally don’t like to buy clothes with that type of fabric because it tends to show every line of my body. However, the material of this jumpsuit was thick enough to hide those imperfections. Long story sort, I felt pretty comfortable wearing the it regardless of the material.



    I was a bit nervous when I first saw the jumpsuit. It looked a little too plain for my taste. Honestly, I wasn’t so sure that I liked the outfit when I first unpacked it. However, my perception changed after I tried it on.

    “I think that you have to try on the outfit before jumping into a conclusion of whether you like it or not. You may be surprised by the result after you wear it”.

    The second reason  why  felt pretty  good about wearing this jumpsuit is the fact that the style of this jumpsuit made me comfortable enough to wear it with or without any shape wear. “I’m a big girl who just had her second child”

    And to answer the question, I’ll say “yes! the jumpsuit fits “me”just like in the picture and just like I have hoped.



    I usually wear a size 2XL and when I ordered the outfit, I was very nervous because the size 2XL was the biggest one they had. I was even more nervous when I found out that the item was made and was being shipped from China. In my biggest surprise, the outfit fit me perfectly.

    I liked this jumpsuit even more when I wore it with a push-up bra. Though I like modesty, I didn’t mind showing a little cleavage. Doing this brought so much to the outfit than if I have worn it with a bra that didn’t provide any lifts.




    • I would recommend that you spend an extra $10 to get your items shipped between 3-4 days, especially if you have an event coming.
    • Order your item at least a month a head of time. This would give you the chance to either exchange or return the item in case you’re not satisfied. Please click HERE for more information about their return/exchange/ refund policies.
    • Like mentioned earlier, I recommend that you wear the jumpsuit with a good supporting push-up bra to add more femininity and elegance to its classy and sophisticated style. Some high heels sandals and a tiny purse would also be the ideal choices for it.
    • Be very careful to not want to laze about because of how comfortable this jumpsuit is. Unfortunately, the item is the kind that requires you to wear high heels sandal, full make-up and hair in order to achieve the gorgeous and flawless look. Without those things, you just can’t look as good. I’m sorry ladies, but beauty is pain.
    • This jumpsuit would look great on almost any shapes and sizes, and if you struggle with your belly, don’t worry you’re covered.
    • I’ll also recommend that you wore this jumpsuit with something underneath for a smoother look.
    • You can wear this outfit a wedding, a church event, work, and this outfit would be great to wear if you’re hosting an event from home like an upscale barbecue, a bridal/baby shower, thanksgiving or Easter dinner Etc.

    PS/ this jumpsuit is good for women of all ages.


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    Have I convinced you on this outfit? If yes, then go ahead and click here to purchase. If not, then please let me know how I can help.


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    Rachel Francoise