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Fashionable clothing for women- Review and Recommendation


Liligal is an online clothing company founded in 2005. This company is well known for their affordable, yet stylish and elegant, designs in women’s clothing and accessories. Their main markets are the US, AU, and Canada.



Many types of women can wear their designs. In their collections you can find items that are suitable for career women, women who love to dress sexy, and those who are more modest but still want a very fashionable look.

Their clothing is good for people who want to buy the trendiest, most fashion forward, stylish but also affordable. They’re for women who like to look young without over doing it.

I don’t know how women with simple tastes would appreciate this business because everything in here is for those with a flair for the dramatic.

They also provided clothing for both regular size and plus-size women.

·         Regular sizes are sizes 4(small) – 20(2XL)

·         Plus-sizes are sizes between OX(12W) – 3X(24W)


Size charts are included.


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Their dresses are flirty, elegant, and sexy, and their timeless designs would be perfect for any women wanting a youthful look.

Their dresses are made for a lot of different occasions such as parties, churches, weddings (bridesmaids, wedding guests, or mother of the bride), clubing, work, etc. 



They have lots of different kind of outerwear that are very affordable comparing to a lot of clothing stores including:

·         Sweatshirts

·         Swing Coats

·         Hoodies

·         Button up Coats

·         Frayed Hem Blazers

·         Buttoned down Denim Coat etc.



Since they have clothing for every seasons, I love what they have for the fall and winter time. Its stylish and professional designs will be perfect for work, church, holiday parties, etc.

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I haven’t found any red flags about this company, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. Our experiences may be different. My advice to you would be, if you buy one of their items and you aren’t satisfied with it, please return them as soon as possible without any defects, or smells etc. Don’t wait. Make sure to put everything back as it was shipped to you and respect their Return and Refund policy to get a refund.

Other than that, I hope that you have a wonderful experience with them.

Feel free to click here, if you want to purchase with them. Please don’t forget to comment below and tell us about your experience with the company. It will be greatly appreciated.

Ps/ Don’t forget to include pictures when you write down your reviews and comments. This could help someone else make their decision.


Thank you!

Rachel Francoise




    Wow, cute outfits.
    I’m almost tempted to go for a shopping haul, but my closet is jam-packed.
    Anyway, I’m planning to donate some of my stuff to the needy, and when I do, I’ll be back to this site.
    Thanks for this well put together post.

  • Tohin

    This is what have always wanted “Fashion + Modesty”!
    I love the fact that I could combine the two since most of the time I am often forced to compromise one for the other which in my case is compromising fashion for modesty.

    Would love to and definitely check them out very soon.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Tohin, I’m the same way. It saddens me to see how women now-a-day believe that showing too much skin is more sexy and flattering. I personally believe that classy and modesty is the new sexy. I’l be posting more classic clothing soon to give you a lot more options. Thank you Tohin.

  • Kahlua Gordin

    Without your post, I would have had no idea about this site.

    I tend to stay on the plain side – because it’s comfortable but I always ‘dream’ of getting funky items in my closet. This site may be the push that I need.

    For me buying online is not fun. Fits are always different and sometimes the product does not look at all how it does in the picture.

    With your review, I can be confident that this is not the case for this site.


    • Rachel Francoise

      Thank you Kahlua. I used to be so nervous shopping online. But I realized that shopping online gives me more options of fashionable clothing than going to local stores. I rule of thumb is always, first to return the item as soon as can if you’re unsatisfied, and second to stick with the same company/provider if you’re satisfied with their products.

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