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Heated apparel for women… I’m actually as surprised as some of you might be. I’m from Africa and live in Texas where the weather usually gets up to 108 Degrees!

I was thankful that I never had to live in really cold places like New York or Canada, but It never stopped me from hating the Texas cold weather. If you knew me you would know that I almost never go out in the cold unless I have to. So heated outfits are the answer to my prayers. I always wished that there was clothes like these but never knew that they actually existed.


Heated apparels are battery charged winter clothing that are designed for either atheletes, people whose jobs require them to work outdoors, or people like me who just can’t stand the cold weather.

These types of apparell can also be used indoors. Its main goal is to give everyone warmth.


The benefits of using this product are pretty obvious. It is a great invention created to help people such as athletes, construction workers (anyone who work outdoors) to keep warm and keep from getting any types for sickness that are caused by staying out in the cold for a long period of time. It also allows those who miss out on meetings and family outings due to the bad weather to never miss an occasion.

I find this product beneficial as well for people who suffer muscle or joint pain. I used to know a woman who suffered joint pain due to a severe heriditary type of anemia. The cold weather was very hard on her. She would tell me that she had to wear bulky and heavy coats everywhere that she went (including indoors), and in addition to that, she had to carry along with her an electric heating pad just to keep her joint and muscles from hurting. Having a heated outfit may have just been an ideal choice for her.

Heated Apparel, like every other things, have their pros and cons. What you should always watch out for is Its electric side which could cause fire and electrocution if used improperly.  Always make sure that you read your manual carefully before using. This will help keep you safe and allow you to know what areas or places you should avoid while wearing them.


I recommend Gobi Heat because:

1. They have great styles for women:

They designed their winter coats and Jackets to be comfortable and warm, and yet stylish to give you a more feminin look.

2. It’s pretty light and NOT HEAVY:

Most coats or jackets that are advertised to give great warmth are usually heavy. But not this one. (any doubt, visit their website and read their customers reviews and see for yourself how great they are)

3. They are made with WIND AND WATER RESISTANT fabrics.

4. They have a one-touch LED Controller with 3 different setting: Low, Medium, and High

5. They have both REGULAR SIZES AND PLUS-SIZES: You don’t need to feel left out if you’re plus-size

6. Batteries and charger are INCLUDED!

Their batteries are estimated to last approximately 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Click to read more about Gobi Heat Batteries Use and Guide.

7. They have a big selection such as 3-zone Heated Jackets, 5-zones Heated Puffer Coats, 3-Zones Heated Hoodies, 5-ZOnes Heated Snoboarding Jackets, Heated Socks, heated pants, Etc.

8. They also have awesome things for MEN!

And many more…


Pros: Gobi Heat products are warranted to be free from defect of material and workmanship for 1 year, and their batteries are warranted for 90 days.

Cons: The purchaser is responsible for the cost of returning the product. But even then, they will either repair or replace their product if their examination determines that it was indeed defective.

Remember: Their warranty does not extend to damages resulting from repairs attempted by anyone other than Gobi Heat.



If you are unsatisfied with the Dragon Gear outerwear that you’ve purchased, you can always return them and be refunded.

All items must be returned in proper condition. It should never be used or washed, and all batteries and changer must be return with its original packaging. Always make their that the item is free of any smells, hair, or stains before you can return them.



Is this what you’ve been looking for? If yes, then I invite you to visit gobiheat.com. Or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below, or visit their website for better assistance.

Keep Warm!


Rachel Francoise



  • Stefan Vogt

    Wow, this looks interesting. I hate being cold.

    I live in Thailand now because of the temperatures in Switzerland where I come from.

    When I’m there though and work outside a heated jacket like these could really help I think.

    Are there also working clothes for male?

    • Rachel Francoise

      Yes Stefan they also have a lot of male clothing. I am with you I can’t stand the cold. I live in Texas and it’s usually warmer than most places but still feels pretty cold to me. Thanks Stephan!

  • Tim Singleton

    My sweetheart is from the Philippines, so heated clothes will definitely be on the Christmas list. I had no idea this even existed. I even added you to my favorites so I can find my way back.


  • Helen

    Hi, these jackets and clothing sound great, what an awesome idea!
    I’m wondering if they would be good to wear at a ski resort too? And do you know how often do they need to be charged and how long does the battery last for? Thanks.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hey there Helen, I’m pretty sure you can, But I’m not 100% sure. I would make sure to contact them directly just to be safe at (801)-228-1948. And also concerning how long the battery will last, their Batteries are supposed to last approximately 500 Charge/Discharge Cycles and it also depends on how much you used them. For more information about their batteries feel free to visit their Battery Use Guide.
      I hope I answered all your questions Helen

  • Carolyn

    I love the idea of heated clothing. I live in Florida but several members of my family live in the north. I avoid going to visit in the winter because I can’t take the cold. This may be a solutions. I definitely will be checking to see what is available. Is this a new company? I have not heard of them before.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hello there Carolyn, I am just like you. I live in Texas but I even then I still can’t stand it when it get cold. I hope you enjoy wearing them. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Carolyn

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