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Item: Printed Scuba Strapless Dress


Original Price: $119.95

Color Available: Black and White stripes, and Yellow and pink Stripes

Sizes: 14-28


HI there and welcome to Style for Curves! As you can already tell by the title, today, I’ll be talking about a dress that I purchased from Eloquii. From those of you who are not familiar with Eloquii, Well, Eloquii is an Online/local clothing store for plus-size women from sizes 14 through 28. There, you’ll be able to find diverse clothing options such as Dresses, Tops and Bottoms, outerwear, Accessories, Shoes, Lingerie Etc.

In this post, I provided information about my experience purchasing the Printed Scuba Strapless Dress. These informations will include my experiences in purchasing, the shipping and waiting, the packaging, the clothing (fabric and other quality and sizes,) reviews from other customers, and my recommendations.

My hope with this review is to give you enough information to help you decide about the dress and the company that sells it. Interested, then keep scrolling down!



I purchased this dress when it was on sale few months ago. I felt so lucky to have found it then because its original price was a little pricey and I didn’t quite fill comfortable spending that much on a dress or even a company that I never shopped for before. However, I had absolutely no idea that Eloquii gave 3 interest-free payment plan (Affirm) to help their customers purchase items even when they can’t afford it right away.

“I haven’t used Affirm just yet but with my understanding, I believe that all you have to do is sign up, and follow any direction given”.

This option was one of the things that encouraged me to make more purchase from Eloquii in the future.




This dress was the very first dress that I ever bought from ELoquii, and my experience with shipping and the wait, helped me realize that they have a great customer service team because, while I was waiting for my order to arrive, Eloquii’s customer service made sure to email me to let me know (in a personal email rather than automated email) that my order was shipped and also reassured me that it was safely on its way.

In addition to reassuring me about the safety of my order, they offered a 7 days free shipping which I ended up receiving my order exactly a week after I ordered it.




My package arrived about a week after I have ordered it in a classy and expensive like “ELOQUII” bag like shown above. Inside the package was of course my dress and the return/exchange paper provided to help their customers know their policies and how they could return or exchange. I didn’t use that, however, I thought that it did contain some useful informations.



The dress looked exactly as it did in the picture. It arrived clean and wrinkle-free. However, there was 3 things about this dress that surprised me:

  1. 1. The quality of the fabric: Though I always knew that Eloquii was very reputable Plus-size clothing store, looking at the fabric online, I thought that the material was going to be thin. But, I was wrong. The dress was made with a thicker spandex like material which made the dress be a little heavier than you would expect.
  2. 2. The construction of the dress: I wouldn’t tell you how many time I have wondered why most online stores have given up on properly constructing their dresses, especially their simple styled dresses. What I meant by this is. Usually when I order a dress similar to this one online, I receive a dress that looks like the designer just wrapped a piece of fabric together and then bang! Calls it a dress. This Eloquii’s dress, however, was carefully constructed to hug a woman’s curve. The way this dress was constructed and sewed made their product look way more expensive than it actually is.
  3. 3. Eloquii was a brand: I know this sounds silly, but I thought that Eloquii was just like most popular stores that sold products of many brands. But, Eloquii sold Eloquii made products. Interesting!

My only disappointment about this dress was the sizing. I ordered size 18 since I normally wear size 18, However, their size 18 felt more like a size 20. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t open my package right when it came. (The reason for that was that I wanted to make a review video for this dress, And since this was my very first order from Eloquii, I thought that it would be great to share my first experience by videotaping it. However, I never made the video because I became to busy with school and ended up unpacking it about a month later). And this delay affected my chance to exchange.



This dress received four and a half stars and here’s what everyone’s saying:

  • “Beautiful dress” said Kristina V who ranked the dress as “better than expected”
  • “Great Piece” said Audris S. “The dress is great and the fit is forgiving!… I sized down one size”
  • “Stunning” Said Latasha J. “This was my second pick to wear to a wedding and it should have been my first. I sized down and the fit is perfect… at 5’2 it’s a little long but my heals will remedy that. Love it”.
  • “Pretty and unique color combo” said Tonia K. “ Beautiful colors and nice strapless dress. Fits me kinda big…. The bow tie is a little larger than I expected also. Nice fabric also”.


I was very surprised to have found other customers satisfactions and complaints to be pretty similar to mine since I decided to include their reviews after this one was already done being written. This tells me that I’m not the only one who feels a certain way about this gown. And if you ever ask me if I would I ever recommend this dress to anyone, well, the answer would be an absolute yes. The dress has great quality, it looks just like it does in the picture and looks pretty classy and more expensive than it’s worth.

I will definitely be careful it comes to sizing. My recommendation is to avoid following the size that you usually wear on a regular basic but instead, measure yourself before making any purchases just to be safe. I also wouldn’t recommend to go one size down like most of their customers said, only because everyone’s different and measuring is about the most ideal way to know what size would best fit.

FYI, The bow Tie was one of the reasons why I chose to purchase this dress. To me, it was the “cherry on top” of this dress because it added some “drama” to this simple dress.




I want to thank you for reading this review, and I really hope that I was able to help you decide about this particular item or even the company itself. I’m always happy to answer questions and review different things. If you have any question at all, please comment below.

Are you convinced about this dress and ELoquii and would like to make a purchase? Please Click HERE.

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Until next time,

Have a great day!

Rachel Francoise



  • Sue

    I am impressed with the fact that the dress looked exactly as it did in the picture and that the package arrived a week after you have ordered it.

  • Cathy

    Thank you for this lovely review! The dress is gorgeous. I know what it’s like to wait just a tad too long before trying on a garment. Perhaps you know someone who can take it in a tiny bit? It’s very lovely, and I wish you the best. 🙂

  • Yama

    A nice and on point post. While the dress does not pertain to me since I am a man, but it’s nice to know that the company you ordered the item from didn’t let you down in any way as their customer. Your review, like I said, is on point, so other readers, I am sure will find it quite useful and begin ordering this dress for themselves.

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