• 2019 Back-To-School Plus-size Clothing Ideas for Teacher and School Admin

    Hi there! So, it’s back to school season… I know, right? Where did time go? Anyway, While I was looking through what clothes to wear for back to school, I came across few most fabulous clothing from my favorite online clothing stores and realized that these styles would look great on teachers and anyone who works in the school industry.

    Some of you might not know this about me, but my mom used to be a teacher and I believe that it is the reason that lead me to be closer to my teachers growing up. Though teaching has never been my talent (I tried), I always admired the ways that some of my teachers would wear. I loved the freedom that they had to wear jeans, business casual, and the freedom they would have to even dress up during the Homecoming and the Halloween season. With that in mind, I decided to share some clothing ideas that I believe that you, as a teacher or school administrator will love.

    So, If you’re a fashionista, or you’re just trying to step up your game a little or, you want to get off your comfort zone without over doing it, then, I’ll suggest that you take a look!

    Below, I provided 12 fabulous looks in which you will find two categories: The “Comfortable and Casual” look, for those that want to take it easy but still want to look amazing, and the “Dress to impress Professional” look for those who are seeking a promotion or those that want to make a really good first impression.

    I hope you enjoy!

    PS: Though you are NOT required to make any purchase, you are more than welcome to do so if you find something that interests you. Style for Curves will get a small percentage of your every purchase.


     Comfortable and Casual

    Style by ELOQUII

    Style by ELOQUII

    Style by MACY’S


    Style by ELOQUII


    Style by MACY’S


    Style by Macy’s

    Dress to impress Professional

    Style by COEDITION

    Style by ELOQUII

    Style by MACY’S



    Style by COEDITION

    Style by ELOQUII

    Style by ELOQUII

    I hope that you liked the styles that I provided above. Please comment below if you have any question regarding additional style not listed or any clothing questions at all.

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    Until Next time,

    Have a great back-to-school!

    Rachel francoise

  • Dress Review #1 from Berrylook-Here’s what I think of it…

    Item: V-Neck Floral Printed Bodycon Dress

    Store: Berrylook

    Price: $23.95

    I bought two dresses from Berrylook few weeks ago and frankly, I didn’t know what to expect because I never shopped with them. I’ll be honest with you, I was very nervous that the outfit was going to be smaller because it was made in Asia however, I still decided to buy them just to allow myself to review these dresses on my website and to get to know the company.

    As for today, I’m only going to review one of these dresses and then the other one on a different post. I’m also going to discuss the shipping, the wait, the quality of the dress, and few recommendations.

    Without further a due

    Shipping and Waiting

    If I remember correctly, I think I might have paid $7.25 for their standard shipping (there was no free shipping offers during the time I purchased it) which was between 7 to maybe 14 days. I received the dresses 2 weeks later, which was good, however, the wait was a bit confusing seeing that there was no way to track my order. I guess I can’t blame them for this because I checked out as “guest” rather than registering. So, with that said, there was no confirmation email, no tracking, and no purchase history.



    This dress was the first one I opened. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The dress looked quite different from the picture.What I mean to say is, the fabric was a little cheap and transparent, it was poorly made, and was pretty small.

    I have ordered clothing from Asian companies before and it fit. Unfortunately, this one didn’t, even though I ordered 3XL which is 2 to 3 sizes above my actual size.



    • Would I ever recommend this dress? No! However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to stop buying from Berrylook altogether because each experience I have had with them were different. I would recommend, however, that you read reviews of their products before making any purchases.
    • With my experience with  Berrylook, I noticed that most of their outfits had similar issues that I think it’s important that you know before you buy. I don’t think that their plus-size fitting were made for plus-size ladies rather curvy women. Here’s what I mean: If you usually wear a size 18 and above, unfortunately their collections would not fit you at all. However If you’re wear sizes 10-14 and are curvy, then their collections would look very flattering depending on quality.
    • To avoid waiting without tracking your order, I’ll encourage you to please register (you can get 5% off your first offer) to their cite before you make your purchase.



    I apologize that today’s review wasn’t as positive as I was hoping it would be. However, I hope that I was able to help you make a decision before you purchased this item.

    Please comment below if you have any questions or had any similar experience. We would love to hear from you

    Until next time,

    You have a great day!

    Rachel Francoise


    Hi there and welcome to Style for Curves!

    My name is Rachel Francoise and I’m the founder of Style for Curves. I started this blog since September of 2018 and have been in love with it ever since.

    Today, I decided to write about us to help our subscribers and visitors to know what we’re  about and what they can expect from us.

    So, let get straight to it.


    At Style for Curves, our mission is to help plus-size women find confidence, love and beauty in themselves. And, we always encourage interacting because we’re all about togetherness and encouragement.

    Besides providing encouragements to our beautiful plus-size women, we also like to provide clothing reviews, fashion advice and tips, newsletters and also share newest trends. SO, if you’re a plus-size woman who struggles to find stylish and flattering outfits and would love to know where to find them, then consider us to be your personal fashion advisers and stylists!


    So far, Style for Curves is partner with some of the hottest clothing companies for both regular and plus-size clothing such as COEDITION, ELOQUII, MACY’S WALMART, ROSEWE, LILIGAL, MISS MARY OF SWEDEN,  SONCY, YOURS CLOTHING, CASHMERE IN LOVE, DRESSBARN, LADY VINTAGE, ETC.

    Though Style for Curves will get a percentage of every purchase made through them, our mission is still not to force a sell to our visitors and subscribers but instead, to get to know them and build a relationship with them. You’re the reason for this website.


    When you subscribe to Style for Curves, you will receive emails from us about our newest articles and blogs which would usually include seasonal trends, reviews and fashion tips. Besides receiving our articles and blogs, Style for Curves will also email you newsletters from partners listed above to show you their special offers, just in case you’re interested in purchasing from them.

    * Remember, you are more than welcome to make a purchase through us but are not obligated to do so. Our mission is to build relation with our visitors and subscribers.


    In our subscribe box, we decided to have you enter your birthday for a change to win a free outfit as your birthday present from us to you. This will not happen every months and will only be given to our most involved subscribers. So, get involved! Comment below as much as you can, share us on social media, follow us on Facebook, and you might get a special email that would say “OPEN YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM US!”. I hope that it going to be you!



    I hope that I was able to give you an idea of who we are and what we do. Please feel free to leave a comment below at any time.

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    So, I was temporarily hired at a clothing store. Working there have thought me a lot about the mistakes that we all make while clothes shopping. To tell you the truth, I’ve made the same mistakes over and over and over again, and I am so ready to change. So, no worries because you’re not alone in this.

    Without further a due…


    While working at a clothing store, I realized that there were lots of women who would spend at least $20 on an outfit that they plan to wear to do chores. Seriously, most f us wait to shower until the chores are done. Now, why sweat on a $20 T-shirt when you can get them at a bargain store for only $3.99?



    Most people complain about how expensive it to buy clothes at regular retail stores, while the’ll be spending $50 on a used item that would have cost them about the same if the were new. Frankly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.

    Forgive me but you should never spend more than $5.99 on a used outfit, unless the’re designers and gently used. Believe me there are way too many stores that sell clothes for less that you don’t need to keep shopping at bargain stores

    Here are some of my favorite stores that sell clothing that are less than $10:

    • Ross Stores (Discount Clothing Store)
    • Forever 21
    • Walmart (Online)
    • SHEIN (Online)
    • Amazon
    • Old Navy
    • Kohl’s (clearance rack)
    • Macy’s (Sales)

    Bargain stores don’t always equal to less expensive like you may think. Always compare your prices



    Most of us spend way too much money on items that we could have gotten for less with greater quality because of lack of research. Who can blame us? We’re too busy, right? Luckily for you, I have an answer to that problem. Here are two ways to know what’s out there without wasting too much of your precious time researching:

    • Google: It’s that simple! Just google it and you’ll find lists of stores you want to know. You even might be surprise to find that there are great businesses close to your own home.
    • Fashion Blogs: There are so many fashion blogs like Style for Curves that will help you figure it out. These fashion bloggers are there to help guide you to the hottest stores they can find. Their job is to create reviews about those stores and their products, to send you newsletters’ of  their special savings offers when you subscribe, and to give you fashion advice. Isn’t that cool? So, subscribe and follow us if you need our help!



    One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made while shopping for anything was, being afraid to spend a little extra. We, sometimes, forget to ask ourselves why businesses decide to sell their products at a lower price. QUALITY.

    I know how hard it can be to be on budget and to want to fill your carts. But, If you’re looking for something that has great quality, I’ll suggest that you get to spend just a little extra. I’m not suggesting that you break your bank account, but my point is, if you really want to buy something that would last, then spend a little more than you’re used to.

    PS/ Not all expensive things have good quality



    Few weeks ago at work, I met a young lady who looked very upset and was calling herself “fat” because she tried on dresses that didn’t fit. First, let me tell you something about that woman. SHE WAS GORGEOUS! I mean, she was tall, curvy and had a pear shaped body, very beautiful even after 3 kids. Sadly, she left the store angry and disappointed at herself because she picked up three dresses that would have probably fit one of her preteen daughters

    Most of us, unfortunately, have made the same mistakes. Sadly, while we waste our time hating ourselves and our bodies because the clothes didn’t fit, we don’t stop to realize that it was never our bodies fault to begin with. The really problem is the size that we picked. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, don’t be afraid to go a size or two larger. I know that It can be a little disappointing, but, I can promise you that finding the right size outfit would make you feel and look great.



    What I mean by being size paralyzed is to lack the ability to change sizes. Some people (including myself) get caught up into thinking that just because the can fit in a size 2X that 2X is the only size that fits them.

    If this is you, then let me tell you my story. Ever since my dramatic weight gain, I only tried on and bought sizes 1X to 3X. They fit well, but the made me look bigger than I actually was. And since I only shopped local back then, and that local stores didn’t (sometimes still don’t) have good outfit for big women, I would dress in ridiculously ugly outfits. Fortunately for me, all of that changed when I tried on a stylish medium top and was very surprised to see that it fit.

    This story was used to encourage you to be flexible when it comes to choosing sizes. You need to remember that different manufacturer can sometimes use different measurements.So, give other sizes a try.



    Most women, especially smaller women, are ashamed to shop at the junior department. If this is you,  I want to assure you that there’s nothing wrong with shopping juniors. I’m not telling you to go pick-out an outfit that you know that an 8th grader would wear, but, I want you to know that there’s nothing to feel ashamed about. Most junior sections carry clothing that are mature (age appropriate) and very fashion forward that no one would ever tell that it was bought from the junior department unless you told them.

    So, own it and be proud!



    Being married doesn’t mean that you have to shop at misses. I was married at 21 years old and thought that I only had to shop at the misses section. The reasons for doing that was because I always assumed that the juniors sections were for kids and single women. Sadly for me, I looked older than I really was.

    Here are two very important things you should always remember:

    1. 1. You don’t have to stop wearing sexy and flattering outfits because you’re married. Allow yourself to stay desirable
    2. 2. You can find flattering clothes at the misses section, all you need to do is to look around

    So, don’t be afraid to explore and take risks. Being married doesn’t mean that you have to stop being fun or looking sexy and young. That’s a mistake most of us, married woman make that we should stop making.



    Newsletters are extremely important for both, companies and their customers. It is one way to help businesses keep in touch with their clients.

    This is why I think that the newsletters’ method is a win-win situation for both parties. Besides helping business stay in touch with their customers, newsletters can also:

    • Help educate customers
    • Help clients/customers know what’s new and on sale,
    • And, Customers who consider their newsletters’ tend to save more than those who don’t.

    So, If you tend to ignore your newsletters’, I’ll suggest that you give it a try. Doing so will help change your shopping experience for the best.



    As it is commonly known, keeping your receipt can help you make returns and exchanges on items that you purchase (Item (s) must show no signs of usage). However, did you know that there’s money hidden in it too? Well, let me tell you this. At the very bottom or the back of most receipts, is hidden sweepstakes that you can enter to win prizes. The prizes can either be a store item, a vacation, or cash (the cash prize can vary between $50 and sometimes  a million dollars depending on the company).

    Some companies would ask you to do surveys, watch video or give your opinion on their upcoming products. Each company is different that you just have to follow their instructs to win.

    This is definitely a change you don’t want to miss.



    We all make mistakes sometimes that we don’t even realize we’re making. That’s why, I felt so grateful to get the change to share these mistakes with you to help your shopping experience get a little better.

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    Do you have a shopping mistake or a funny shopping story that you would want to share with us? If yes, then comment below and let start the conversation!

    Until next time, I hope that you have a great day!


    Rachel Francoise

    Style for Curves Manager



    Hi and welcome to Style for Curves. As you can already tell by the title, I will talk about my weight gain story. The reason why I chose to tell this story is to help people to not be too quick to judge others because of how much weight they have gained or lost.

    Today, I chose to tell you all a story that I never told anyone, but decided to share, hoping that it would help someone. As you read through this story, you will see that I didn’t just post the story of how I gained weight but, also the struggle that I have faced as a bigger person. I used this experience to help anyone who is experiencing bullies to know that they are not alone in this battle. And, I also want to make everyone understand that living as a “fat” person isn’t easy and that they should show compassion and respect to those that are overweight.


    Ps: This post was not made to ruin anyone’s reputation. Also, PLEASE BE POSITIVE in your comments down below.


    Early life

    I wasn’t always big growing up (even though my step-mom always made me believe that I was). However, I was always the tallest in my all classes. And since I grew up faster than most kids my age, by the time I reached the age of 10, I was fully developed and even my walk changed. I didn’t walk like everybody else did. I cat walked, and it got me bullied by most of my school-mates back in Africa. All I wanted then was to walk normally so that I wouldn’t get all the attention but was stuck with it. Besides the bullying that I experienced then, the cat walking also opened a lot of doors of opportunity for me that I received a few modeling offers and compliments from adults who thought that my cat walks were beautiful and very feminine.

    After high School

    My high school graduation was the best time of my life. It was the key to my freedom. I was never a wild child growing up. In fact, I never dated anyone before graduating from high school. The reason why I wanted my freedom was because I was Cinderella trying to run from abuse, and dating would have gotten me in a lot of trouble.

    Checkout Code RK10

    Sadly for me, just when I thought that my life was going to get better, well, it turned for the worst. Two months after graduating from high school and a month after finally secretly dating my first boyfriend (who would later become my husband), my sister became pregnant and the people that we lived with tried to force her to have an abortion. And since I lived with my step-mom, her children and my sister, I had to choose between killing my niece or staying home with them, hopefully getting my American dreams. So, I chose my niece and got kicked out and became homeless.

    As mentioned earlier, I always dreamed of the day that I would leave my step-mom’s house, but I never thought of leaving this way. I wanted to first be prepared. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. On my first day of college, when every body else was thinking about their future, I was thinking about where I was going to spend the night and which warehouse job would pay me enough to support both my sister and I. ( keep in mind that I have lived in America for 4 years at that time and didn’t know that universities offered housings or financial aid to pay for it. That’s why I did things the hard way).

    Just when I thought that things couldn’t get worse, well,  my mom who was still living in Africa, passed away just two months after I became homeless. And after her passing, Some fake religious people started looking for who to blame for my mom’s death. But because I didn’t want to be a part of their cult, BINGO! They chose me as the person of interest. They made my sisters, including the one that I was helping, believe that I have killed my mom in witchcraft. And so, I was mistreated by both my pregnant sister and her fake christian friend. After my niece was born, they told my sister to leave me. And she did, taking her then 2 months old baby away from me.

    Since news in the African community travel very fast, well everyone thought that I had witchcraft, and some of them blamed my boyfriend (husband now) for it too.



    As you can tell by the story that I have told you, life was really hard. what a way to being deceived? Not every 18 years old girls would abandon their dreams to take responsibility of their 22 years old pregnant sister because the father refused to take responsibility. But on top of that, she takes the child away from me after she was born saying I would “kill” her like I did mom.  My mom was a praying woman who died of a stroke because she was old and in her 60s, not to witchcraft. How dare they insult the God that my mom have served?

    So, as you can tell, this was a lot to take on.

    Since I only had my boyfriend there for me and no one else, I turned to food and became addicted to it without realizing. I turned to junk food, soda which I drank more than water, and I ate late at night both for snacks and dinner (I was also introduced to fast food at that time). My food choices were but not limited to:

    • Ice Cream
    • Potato Chips
    • French fries, mashed potatoes and other high carbs items
    • Soda (not diet soda)
    • Any fast food
    • I also eat at restaurants every week ( this was my boyfriend’s family tradition)

    Depression was deeper than I thought. When my mom passed away, I was told by family members to be strong for my pregnant sister and not cry. So, I kept the pain in to show strength like I was told to do, but had no idea how it was going to backfire. I was so depressed that sometimes I didn’t even have the strength to get off the bed. I loved to sing and dance and always did it but, the depression that I experienced kept me from enjoying the things that I loved the most. And so, I didn’t just eat unhealthy, I also became inactive (not that I wanted to).

    “But even when God saved me from these depressions years later, I still kept those bad habits for a while before realizing that my lifestyle also had to change”.


    Assumption No 1

    The first person who noticed my weight gain was a cousin that lived few miles away from me. At that time, my boyfriend’s parents (my in-laws now), gave me a room in their house to live in since my sister had left me. They thought that there was really no point to continuing to work at that awful warehouse job that I worked to support her and her child.

    My cousin and many others, unfortunately, did not understand my pain nor asked me why I had gained so much weight. Since I gained weight living at my boyfriend’s parent’s house, they assumed that my weight gain came from having LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX with my white boyfriend even though it wasn’t true. I was treated like a prostitute some even called me one.

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    Assumption No 2

    Picture taken hours after the phone call

    After my sister had left me, I withdrew from everyone to avoid being judged for living with my boyfriend’s parents. So, I stopped all contacts with everyone I knew, even close friends. Unfortunately, I thought that withdrawing myself from the crowd would kill any rumors. But, I was wrong. On my 19th birthday, I received a call from one of my sisters who still lived in Africa and called to wish me happy birthday. I didn’t expect her call, but I appreciated that she thought of me after all.  But after she wished me a happy birthday, she asked me how many weeks pregnant I was (keep in mind that at that time, I didn’t post any picture of myself on social media until the day after our phone call). When I told her that I wasn’t pregnant and asked why she has said that, she told me that my dad who was also in Africa during that time, received a call from one of his friends in America who had seen me at a Walmart and assumed that I was pregnant (stupid, right?).

    I didn’t want to let that bother me. I said to myself that it was just one person who mislead my family members and that no one else knew about it. But I was wrong. Apparently, the person told everyone that he/she saw me and that they had every proof that I was pregnant. So, for as long as I withdrew myself from the crowd, I had no idea that there was pregnancy rumors about me.

    That was very upsetting.

    Now let get to the insult part

    “She’s too fat to fit in her gown”

    On my 20th birthday, my boyfriend proposed to me. Preparing for the wedding was amazing, and I believe that God used it to make my depression and prostitution accusations go away (I got engaged and now they respected my “white” boyfriend after they told me many times that he only wanted me for sex). But during that time, I didn’t know that I was going to face insults that a woman should never have to hear at a time she’s preparing for her wedding or on her own wedding day.

    Since I didn’t have bridesmaids or friends to bring to the dress fitting, I brought my sister, the one who had been pregnant (we made up just few months before my engagement). Sadly, she was not the support I needed nor any support at all. I remember that she would only accompanied me so that she could try on “MY” wedding gowns. She even told the wedding dress sales person that I have allowed her to try on my gowns since I was too “FAT” to fit in. So, for most of my engagement, I had to watch my sister try on my bridal gown as if she was the one getting married and not me.

    “I let her get away with trying on my gowns only because I wanted her support. And since her trying on my gown and dictating my wedding was the only way she gave my wedding and engagement any attention, I decided to take all I could get from her just so that I could have someone to share my happiness with me. I let her dictate my entire wedding the way she wanted even if she never helped me plan it but took all the credit. I let her steal the show at my wedding because she wanted all the attention on her. I can’t deny that I was naif and loved her and wanted her support and had no choice but to let her do what she wanted”.

    Thankfully, I went to Elizabeth’s bridal down at Hurst Texas. The lady there, I believe her name was “Elizabeth” stood up for me. When my sister, who just had a surgery but decided to accompany me only to try on my dresses, told Ms. Elizabeth that she will be trying on my dresses because I was too fat to fit in them. My sister didn’t know that she was going to be stopped on that day. The lovely Ms. Elizabeth from the bridal shop stood up for me. She told her right to her face “mam your sister is a very beautiful lady and she’s not fat. This is her time to shine, and her big moment and not yours. You would only try on this gown if you were the one getting married. Since you’re not, I want you to sit on that couch and watch her try on her dress. And try very hard to give her the support that she need from you right now”. BANG! In her face! My sister of course, was not happy to hear that. But who cares, right?

    Mabel dress by Maggie Sotero

    “Elizabeth’s bridal closed shortly after I bought their gown. But I really pray that they would reopen. So please share my story with everyone so that Elizabeth’s bridal can reopen. I went to 6 bridal stores and none of them stood up for me the way Elizabeth did. And I’m very sure that there are plus-size women out there who would want someone to stand for them like Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s bridal stood for me. So please share the news so that Elizabeth bridal can get back into business”.

    “You would have looked prettier if only you’d lost the weight”

    My dear aunt, helping me get ready for my big day <3

    My sister adjusted herself on my wedding day. At least she didn’t call me fat. She actually complimented me and it meant a lot. But, the devil didn’t want to see me happy on that day, he sent more people besides my sister to tell me “ Rachel, you should have lost weight… I’m so disappointed in you for staying fat. You would have been more beautiful if only you have lost the weight. Obviously, your are blessed to be married to a man like Daniel”. What was more upsetting was how everyone kept telling me, even months after the wedding, how I was blessed to have Daniel rather than saying “Daniel is blessed to have you”. I know that I’m blessed to have my husband but no one told me him that he was also blessed to have me.

    That, to me, was upsetting. But, I loved how my husband would always correct them by saying “no, I’m the one who is more than blessed to have Rachel as a wife”. But even when he would say that, they would not correct themselves. Oh well…


    I have kept quiet all these years because I thought that sharing my story would be so important and also because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s reputation. But, today I chose differently. I want to show the world that there’s usually a painful story behind everyone who are considered to not be “as pretty or skinny as they used to”, and that every “fat” person have to experience harsh insults every single day of their lives. “Fat people deserve gold metals and respect because of how much insults they have to take in every day. So, learn to see and appreciate the beauty of everyone.



    Thank you for reading my story and I hope that I was help you understand the struggle that we, as “fat people” go through. I also really hope that I was able to somehow help other big people to know that they are not alone in this.

    But please, If you feel depressed and you have no one to talk to or no money to see a counselor, then, give the Lord almighty, Jesus-Christ a try. He cares a lot for you and He will never abandon you.

    Also, you don’t have to have money to get someone to listen to you. You can go to some hospital’s hotlines for suicide prevention. All you have to do is to go to their front desk and ask for their free counseling hot line numbers and they’ll give you a bunch of numbers. Some big hospitals will even send someone to you once in while to check on you and to pray with you. They would ask you if you need help with food, clothes, paying rent, Etc. and will provide you with lots of information on how to get help free of charge. Just to let you know that there a lot of ways you can get help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    Please comment below and tell me your story or ask me any questions. But please, share my story. I want to use this story to help someone. Also, feel free to subscribe to get newsletters on very fabulous clothing for plus-size women (trust me, there are many), and newsletter for their sales offer. My mission is not to sell you anything but to bring you confidence and to support you by showing you that the plus-size fashion is on flick. Ms. Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s bridal was my support, and I want to be your support as well. So, please subscribe.

    Thank you!

    Rachel Francoise

    Style for Curves Manager

    “I didn’t tell you my story to try to make anyone feel sorry for me because I’m not a victim but I am victorious. These hardships helped me to be the woman that I am today. I became stronger, wiser and even closer to my God, the Lord Jesus-Christ”.


    We’re slowly heading towards the summer, but, The spring styles just isn’t dying yet. Working at a clothing store and being a fashion blogger  has allowed to see what style and colors are in high demand. And I’ll tell you, the style that I provided below will help you find what’s a la mode this Spring and Summer so that you don’t miss a thing. So, what are waiting for? Scroll down to see for yourself!


    Whether it’s bright or not, yellow has been very popular this year.

    One Shoulder Jumpsuit (Sun Glaze) from ELOQUII at $79.95
    Size: 14-28

    Plus-size women Jumpsuit

    I love this jumpsuit! Besides it’s stylish and sexy flare, it’s also a great investment because it allows you to wear it with almost any occasions such as a party, girl’s night out, wedding, Graduation, etc. Though it’s from the Spring and summer collection, I believe that, with its sunny/orange yellow color, you can still wear it even during the fall.

    Wearing your hair up with some bold brown lipsticks could just be ideal for this type of color especially if you’re going to an evening event.  Some golden or transparent open toes heels would also look great with it.



    Off the Shoulder Cinched Fit and Flare Dress from ELOQUII

    at $94.95

    Sizes: 14-28

    Do you have a special occasion event going on? are you invited as a date to a semi-formal wedding and you want to dress to impress? Then, this dress might be what you’re looking for. I like how this dress gives you just the right amount of elegance and sexiness.  Again, I believe that this dress can also be worn during the Fall.

    You can wear your hair up in a tight or messy bun or, you can also wear your hair short. The idea is to allow you to properly show the style of the dress.



    These colorful stripes are in high demand this year. I like it so much because it reminds me of  rainbows. Who doesn’t like rainbows?

    Gelato Striped Maxi Dress- Sunset from COEDITION at $119

    Size: 16

    Whether you’re on  a relaxing vacation or planning to attend a family reunion, well this dress can do the work for you. You can wear either it with some flat sandals and a light jacket if you plan on wearing it to a casual first date or girl’s day out. Or, you could also wear it with some high heels sandals with a light scarf to work, church, graduation ceremony, etc.

    Due to its bright and colorful style, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this dress for an evening event. I believe that it was made for day time. I just think that this dress would look great on a sunny day.


    Striped Dolman Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

    Sizes: 14-28

    Striped Dolman Sleeve Dress

    I really like the style of this dress. Though colorful, It will still be good to wear during the night to an evening event. Great for weddings, graduation parties, Etc.

    With this dress, you can wear your hair up on a messy bun or down (curled or straight). You’re also free to pick a light or heavy make up (my personal preference would be, light eye makeup and darker lips).


    3. DENIM

    Yes! Denim! oh, It’s so on this season. I really just love how few years ago, you’ll think of pants when you think denim. But now, not so much. Though it’s considered a casual material, denim doesn’t have to be worn with tennis shoes. You can actually rock this with heels. Check it out below!


    Tie Neck Denim Dress from ELOQUII at $49.95

    Sizes: 14-28



    I just love the classy and sophisticated style of this denim dress. Come one, why wouldn’t companies allow their workers to wear this to work? Though it looks like a multi-purpose dress, I think that it looks  professional enough  to be worn to a work place (check with your boss first to make sure).

    This dress is such a great invested because, It allows you to wear it to so many different occasions such as parties, work, church, etc. for  a very reasonable price.


    CITY CHIC’s Sweet Denim Dress from COEDITION at $109

    Sizes: 14-22

    Looking to look sexy in a casual denim dress? Then this dress is yours. It is the perfect style for ladies living in the  country or for those who love to through summer barbecue parties. Wear this with some wedges like the model provided to give yourself a one of a kind look. Trust me, no one would top this one off.

    Chambray Midi Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

    Sizes: 14-8

    Though it’s not denim, I decided to throw this dress out for those looking to wear something that looks like it’s denim. Most people like myself would love to wear denim during the Summer but avoid doing so because it can be quite heavy sometimes especially when you live in Texas, where the temperature can get pretty high during the Summer.

    Chambray can be similar to denim, only it’s a lot lighter and more comfortable. And, this dress and its material makes it so that you can look like you’re wearing denim but without all the heaviness  that denim can sometimes have.

    This dress can be worn in many occasions such as church, showers, family reunion, girl’s day out, etc.


    4. FLORAL

    Puff Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $129.95

    Sizes: 14-28


    Puff Sleeve Dress

    I call this dress “elegance with an attitude“. This puffed sleeves dress is very fashion forward and a great choice for those fashionistas who are all about expressing themselves. You can’t always be elegant and sweet. Be bold and daring!

    Feel free to wear this gown to special occasions such a semi-formal weddings, first-date or a date with the love of your life when they decide to take you somewhere special and expensive. Lol


    Smocked Bodice Puffed Sleeve Dress from ELOQUII at $79.95

    Size: 14-28



    Black and white is also very popular this season. One thing I love about this color  is that it can be worn pretty much at any season and time.

    Below, I provided two amazing dresses that will also be great for special occasions. The first one is for those fun ladies aka party starters. But, the second dress is for the shy but fashion forward ladies. It’s your pick, which one are you?

    MAREE POUR TOI’s Sequin Stripe Sleeveless Dress from COEDITION at $108

    Sizes: 12-24

    Printed Scuba Strapless Dress from ELOQUII at $119.95

    Sizes: 14-28



    Whether big or small, polka dots are huge this year. They now have polka-dots prints for almost every occasion like business casual on picture number one, Summer fun on picture number 2, or real elegance on picture number 3. Which one are you going to pick?

    Tie Neck Blouse from ELOQUII at $59.95

    Sizes: 14-28


    Half Sleeve V-neck Polka Dot Pocket Romper from LILIGAL at $31.12

    Size 8-20

    polka dot jumpsuit


    BAACAL’s No*33 Wrap Dress from COEDITION at $420


    BAACAL’s No*33 Wrap Dress From: CoEdition Price: $420


    I hope that I was able to provide you with the styles that are trending this season. Please be sure to subscribe for more posts like this one and for newsletters to help you save on those items. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or comment. Also, please like us on Facebook.com

    Did you like what you saw and would like to make a purchase? If yes, then click on the picture of your favorite style. This will take you straight to where to purchase and allow you to see more details about them.


    Until next time,

    Have a great rest of the season!

    Rachel Francoise


    So it’s wedding season! Days are getting warmer and warmer every day, trees are getting greener, and everything is more colorful than ever. Frankly, I can’t tell you the best time to be invited to a wedding than now, because you can wear anything you desire without worrying about your jacket going well with your brand new dress, or worrying that your gown wouldn’t match the closed toes shoes that you just bought.

    Today, I’m so excited to show you some of the hottest, stylish and  most elegant new styles for this year’s Spring and Summer collection. Without further a due, let get to it!

    PS: CLICK ON THE PICTURE of any items you like to either make a purchase or see more details. other than that, please enjoy!


    Open Front Top and Tie Back Lace Dress from LILIGAL at $34.49

    Sizes: S – 2XL

    This gown is a great choice to wear this season. Besides  its affordable price, this dress contains a detachable top that is very light which gives the option to either take it off or leave it depending on the temperature. Too afraid to wear silver to a wedding? No worries, this gown comes in 3 different colors which are silver, navy blue and wine red. The choice is yours.

    Please feel free to wear this dress with some silver open toes shoes and a mini purse. Be careful especially when accessorizing. You don’t need to wear a necklace or big earrings with this dress. it’s only going to overwhelm the gown. Keep it simple. Wear your hair up in a messy or tight bun, keep your eye make up nice and simple, but add on some dark lipsticks for that nice evening look.


    CITY CHIC’s Dolce Rose Sheath Dress from CoEDITION at $169

    Size: 14-22

    Rose lace Wedding guest dresses


    • Strapless sweetheart neckline
    • fully lined
    • Paneled Bodice with bust cups
    • fitted waist band

    This dress is both sexy and elegant. I love the way it hugs the body. So if you’re a curvy girl or a lady who would love to look curvier than usual than this gown is just the one for you. Perfect for your summer wedding. If you like this dress so much but aren’t a fan of showing off your shoulder, than don’t worry. You can always add on an either black or red satin scarf.

    This is a great dress for those who aren’t afraid to be dark and bold. And by dark, I don’t mean Gothic. What I mean by dark is that you wouldn’t be afraid to wear a smokey eye makeup with some dark red lipsticks. In one word, Old Hollywood Glam.


    Strappy Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress from LILIGAL at $33.03

    Sizes: 0X-3X

    Product Detail

    • V-neck
    • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
    • Hand Wash, Machine washable

    Besides its elegance and affordable price, this dress can be worn on different occasions such as Prom or wedding, as either a bridesmaid or as a guest. It’s great for both the Spring and the Summer.

    A messy bun or Kim K hairstyle, some gold open toes shoes and mini gold purse are great choices for this dress. When it comes to make up, well a nice burgundy lipstick will make you stand out more.

    To avoid having a bare neck, I’ll recommend that you add on an either round or Y style necklace. Some rhinestone earrings would also add a nice touch to your look. Just be sure that they aren’t too big.


    LITTLE MISTRESS’s Cosette Nude Embroidery Maxi Dress from CoEDITON at $128

    Sizes: 22

    Product Detail

    • ,Floral embroidery
    • Lace trim
    • Wide Straps
    • Hand Washable
    • 100% Polyester

    This dress is the kind that gives you lots of options on how to wear it. You can wear either with long or short hair, loose or tight curls, bold lips or not, and you’ll still look great. It is also suitable to be worn as a bridesmaid or prom dress. Long earrings are ideal for this style, and it doesn’t require you to wear a necklace.

    Avoid wearing dark shoes with it. some very soft color shoes and/or purse are usually ideal.


    CITY CHIC’s Devotion Maxi Dress from CoEDITION at $159

    Sizes: 14-20


    Product detail

    • Pleaded Bodice detail
    • High neckline with adjustable back keyhole ties
    • Satin lined, Invisible back zip closure
    • Fitted Waist
    • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
    • Hand wash

    Ever wonder what it’ll look like to be both elegant and sexy? Well, this dress can make you feel and look it. I understand that most plus-size women aren’t comfortable with showing off their arms and that okay, because scarf of similar style (light fabric) and color can help hide the arms and make this dress even more elegant.

    Some golden shoes are ideal for this gown. And, to make you stand out more, I’ll suggest that you either put your hair up on a messy bun or down like shown in the picture above. A Necklace is not necessary, however, some long earrings (like in the picture) would be a great choice for it.



    CITY CHIC’s Rose Jewel Maxi Dress – Black from CoEDITION at $139 Sizes: 14-24

    Product Detail

    • Deep semi sweetheart neckline
    • Pleated Bodice detailed, line
    • V-Boning around neck and thick straps
    • Fitted waist
    • 97% Polyester, 3% Elastane

    I absolutely love this dress! It’s sexy, stylish and elegant. And, it’s also the type of dresses that can be worn in many different occasions. Its semi sweetheart neckline is just the right amount to show a little cleavage (nothing wrong with that). I believe that this dress is for those who want to boost their confidence and for those who want to look different than they usually do.

    A Kim K hairstyle and some smokey eyes makeup are great choices for this dress. This can also be worn exactly as in the picture or any other ways. Some black, silver or golden high heels sandals would look great with it.


    CITY CHIC’s Blue Bloom Faux Wrap Maxi Dress from CoEDITION at  $149

    Size: 16-24

    Floral Dress


    Product Details

    • Strapless neckline with detachable straps
    • Asymmetrical cross-over waist detail
    • Fitted Silhouette
    • 98% Polyester, 2% Elastane
    • Hand Wash, Line dry

    Got a destination wedding to attend? Then bingo! This dress has the right color and style for a destination wedding or even a regular wedding. But don’t let yourself be limited by only wearing this for weddings. This dress can be worn to prom, homecoming, graduation, etc. I got to say, this dress is such a good investment.

    Some shiny (not shimmering) heels sandals would look great with the dress. Also, I like how the model in the picture above has her hair. You can also wear your hair down if you’d like, but be sure to have some loose curls. Small floral hair pieces would actually look great for those planning to attend a destination wedding.



    CITY CHIC’s Jolie Lace Dress-Musk from CoEdition at $149

    Sizes: 14-20


    Lace Dress

    Product Details

    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
    • Contrast Binded Waistband
    • Bow detail and Sheer Lace overlay
    • 100% Polyester

    Would you like to accentuate your curves and look sexy? Then, this dress is for you. With adjustable shoulder straps, this gown allows you to adjust it the way that makes you more comfortable. This way, you won’t have to worry about your dress showing too much cleavage.



    One Sleeve Front Slit Maxi Dress from LILIGAL at $35.11

    Sizes: M-2XL

    This dress is for the ladies who aren’t afraid to step up their games or to look different from the crowd. Do you want to dress to impress? Are you a new mom in need to reconnect with her sexy and stylish self? The this dress is where you begin. Wearing this gown shows that you have not lost your style after all.

    You can  accessorize with either silver or gold sandals and accessories.


    Ruffle Shoulder Dress from ELOQUII at $89.95

    Size: 14-28


    Product Details

    • Medium Stretch
    • 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
    • Invisible back zipper
    • Color black and white

    Are you a fashionista looking for a way to express yourself? Then this is for you. This simple and yet stylish dress is suitable for those ladies looking to keep it classy but fashionable.

    A tight bun would be ideal for dress. This allows you to show off those beautiful ruffles. wearing your hair on the side can also be an option. I will suggest that you be careful while accessorizing. You don’t want to wear too much accessories  or you may look tacky. No one wants that.



    Wedding guests don’t always have to wear lace and shimmery gown. Sometimes, all you need is to look classy. And that’s where we are. Below, I provided three amazing dresses for respectable madams/ mademoiselles who want to look classy and expensive without braking their banks.

    The dress can be worn by anyone such as guests or family of the bride. These gowns are really good first impression dresses especially if you’re the  date to the brother of the bride and it’s your first time to meet the entire family.

    Remember to keep things light when accessorizing. A little bit goes a long way.


    DRESS THE POPULATION’s Naomi Knotted Stretched Gown from CoEDITION at $298

    Sizes: 1X-2X

    Lomngsleeve Gown

    Product details:

    • Crew-neck
    • Peek-a-boo twist feature
    • Long Sleeves
    • 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
    • Machine Wash, tumble dry


     Leonce Dress in Nature White Multi from EQUIPMENT at $425 Sizes: S-XL

    Product detail

    • 100% Rayon
    • Dry clean
    • Imported


    INLOVE BY MARINA BULATKINA’s Lima Dress-Navy from CoEDITION at $230

    Sizes: 10-16



    Are you the party  starter? Then this section is for you. Wearing a sweet and elegant dress is cute but it’s not you. You’re the fun one and you need to dress the part. Below, I provided some stylish, fun and sexy dresses and jumpsuit that I believe you’ll love. These would reveal your fun and bubbly personality and also your stylish and sexy self.

    You are welcome to take a look!

    Shimmer Tiered Leg Jumpsuit from ELOQUII at $129.95

    Sizes: 16-24

    Product detail

    • Invisible black zipper
    • Hook and eye closure
    • Stretch knit fabric
    • 100% Polyester
    • Dry Clean



    MAREE POUR TOI’s V-Neck Sequin Dress from CoEDITION

    at  $138

    Sizes: 12-24


    Fringe Midi Dress from ELOQUII at $159.95

    Sizes: 14-28


    Most people don’t get invited to weddings or parties too often. That’s why, it is extremely important to take advantage of the opportunity and dress your best. Don’t always be too quick to look at the price tags but instead, search for quality because, these are the types of events that would require you to spend a little more than you usually do. So, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra.

    If you liked any of these dresses and would like to purchase them, please feel free to click on the picture of your desired item to precede with the purchase. My suggest is to make sure that you order your outfits two weeks to a month in advance just to ensure that it suits you 100%.


    I really hope that you liked the outfit that I provided. Please tell me which one is your favorite and also, ask me about any questions that you may have about these outfits. Keep in mind that I can also help you find clothes that are not listed above. Just tell me the style you’re looking for and I’ll help you do the search.


    Thank you, and have a great time!


    Rachel Francoise



    I don’t know if you’re reading this blog for yourself or someone else, but either way, I want to give you or your love one my condolences. Losing a love one is never an easy thing to go through especially losing your mom who was your best friend.

    I lost my mom just two months after I turned 18, and that changed my world. It felt almost as if a part of me died with her and that the sun suddenly stopped shining on me. I wished every day that I would wake up from this terrible nightmare just so that she could still be alive.

    To me, mother’s day was the hardest time of the year. I believe that it was harder to celebrate it than celebrating her birthday because, on mother’s day, I watched others buy gifts for their moms while I couldn’t.

    I believe that you or your love one is probably facing the same situation as I did and wish that you could wake up a day after mother’s day just so that you wouldn’t have to feel alone. I wrote this article especially for you because I understand how difficult this day might be for you. And I really hope that you can find something interest that will help you during that day.

    PS: “I truly applaud you for reading this article that will show you ways to honor your mom on mother’s day even after she’s gone because it’s really not easy. Please, keep in mind that these tips might not work for everyone. But, also know that you are so welcome to keep reading just in case there’s something that interests you”.





    Some people find peace when visiting their mom’s grave during mother’s day. Visiting the grave can somehow make one feel closer to their mom. I believe it’s because, though her spirit is gone, her body is still there in the grave.



    Bringing flowers and decorating or cleaning her grave can also be a great way to honor your mom. This allows you to still do something nice for her. It also gives you an opportunity to still buy her meaningful gifts like others do. So, you don’t have to stop mother’s day shopping for her just because she’s deceased.

    (Bringing flowers to my first born grave felt like I was given another chance to still provide and care for her even after she was gone.)



    Please allow yourself to cry. Losing a love one especially your mom or a parent is hard. Besides the fact that losing them can feel like losing your best friend, losing a parent can also mean losing protection. The world is wicked. There are people who are only there to take advantage of others when they’re at their lowest. And when your parents are gone, they would do to you whatever they want, knowing that no one would stop them from using you or taking advantage of you.

    (sadly for those manipulators, they forget that the defender of orphans (Jesus-Christ) is always watching and that no one wants to be on His naughty list when He acts. Exodus 22:22-23. ).

    This tells you that besides the fact that you have lost your parents, living as an orphan has a lot of hardship. So, cry. You’ve been through things that most people never have gone through a day in their lives. And no one deserves to go through what you’ve been through.

    Ps: Don’t remain in that situation for too long but don’t be tough either. Always give yourself a chance to let it out.



    Isolating yourself especially at home can trigger more depression. I read an article from CNN.com written by Amanda Gardner, Health.com, stating that it’s been known that most elderly are prone to depression due to isolation. That’s why the best way to avoid feeling depressed the entire day is to either have a friend over, go out, or do both.

    On that day, please do your very best to avoid being alone at home. But, If you are in a position where you don’t have friends or can’t go out due to any reasons, find an indoor activity that you really enjoy such as: watching your favorite movies, writing, drawing, sewing, reading. And in case you’re at hospital, you can always ask your nurse to take you out for a walk or to the park. Just do something that you always liked doing just to get your mind off. You need to remember that the best way to honor your mom is to live happily. Your mom would never want to see you sad or depressed. I’m saying this as a mom, no one ever wants to see their children sad or in pain.



    Most people like to light candles but, there are others who would take vigils to a whole new level. For example: a year after my mom passed away, her church organized a small party in honor of her. They invited her close friends, family and colleagues to talk about memories that they have of her and how she changed their lives.

    That was just an example. You don’t have to organize a small party. You can host a barbecue or dinner with a few of your mom’s close friends and family members. You can also bring out old photos and videos of your mom just to bring a little humor to what you’ll be hosting. This would be great especially if the people that you invite have known your mom for a very long time.

    Always remember that you can make this an emotional or/and a funny event. This is totally up to you.




    Visiting a close friend of your mom can also make you feel closer to her. You can chose to either talk about your her or not. The decision is totally up to you. you can also bring  gifts to your mom’s friend especially if you too were close to her.

    Remember that you’re not limited to visiting your mom’s closet (human)  friend. You could also visit your mom’s parents, her church, or anyone who would make you feel closer to her.


    If your mom lived and was buried in a different city or country than you, there are ways that you can still honor her on mother’s day. (This was my case)

    • Call or video chat with her favorite friend or family member
    • Do some volunteer work
    • Bring flowers to graves that haven’t been visited in a while
    • Do things that makes you happy
    • Visit your family members or friends
    • Avoid Isolation



    Losing a mom is the hardest thing that can happen to anyone regardless of their age. And I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. I really hope that you were able to find this blog to be helpful. Please, always remember that you’re not alone and that you are loved. I pray that God can strengthen you and help you heal. Also, know that you are precious and your life has a purpose.

    I want to keep in touch with you. So, please comment below and/or subscribe. I would like to get to know you and to hear your story. And, if you have decided to follow one or more of my tips, please tell me on the comment below how it went.

    Until next time,

    Have a great day!

    Rachel Francoise




    I love to watch movies about princes of unknown countries fall in love with a girl in America. But, every time I watch these movies, I realize that they all have something in common. They always ask the American girl to fix her posture. I didn’t understand that at first. I thought that Americans had good postures, but that changed the day I realized that my poor posture was better than most. The thing is, most people, not just American, hunch their backs without even realizing it. And when they try to fix it, well, they find themselves back into the position they started with.

    Today, I’m going to going to give you seven very simple tips that I tried that helped me keep a good posture. But before, I would like to first tell you about the benefit of having a good posture.

    According to healthline.com, an article written by Jenna Jonaitis and medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis M.S., having a good posture has so much medical benefit such as:

    • reducing lower back pain and headaches,
    • Increasing energy level,
    • Improving circulation and digestion, etc.

    Beside its health benefits, having a good posture can also open so many windows of opportunities to you. What I meant to say is, businesses are always looking for the best people for the job, people who are confident enough to get the work done. Sometimes, they won’t even care about your level of education, just as long as you are confident enough to get the work done. And a good posture is just the tool that will show them that you have great confidence in yourself and that you know exactly what you’re doing.


    Anyone can have a good posture if they wanted to. But, the real challenge is keeping it. that’s why, today I am more than happy to show you some tips on how to keep a good posture.


    The first step to take when it comes to keeping a good posture is to better your posture. The truth is, you can’t keep a good posture if you don’t have it to begin with. So, to help you better your posture, I have put together few steps to follow that I like to call “the five step posture guide”. The step is also great to follow when trying to look sexy or accentuate your curves during a photo shoot. My Five Steps Posture Guides are:

    • Chest up
    • Shoulders back
    • Lower abdomen tucked in
    • Butt out
    • And Face up or chin parallel to the floor




    It is proven that women who wear high heels shoes have a much better posture than those who don’t. But, be careful not to wear something that makes you uncomfortable because that won’t be much of a help. My suggestion would be that you wear something that you’re most comfortable with, just as long as it has some height.

    Ex: Wedges are my favorite shoes to wear. They’re comfortable, they never make my feet hurt and they give me great balance.


    Have you ever met someone and could tell, just by looking at them, that they were dancers? I have. In fact, I could even tell that they did ballet. And I was right. The woman that I saw was indeed a ballet dancer. The reason I was able to tell that she was a ballet dancer was due to her posture.

    Exercises like dance, planks or crunches can actually help you improve your posture naturally. The more you do it, the more you better your posture and keep it. Remember, the key to achieve success in this is consistency. Unfortunately, you cannot get or keep a good posture if you’re only going to workout once every months or when you feel like it. You have to keep at it for results.



    Because the breasts are heavy, not wearing one would cause you to hunch which would ruin your posture. Here’s why: with the weight of at least 2 pounds per breasts, not wearing a bra would pull the body downwards causing it to look tired which could also cause back pain. This happens especially on women with large breasts.

    Wearing the right type of bra is also very important. On this case you need to find yourself a bra that can give you great support and lift.

    To know what types of bra you should wear especially when you have larger breasts, please click here for more.

    PS/ In case wearing a regular bra gets uncomfortable, try wearing a sport bra instead. This can be pretty comfortable.



    Women who struggle with back fat also tend to hunch. Some women who struggle with back fat say that standing tall can feel pretty uncomfortable. They agree that it just doesn’t feel good to have to feel their skin rubbing on top of each other, especially during the summer.

    To avoid feeling uncomfortable, it is necessary to wear a bra that covers the area of your back that folds due to back fat. A bra with large back strap is actually pretty ideal, especially when worn pulled down to mid-back where the back folds. This allows you to stand tall without feeling your skin touch.




    If you’re looking for something that will accentuate your curves by lowering your belly fat while improving your posture, then corsets are just what you need. Although it’s efficient and affordable, Corset can be very uncomfortable. So, if you’re not used to wearing corsets, my advice would be to start with something that’s slightly larger, and only wear it when you need it.




    My husband just bought himself a posture corrector, like shown in the picture below”. I’m not too familiar with it, but I can tell the difference between when he wears it and when he doesn’t. These back and shoulder support is usually worn like a back pack allowing you to push your shoulders back and your chest up.

    Posture Corrector
    Posture Corrector from Amazon.com CLICK PICTURE TO PURCHASE

    PS: My husband used to make a mistake thinking that wearing these back and shoulders support would automatically improve his posture like a corset would. But It didn’t because, wearing this item still requires one to fix their postures. I believe that this posture correct/ back support is mostly meant to support the position in which you put yourself in when you first wear it rather than magically improve your posture. What I meant to say is, if you wear this product hunched, well your back will remain hunched, but if you wore it while standing straight then your posture would remain that way unless you loosen the straps. So always keep that in mind.



    Having a good posture can have a lot of benefit like mentioned above and it’s really important to carry that every where you go. Who knows what door this can open for you?

    I really hope that I was able to provide you with some helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the box below. Remember, I am not a medical expert. Also, please always be sure to ask your physician before following these instructions.

    I would really like to stay touch. So please subscribe and let keep interacting.

    Until next time,

    Don’t forget to keep a good posture!

    Rachel Francoise

    Style for Curves manager


    Summer is just around the corner ladies. And what better time to feel sexy than during the summer? I have always been so thankful for clothing industries that are now making amazing and flattering clothes for plus-size women. I  can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out about the plus-size women swimsuit that I’m going to show you. Let me tell you, there’re on flick!

    Years ago, plus-size women were outcast because of their sizes. They were given ugly clothes and was told to hide their bodies in shame. But today, things have changed. Talented designers have created amazing clothing including swimsuit to help curvy women feel more comfortable in their own skin. And thanks to them, women like us can wear stylish One Piece or Two Piece Swimsuit.


    So now, don’t hide yourself away. Don’t lock yourself in shame. Stop giving excuses not to attend that pool party. Give yourself a chance to shine now that stylish, sexy and elegant swimwears are being made just for you.


    Without further due, please check out the pictures that I provided below to see what you’ve been missing. And if you like it as much as I do, then please feel free to purchase it.

    For purchase, just click on the company name provided on top of each picture.


    “Style for Curves will benefit by a small percentage of each purchase made through these links”


    Here we go!


    UKAP’s V-neck Polka Dots Bikini Swimwear from Walmart.com at $18.89

    Size S -5XL

    UKAP’s V-neck Polka Dots Bikini Swimwear From: Walmart.com Size: S-5XL Price: $18.89



    Aixy Vintage Bikini Swimsuit from Amazon.com at $29.99

    Sizes: M-5XL

    Aixy’s Vintage Bikini Swimsuit From Amazon.com Size: M-5XL Price: $29.99

    Wrap Halter One-piece Swimsuit from Eloquii at $99.95


    Item: Wrap Halter One Piece Swimsuit From Eloguii Sizes: 12-28


    Seville Ruffle Onepiece – Print from CoEdition at $109.00


    Item: Seville Ruffle One Piece – Print From CoEdition Sizes: 14-22 Price: $109.00




    One Shoulder Black and White Floral Swimsuit from ELOQUII at $99.95


    Item: One Shoulder Swimsuit From Eloquii Price: $99.95 Sizes: 12-28



    AKFashion Sexy See-through  One-piece Bikini Swimwear from Walmart.com at $19.99


    fashion’s Sexy See-through Sleeveless One-piece Bikini Swimwear From Walmart.com Size: XL – 5XL Price: $19.99


    Sexy Shimmer/Bronze One Piece Swimsuit from Eloquii at $89.95

    Bronze and shimmer one piece swimsuit
    Item: Shimmer One Piece Swimsuit From ELoquii Price: $89.95 Sizes: 12-28


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