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Hi there and welcome to Style for Curves!

My name is Rachel Francoise and I’m the founder of Style for Curves. I started this blog since September of 2018 and have been in love with it ever since.

Today, I decided to write about us to help our subscribers and visitors to know what we’re  about and what they can expect from us.

So, let get straight to it.


At Style for Curves, our mission is to help plus-size women find confidence, love and beauty in themselves. And, we always encourage interacting because we’re all about togetherness and encouragement.

Besides providing encouragements to our beautiful plus-size women, we also like to provide clothing reviews, fashion advice and tips, newsletters and also share newest trends. SO, if you’re a plus-size woman who struggles to find stylish and flattering outfits and would love to know where to find them, then consider us to be your personal fashion advisers and stylists!


So far, Style for Curves is partner with some of the hottest clothing companies for both regular and plus-size clothing such as COEDITION, ELOQUII, MACY’S WALMART, ROSEWE, LILIGAL, MISS MARY OF SWEDEN,  SONCY, YOURS CLOTHING, CASHMERE IN LOVE, DRESSBARN, LADY VINTAGE, ETC.

Though Style for Curves will get a percentage of every purchase made through them, our mission is still not to force a sell to our visitors and subscribers but instead, to get to know them and build a relationship with them. You’re the reason for this website.


When you subscribe to Style for Curves, you will receive emails from us about our newest articles and blogs which would usually include seasonal trends, reviews and fashion tips. Besides receiving our articles and blogs, Style for Curves will also email you newsletters from partners listed above to show you their special offers, just in case you’re interested in purchasing from them.

* Remember, you are more than welcome to make a purchase through us but are not obligated to do so. Our mission is to build relation with our visitors and subscribers.


In our subscribe box, we decided to have you enter your birthday for a change to win a free outfit as your birthday present from us to you. This will not happen every months and will only be given to our most involved subscribers. So, get involved! Comment below as much as you can, share us on social media, follow us on Facebook, and you might get a special email that would say “OPEN YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM US!”. I hope that it going to be you!



I hope that I was able to give you an idea of who we are and what we do. Please feel free to leave a comment below at any time.

You want to give Style for Curves a try, then subscribe! We will be more than happy to have you on board!


Until next time, have a great day!

Rachel Francoise

Style for Curves Manager


  • Tim Hedrick

    This is a very professional put together website. You have sure put some time in. Hopefully I can do the same dazzling work in the future with more practice.,

    Best wishes, Tim

  • Lynm Chia

    I really like this website. I was actually a medium size woman. After giving birth to my son, I became plump and have not been able to go back to my previous size, I could not get used to my new size as previously, I can easily get clothes my size. Ever since I put on weight, I have difficulty getting clothes from the shops which I usually patronize. When I managed to find an outfit with the right size, it is not my style. I have to admit that this process was rather frustrating!

    This website really gives me some hope. I’ll subscribe and be back to know more about how to dress up fashionably. I will also take a look the outfits available.

    Feels great to know that plus size women are not forgotten!

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hi there Lynn, I understand exactly how you feel. I used to be a 5.7 feet tall girl who only weight 150 pounds. Then, after some lifestyle changes, I gained 100 Lbs. Like you said, finding clothes was frustrating and discouraging at the same time. I’m grateful that God lead me to start Style for Curves, because from this website, I was able to partner with so many amazing businesses that sell fashionable clothing for plus-size women. And, sharing their product is the most exciting part about this blog. Thank you for subscribing and I hope that Style for Curves will be the place where you can find help in many ways.

  • Laura

    Rachel, I love what you are doing here with Style For Curves. The future of consumer shopping is going toward and is already a vast majority of online shopping. I, for one, do all of my shopping online for all of my clothing needs.

    Thank you for telling me about you and your shop. I love the stores you have chosen. You are showcasing such incredible style.

    I will bookmark this site and refer back to it often as I do my shopping.

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