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HI there! Welcome to Style for Curves. I believe that you’re here to find out if Miss Mary of Sweden is the right store for you. Well, let me tell you that you’re not alone. I, for one, was curious about this company of which I kept seeing advertisements. I decided to do a little research to know more about the store and what people are saying about them and their products, Which I also decided  to share with you to help you make your decision.

In this post, I’ll be sharing their story and what they guarantee their customers, I’ll share their customer reviews from 3 different websites, and finally share my opinion and decision after researching this company and their products. If you want to know about any of these topics then I encourage you to keep reading!


I know that most people usually don’t look at the “about us” menu while shopping, maybe because they are very familiar with the company or they just want to shop. The reason I decided to include their presentation is that I find that it is extremely important to get to know the people from where you’re buying, especially when you’re purchasing online and it’s your first time. Knowing the backstory of the company to which you’re giving your money will help convince you to either trust them or go elsewhere.

So, what is Miss Mary of Sweden? Miss Mary of Sweden “World Class” is a Swedish lingerie (bra) Company that has been around for over 60 years in Bora, Sweden, made to give a comfortable fit to women of all sizes. According to their resources, Their designers would invite women of different breasts and shoulders shapes and sizes to fit their sample in person to ensure perfection and comfort for all. And to ensure quality, these same designers would bring dozens of women to wear their garments for a longer period.

Miss Mary of Sweden sell a variety of lingerie such as:

Bra: ”A cup to J Cup”

non-wire, under-wire, cotton bra, T-shit bras, Visionary bras, minimizing bras, Activity bra, Front Closure, Prosthetic bra, etc.

Bodies & Corsets

Comes with or without shaping effect with front opening crotch. Measuring from size 38-52 and price ranging between $65.99- $98.99


Contains different categories such as Pantie line, Girdles, Visionary and Wincool. Costing between $10.99-$54.99 and measuring from Size Medium (10) to size 3 XL (52)


Comes in white and beige, with sizes between 32-40 at $76.99


Up to 80% off Designer Jewelry



Let get to the very interesting part about this review. What are people saying about Miss Mary of Sweden?

Here are some reviews I found from 3 different websites that I believe will help you make decisions:

Miss Mary of Sweden Star Non-wired bra received 5 stars from 50% of their customers and 1 Star from 14% of those who weren’t satisfied on amazon.

Most of their negative reviews came from women who complained that the bra was either pointed, ran small, not as expected, or did not provide enough support. “Comfortable but not enough support” says Freda, one of their unsatisfied customers, and “This bra was too pointed and I did not like the look” from another who gave one star.

More than 50% of customers voted that this bra was the most comfortable bra they ever worn “Best ever. I can wear it all day long and never know I have it. And it stays where it belongs! Ordered two more after the first one” says Carol. Though most of them agreed that the bra was the most comfortable, breathable and soft bra they’ve ever worn, some of these positive reviewers have had smaller issues such as the sizing “ A little small in size, but cups are good fit (the girls don’t fall put). Comfortable an moves with me. I will buy this product again” says Donna who gave this product 4 stars


Miss Mary of Sweden Cotton Dots non-wired bra had 156 votes/reviews in total where 127 gave 5 stars and 3 out of the remaining 29 customers gave one star.

No support, No separation, Not designed for anyone who actually need a bra…” says an angry customer among the 3 customers who gave 1 star.

Though there had been few angry customers, there were also happy, satisfied customers like Julie M. “ After reading many reviews I decided to try Miss Mary for myself. I wasn’t disappointed, a really comfortable bra and well worth the price. I will be purchasing another one soon.”


Miss Mary of Sweden Side Support bra received 4.4 stars in the overall rating. Since this website didn’t present me with the exact number of people who gave either a star or five stars, I decided to read the most recent reviews on the first page. And though I was only able to look at their very first page, I saw that 15 out of 20 people gave it 5 stars while 2 gave one star and the rest gave either 2, 3 or 4 stars.

This bra is lovely, and the quality is good. It was described as “side support” which I didn’t feel that it had. So I returned it. It would probably work well for a more well-endowed woman”. Said sidni71 who gave 2 stars to this product. Among those who weren’t happy with their products was Renee725 who gave a star saying “ I wouldn’t buy this again. I’m older and need more support”.

This bra, however, received 15 five star reviews from customers who agree that the bra was comfortable and that they would purchase this again “Sold on this one. I won’t buy any others from now on. Support and comfort is A+” said LK. Another one of their satisfied customers, Sam from Wisconsin, also tells her story “ I hate bra shopping. Therefore, most of the bras I have and like wear out quickly…I decided to take a chance on this one… it’s probably one of the best, long-wearing bras I’ve ever owned… They’re flattering, comfortable, and actually fit the way a bra is supposed to fit, without sliding or binding”.


for more lingerie options!


While reading these reviews, I’d say that I was pretty convinced to purchase from Miss Mary of Sweden. Of course there was some negative reviews which I found pretty helpful. However, the number of positive reviews (5 STARS) outnumbered the negative reviews by a huge amount in each of these websites.

Another thing that I found to be convincing was that about 95% of all these reviews confirmed that their bras were pretty comfortable, which was what Miss Mary of Sweden’s guaranteed their customers. This made me confident enough to trust their product and I would be willing to purchase a second bra if my first order didn’t come out as great. As a reviewer and a blogger, I believe I would give them second chance if they have messed up my first, this will give me a great opportunity to know if they are as good as they say. Let face it, mistaking size and color in your order will always happen, however it shouldn’t be a recurring mistake.


Shop now!



I really hope that I was able to provide you with the necessary reviews to help you make your decision.

If reading this post convinced you make a purchase to Miss Mary of Sweden then you are more than welcome to click HERE or on the pictures provided above. If not, please let me know if there’s a way I can help you.

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Again, thank you so much for reading this review.

For comments about your experience or any comments at all, please scroll down to the comment box below.

Until next time, have a great day!

Rachel Francoise


  • Sonia

    Hey! Thanks for this informative review; I’m always looking for a solid bra that I can settle on. After having tried so many different brands it’s nice to see exactly what people don’t like and what people do like about this bra!

  • Tikisha Hudson

    I have purchased a bra yet, but I am looking forward to getting one since the number one feature seems to be that it is comfortable!

    I hate an uncomfortable bra and I don’t want to be wearing the same panties and bras as everyone else either, so

    Thank you for providing me with another option outside of the big stores like Victoria secret.

  • Kate

    Hello dear Rachel!

    I recently swapped my wired bras for non-wired and it has made a HUGE difference when it comes to their comfort level. However, sometimes some of the bras without wire move from their place and don’t provide enough support, so since I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bra, I’m really curious to try this Mary Of Sweeden non-wired one and have an opinion of my own.


    • Rachel Francoise

      You’re absolutely right, Kate. I tried non-wired bras for comfort but it didn’t help me at all. I wear 42DD and I still struggle no matter what I try. I was skeptical about purchasing on Miss Mary of Sweden just because of the price, however, after doing my own research, I feel curious to give it a try. I can’t wait!

  • Chrissie

    Thanks for the review Rachel, I was dubious at first ordering online but you brought up a good point if it doesn’t work out first purchase you get to put their service to the test and I have done this with other companies – its been fine. I love well-made quality underwear and lingerie so appreciate you doing the review.


    • Rachel Francoise

      That’s right Chrissie, Online shopping is nothing but taking a leap of faith because sometimes even the companies that we’re most familiar with do make mistakes in their products. I guess it is important to always try, and if it doesn’t work, well, just return it and get your refund!

  • Cashain David

    Thanks for this review which i found interesting even though i don’t wear bras !
    I have a personal favourite of Bravissimo which I learned about a long time ago dating a plus size model and I have retained a ‘passing’ interest ever since.
    Well done on the review.

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