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My high school/thin years
My high school/thin years

Hi there! As you all know, I’m a plus-size woman. But I wasn’t always. I used to be a pretty svelte teen whose height was 5.7 and weighted below 150lb. I never used to worry about finding the right clothes for myself. All I had to do was to go to any clothing store, find what I wanted and then leave.

Clothes was always so easy for me to find because I always knew what I wanted and most stores had it. Sadly after gaining 100lb, well I still knew the things that I wanted but was never able to find them.

To avoid wearing the types of clothing that local stores provided to plus-size people, I would design and sew my own clothes. It’s sad to see what the fashion industry expect big people to wear. They ignore that being plus-size doesn’t mean ugly, old or uninteresting. I pray that they stop making those ridiculously ugly clothes for us because we’re way above that.






me, 5 years ago with my own design
me, 5 years ago with my own design

Like I mentioned earlier, I used designed and make my own outfit. It was the best feeling I ever had because It gave me a sense of power. I knew that in spite of what the fashion industry tries to make plus-size women wear, I still had the power to wear the clothes I wanted. And no one was going to stop me.

Though sewing gave me a sense of power, doing it as often as I wanted to was very difficult. Designing and sewing took so much time that it would take me days to finish just one outfit.

This option is really not for everyone and I wouldn’t really recommend it because not everyone is a designer or knows how to sew. It is an option to take if you know how to sew or if you have time in your hands. If not, then disregard this option.

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Making my own clothes was the first solution for me, but it’s not for everyone. So if you don’t know how to design and sew, don’t worry, there are other options you can take. Such as Online shopping!

After I became tired of making my own clothes, well that was when I was first introduced to amazon. Like most of you already know, Amazon is an E-commerce company that has allowed thousands of big and small business owners to display their merchandise. Among those business owners there are some clothing designers who have dedicated their careers to making stylish clothing for both average and plus-sized women.

What I love about shopping online and on amazon was the fact that I was finally able to wear fashionable clothing again, just as I used to when I was smaller. It really did improve my wardrobe, and there was so many options to choose from.


Though I love to shop online rather shop in my local retail store, there are things that discourage me to buy online.

  • Not like the Photo: I get so disappointed when I order something and it doesn’t always look as good as it look like it did in the picture. It either doesn’t fit right or the material just isn’t as expected.

To avoid this from happening, you need to ask the seller to video chat with you to allow you to really see it.

  • Some sellers don’t offer returns: Buying something that doesn’t fit or look as good as expected is disappointing enough, but what’s more frustrating is not being able to return it. Some sellers won’t let you return the item just to avoid having to pay the shipping cost especially if you’re long distant.

Always be sure to contact the sellers beforehand to make sure that they are willing to pay for the return cost.

  • Items might not always come when you need them to: Unfortunately shopping online might also mean that you won’t always get your item when you want them. So you always have to be sure to order them weeks or even months in advance. Another thing you could do is pay extra to have it sooner.




Visiting your local tailor may also be a way to go when it comes to having something stylish in your closet. The things I like about going to a local tailor is the fact that you get to style your outfit however way you want, your tailor can actually measure every inch of your body to allow your clothes to fit perfectly.


Though I really love the idea of going to a local tailor, there are things that can still make it pretty hard.

  • Too expensive: going to a local tailor can cost you more than if you had to buy the finished product at the store or online. Besides having the cost of buying fabrics, paying the tailor for their time and work, and some tailors will even make you pay if you’re too large. I know, It sucks.
  • Time consuming: Some tailors have so many costumers that it could take them a few weeks or even months depending on the number of staff and clients they have ahead of you.
  • Messing up: Unfortunately tailors are human beings, so that means that they will make mistakes and that’s ok. After you got so excited, paid all your money, and waited patiently, well your clothes might not always come the way you all planned.

To avoid this from happening, some tailors would book you an appointment along the way to be sure that the material actually looks great and you’re happy. But if your tailor doesn’t let you make regular appointments to allow you to try your clothes, then ASK them to do it, INSIST.


Magee 1866




My last option is my favorite one, because it includes you getting your own personal stylist. Ooo la la! A celebrity, right? Those personal shopper and stylists would usually work with you by either video chatting or surveys to make sure that you are getting the right kind of clothing. If you have no idea on what to wear or buy, well they help you too.

I followed a clothing survey from DIA&CO to try it out and I’ll say that it is an answer to many plus-sized women’s prayers. I find this company to be a saving grace to plus-size women because first their stylist are plus-sizes which mean they know how you feel and what you’re going through, and they are there to make sure that you are able to dress yourself with confidence.

The style survey includes though not limited to your personally information, your interests and lifestyle, they ask you about your full body measurement (hips, bottom, bra size, etc.), the areas in your body you would want to show or hide, the pattern and colors you wouldn’t want, you price rage (you can go as low as you would want), etc.


Online personal styling businesses are now trending and are not not just limited to catering to plus size women. There are others also that are made for both men, women, and even children. For example: STICH FIX. They provide services for men, women and children of all size and ages. I haven’t checked that one just yet, but from what I hear I believe that it’s also a great place to get yourself styling.


Though I really love the idea of having a personal stylist, there are a few things that I want to be different.

  • You don’t get to keep it: They would usually give you a time frame, from 5-7 day to keep with you then I believe that you need to return them. This sound great for some people but I usually prefer to keep my clothes and wear my own clothes without feeling like I’m borrowing them.


I don’t know If they give you the option to keep them but bear in mind that they may not.

  • Pay super close attention when taking surveys: If you know me, you’ll know that I sometimes don’t pay attention to details, and when I don’t understand something, well I fill in what makes the most sense. Making mistakes like this could cause you to get the wrong items. So to avoid this, always be sure to understand exactly what they are asking.




Thank you so much for reading this article. I really hope that I was able to provide you with some helpful information. I’m really open to hearing different suggestions, so if you have anything you would like to add, please comment below. I also love to just interact. So if you have questions, concerns, or would want to share with us your experience on any of the things that I have listed, please feel free to comment.

To read more articles like this one or to have sales letters from your favorite online stores that sell regularly to plus-sized women for clothing, I encourage you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

I hope you have a great day!

Rachel Francoise



  • Matlhogonolo Damme

    Hello Rachel, I read through the blog though I am not a plus size I am very short and finding clothes that fit and are not for kiddies is a struggle. I like the idea of sewing for yourself because the more you do it the more you will improve and understand your shape then will be able to perfect it.

    I know about tailors, they would charge you high amount of money. But thanks for sharing I have never considered buying online, will try it. Good luck finding the right fit for you.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hi there Mathie! I understand your struggle with finding clothes. I have a mother-inn-law who is very short and she usually has to buy from the junior or petite section. I’ll tell you what I tell her. “There are store that sell great fashionable clothing for juniors and those styles, depending on how you wear it can make you look younger and a la don’t be discouraged.

  • Nicole

    So happy to see someone looking out for the curvy women! It’s almost impossible to find decent clothing in stores that are plus size and I hadn’t considered all the options out there so thank you for sharing this valuable information!

    • Rachel Francoise

      It is my pleasure Nicole. you know, I also heard struggled finding clothes for my body, and so I know how it’s like to go to the store and feel like you don’t belong. But I thank God for those unknown designer around the world who make clothing for people like us. And I am very blessed to share those great styles with you.
      I really encourage you to subscribe to this site for more amazing plus-size and average size fashion.
      Thanks again Nicole, I hope to hear from you soon

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