How to dress for your body: What’s your body shape?


Have you ever been frustrated to find the appropriate style
for your body? I know I do. Hi, I’m Rachel Francoise. I am a beautician and
fashion design student. In all my years as a hairstylist, I have spent many occasions
telling my clients what hairstyle is appropriate for either their lifestyle,
Job and most importantly their faces. I came to a realization that most of the
time we may have a hairstyle in mind but still ignore that it may not be the
right one for us.

This can be the same with fashion, especially when you’re a
plus-size/curvy woman. Although now a day advertisement productions have hired
plus-size models to advertise to the Curvy world, there are still many other
productions that would still use skinnier models to advertise to people like
you and I.

Sadly, these methods tends to play a mind game on us. Think
about it. when you go online to shop for clothes where the company would use a skinny
model to sell to a thicker crowd, what first goes to your mind? DO first compare
your body type and shape to the one of the model? How does that make you feel
when the outfit that your just purchased and fell in love with just doesn’t
look as flattering as it did on the model? Does that make you feel like there was
something totally wrong with your body that you become so discouraged and angry
with yourself?

Let me tell you something. There’s nothing wrong with your
body, you just picked the wrong outfit. Luckily for you, I am going to make it
just a little easier on you, and give you tips on what to wear for your
body shape.

Understanding your body shape: What’s your body shape?

Before picking the right style for yourself, it is first very important to understand and to know your body and its shape.

Here are some very common body shapes:

Rectangular/Straight Body shape: It’s when both part of your body, top and bottom, are equivalent to each other. In other words your waistline is undefined or vertical. This shape is usually considered by some to be a “boyish” shape due to the lack of curves that separates the lower and upper body.

Apple/Inverted triangular body shape: This is when you have an undefined waist line, round shoulder, slimmer arms and legs, smaller hips and tend to gain more weight on your upper body.

Triangular/pear Body shape: Is the opposite of the Appel shape. A woman with a pear body shape would usually have smaller torso, small busts and shoulders, and have larger hips (usually bigger than the entire body), and tend to gain weight on their thighs/lower body type.

Hourglass: You know you’re an hourglass shape when your waistline is well-defined while your bust line and your bottom are balanced.

Obviously there are many types of body shapes out there. Some of us are created this way and some of us have acquired it by either weight gain or weight loss. This could also be affected by our heights. So I always recommend that before you buy or become interested in a style it is very important to not just look at the shapes of your body but also your own height and weight. This can clearly make a very big difference on picking the right outfit.

I understand that even though I have given a description on the different body shapes, knowing exactly your body shape can still be confusing. Likely for you I have found a place,, that is a body type calculator that helps most women determine their body shapes.

How to dress for your body shape?

Rectangular/Straight Body shapes:

Rectangular body shapes are considered a “boyish” body shape due to its undefined waistline. If this is your body shape, it is important that you consider wearing an outfit that gives you curves. For example:

· Consider wearing a belted dress or anything that separate the top and the bottom parts of your body. Doing this will help give you an almost hourglass shape.

· Wearing a nice push up bra can also give you a more feminine look by adding more weight to the bust. This is great especially if you have smaller busts.

· Shapewears can help you to gain the hourglass look. Tips: “Though I don’t have a rectangular body shape, I would wear leggings above my belly button to give myself a little more curves. This also helps reduce my muffin top”.

· Try as hard as possible to avoid wearing anything baggy, shapeless, or boyish if you want to achieve a more feminine and flattering look.

Apple/Inverted triangular body shape

A person with an apple shaped body would be heavier on the upper part of her body than the bottom.

The key to looking more flattering is to avoid drawing attention to your upper body or/and midriff. Wearing a nice V-neck, long sleeves, or straight-legged pants below the hip can accentuate and give a good balance to your beautiful body.

Since you may already have bigger busts, it is very important that you wear a good bra to supports and push them up. wearing the wrong bra or no bras at all in this case could make you look even wider at your upper body type.

Pear body Shape

This body shape along with the hourglass shape are the most trendy body of our time. Most women desire to have this body shape and would do whatever it takes to have them. Although this type of body is trendy, there are still some women who would prefer to balance things out. SO, for this kind of body I would say that it all depends on someone’s personal preference, style, age, and culture.

I, for example, would still encourage women with this type of body to still accentuate and show off their curves but there are others who would advise otherwise.

Most of us will agree that it is very important to add some volume and attention to the bust and the shoulder.

If you’re the type like myself and you prefer to show off those curves I would say that in order to get the right look for you it is important to copy celebrities who have the same types of bodies, just to allow you to know what’s best for you.

Hourglass Body Shape:

Like I said previously, the hourglass and pear shaped body have become so trendy nowadays. Unlike the pear body that may require some balance between the upper and lower body part, the hourglass shape only requires you to draw attention to your waistline by making it look smaller.

Since a woman with this kind of body would normally have bigger bust, it is very important that they wear a nice supporting bra and avoid at all cost wearing anything that would make their bust appear saggy.

It’s also very important with this body shape to avoid wearing Straight/boxy/rectangular dresses. A hugging type of dresses can actually look very flattering.


While you’re
measuring yourself to find out your body shape, you need to also know that it
is possible for one woman to have more than one body shape. If this concerns
you, don’t worry. All you have to do is to find the part of your body that
needs to be accentuated or hidden, in order to create a good balance.

Also, Are
you still not sure if you’re wearing the correct outfit for your body? Please comment
below by posting a photo of yourself and let us comment on it.

Talk to you soon!







  • Mike

    Hi Rachel,
    This is a very informative post. The advice is clear and easy to follow. I am sure that it will help many women to pick the right style of clothes – I have a wife and 4 daughters so I know the importance this carries. Although I always tell them that they are beautiful no matter what , they never listen to me 🙂

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hello Mike, thank you for your comment.
      It’s so great to hear that you always tell your wife and daugthers that they’re beautiful. With today’s pressure from our society that expects us to be perfect, sometimes us, women, find it hard to see the beauty that lies within us, and need constant reminders. So, I truly appreciate that you can tell them and remind them that they are beautiful.

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