Fall Fashionable Pregnancy Clothing Tips and Ideas: How to always look good during pregnancy?

The idea of pregnancy makes me appreciate being a woman. Think
about it, God uses a woman to create a new life. Isn’t that amazing? Though it
may sound like a blessing and an honor, being pregnant doesn’t always feel
great. OMG, I’ve been pregnant three times and hated everything about it. From
morning sickness to swollen feet, to headaches, and to countless heartbreaks
from doctors reports, pregnancy can sometimes feel like a huge punishment. My
sicknesses and fatigue can be so bad that I have found it easier to give up on
myself during pregnancy. If you knew me, you’d know that getting myself pretty
tends to make all my sickness and tiredness go away, because I’m be too busy thinking
about how I look rather than how I feel. That’s why I usually feel better pampered
than when I let myself go.

I get it sometimes we don’t have the time or the energy to
give ourselves a quick make over, or even a quick shower. I mean, how can we?
It’s hard enough to get up from a nice couch to use the restroom, or turn from
one side of the bed to another in the middle of the night. It’s totally
understandable that getting pretty during pregnancy is a lot harder than most
may think.

I’m going to show you few tips on what to wear, How you can
put together simple outfits and still look presentable, how you could get your hair, make-up, and a
daily facial routine done, and I will also tell you more about what essential
things you can buy yourself for greater comfort.

How can you wear comfortable clothes during pregnancy and still look good?

Most women find it hard to look good during their pregnancy only because not many people taught them that there is an easier way to looking presentable. Good news ladies! There are tons of ways you can quickly improve your looks without working too hard for it, because looking good doesn’t always mean wearing extremely expensive and uncomfortable outfits, neither does it mean spending 30 minutes putting on make-up.

Here are the simple, yet stylish clothing options you have during your pregnancy this Fall:

· Tank tops and shorts: 

There’s nothing that feels more comfortable than wearing a nice breathable Tank Top and some nice soft caky shorts in the mornings. It helps make you feel more flexible, and just happy to be yourself. I recommend buying at least 3 pairs of black shorts at a time each trimester depending on how your belly grows. You can wear this outfit with some nice sneakers, tennis shoes, or sandals. It all depends on how you feel that day.

· Light Sweaters/Capes:

Light sweaters and capes are my usual go to, especially during the fall. There is something about wearing a cape or a sweater that makes me feel like I’m being hugged. This look can be both comfortable and stylish on women of all shapes and sizes. Owning these specific outfits give you the freedom to wear tank tops or any sleeveless/backless outfit without looking unprofessional. 

· Jeggings:

Pregnancy alone can be extremely uncomfortable so why wear uncomfortable jeans while you can put on some jeggings? They’re easy to wear, they can fit most pregnant bellies, they’re as comfortable as wearing leggings and still gives you the skinny jeans look.

· Boots (Long/Short, Low/no heels):

There’s something about boots in general that gives a very put together and well-polished look to anyone, depending on how they wear it. Boots never have to have heels on to make anyone look good. You could literally wear them with jeans/jeggings, or with a dress (long or short), or even a skirt.

Ps/ Boots are more of a personal choice. It can work on some and not on others. In this case you have to know if you’re either made for scandals, tennis shoes, or high-heeled sandals. Which ever works for you is also fine.

What should you wear for causal/formal events during your pregnancy?

· Work:

A cotton, form fitting, sleeveless/below the knees dress with either some tennis shoes/boots and some casual suggested look described above, can work perfectly for work especially when you work on a more laid back kind of job.

Some light Jacket/sweaters/capes with a nice top underneath and some maternity business pants or skirt, or even a form fitting business casual dress would also work well for anyone who works at an office job.

· Weddings/Church/special events:

Most time we think that finding the right outfit to wear for wedding is stressful and frustrating especially while pregnant. Fortunately, Dressing up for a wedding, church, or any special event can be easier than it may sound. All you have to find is something that would make you look and feel more feminine, and we all know the answer: A DRESS! Wear a dress. It’s feminine, and sexy. All you have to find is some accessories to go with it. The dress can be long, midway between the knees and feet, or right below the knees.

My advice on this is to find the dress that is either flowy or form fitting and breathable. You don’t want to wear something that is too tight around your belly that you can’t breathe in. I also recommend wearing some fishnet or regular leggings especially for anyone who wants to wear a below/above the knees dress during the fall or winter.

What Other things can you do to looks more presentable in your day to day life while pregnant?

· Simple everyday Hair style:

Doing your own hair every single day can be hard and frustrating. I have been a cosmetologist for almost 5 years now, and there’s nothing I hate more than doing my own hair, especially doing them every single day. As a black woman, I usually make sure that my natural hair is shampooed, dried and ponytailed. Then I can either leave it as it is or put a wig on it. It really just depends on what I have to do that day. Women of other ethnic backgrounds can also follow the same technique. Shampoo, dry or air dry, and ponytail ( loose or tight), or leave air dry for natural curls.

Tips: Never ask for a haircut or style at the beauty salon that you cannot maintain daily. Always make sure to ask your beautician about a haircut that wouldn’t require daily styling.

· Every day simple/lazy make up:

YouTube has numerous amounts of make-up tutorials that would help you for all your make-up needs. I get it that not all women like to have on makeup nor have the time to put them on.

I love to wear make-up on a daily basis. However, I don’t like the feel of foundations or concealer on my face during the pregnancy. I try not to wear them unless I have to. 

Here is the list of makeup I usually wear on a daily basis: BB Cream/tinted moisturizer ( the right skin shade to substitute the foundation), light concealer on only needed spots(optional), mascara, fake lashes (it helps wake up the eyes whether you decide on eye make-up or not. Ps: Always wear natural looking lashes. Never wear something that’s too thick especially when you’re not wearing much make-up. It never looks good), Eyebrow pencils/shadow, powder (very small amount is advised to avoid ashy look), very light contouring, lip balm, natural lip pencil and/or lip gloss with natural color.

I really encourage you to go on YouTube to find more ideas on what to have or wear on your day to day life.

Remember wearing even a small amount of make-up helps you feel more awake than not wearing any.

· Daily skin care routine:

Taking care of your skin is very important for so many reasons. Most of the time we focus on wearing make-up to hide our blemishes rather than prevent them. There are many products and brands out there that can help you. But here are a few main things that I carry in my bathroom and use everyday instead of washing my face with soap and water: Make-up remover, Daily cleanser and exfoliating scrubs, masks, and facial moisturizer. Of course there are more products out there that you can use to care for your skin. Their prices can vary from 3 dollars each to 100 dollars. It all depends on your preferences.

Helpful and essential things to have during your pregnancy

There are numerous things I think are important during the pregnancy. Here are a few things that I find very helpful and essential to have while pregnant :

Bras: Going around without wearing a bra sounds very tempting, and can work for some women especially when they’re small chested, unfortunately I would not advise any women to go around without wearing them just because our breast and nipples tends to grow in sizes as we get pregnant. Avoiding bras can make women look less flattering and more uncomfortable. 

Deodorant: I find this very important especially as a plus-size woman. I would usually wear them in my arm pit like usual, underneath my chest and on any other part of the skin that touches each other. Doing so helps prevent excess sweats, itch, redness, and any other uncomfortable feeling that pregnancy can bring.

Flexible flats: I usually love to carry flats everywhere I go and I love the Dr. Schools flexible flats because it comes with a tiny golden purse that is very small and presentable that I could either use as a make up bag or my little tiny purse for special events. With this, I can wear high heels and take it off when I get tired without looking awkward.

Jeggings: I love jeggings! They are supper flexible and stylish. They’re easy to wear, they can easily stretch, while making someone look as if they were wearing some skinny jeans without the uncomfortable feelings and hustles that come with wearing jeans.

Early morning shower: I don’t know about you, but taking an early morning bath/shower helps me to get myself started.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this article. Please
feel free to comment below for questions and suggestions. I would also very
much enjoy hearing your pregnancy stories.


Rachel Francoise




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