Dress Review #1 from Berrylook-Here’s what I think of it…

Item: V-Neck Floral Printed Bodycon Dress

Store: Berrylook

Price: $23.95

I bought two dresses from Berrylook few weeks ago and frankly, I didn’t know what to expect because I never shopped with them. I’ll be honest with you, I was very nervous that the outfit was going to be smaller because it was made in Asia however, I still decided to buy them just to allow myself to review these dresses on my website and to get to know the company.

As for today, I’m only going to review one of these dresses and then the other one on a different post. I’m also going to discuss the shipping, the wait, the quality of the dress, and few recommendations.

Without further a due

Shipping and Waiting

If I remember correctly, I think I might have paid $7.25 for their standard shipping (there was no free shipping offers during the time I purchased it) which was between 7 to maybe 14 days. I received the dresses 2 weeks later, which was good, however, the wait was a bit confusing seeing that there was no way to track my order. I guess I can’t blame them for this because I checked out as “guest” rather than registering. So, with that said, there was no confirmation email, no tracking, and no purchase history.



This dress was the first one I opened. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The dress looked quite different from the picture.What I mean to say is, the fabric was a little cheap and transparent, it was poorly made, and was pretty small.

I have ordered clothing from Asian companies before and it fit. Unfortunately, this one didn’t, even though I ordered 3XL which is 2 to 3 sizes above my actual size.



  • Would I ever recommend this dress? No! However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to stop buying from Berrylook altogether because each experience I have had with them were different. I would recommend, however, that you read reviews of their products before making any purchases.
  • With my experience with  Berrylook, I noticed that most of their outfits had similar issues that I think it’s important that you know before you buy. I don’t think that their plus-size fitting were made for plus-size ladies rather curvy women. Here’s what I mean: If you usually wear a size 18 and above, unfortunately their collections would not fit you at all. However If you’re wear sizes 10-14 and are curvy, then their collections would look very flattering depending on quality.
  • To avoid waiting without tracking your order, I’ll encourage you to please register (you can get 5% off your first offer) to their cite before you make your purchase.



I apologize that today’s review wasn’t as positive as I was hoping it would be. However, I hope that I was able to help you make a decision before you purchased this item.

Please comment below if you have any questions or had any similar experience. We would love to hear from you

Until next time,

You have a great day!

Rachel Francoise


  • MrsJimish

    Hi, Thanks for reviewing!
    I have been looking at berrylook and have seen some things i would like to order, but i am a size 20 and not sure this is for me. Maybe i will let my much smaller sister try some clothing!
    Thanks for the review. I appreciate your honest review Rachel.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hi MrsJimish, thank you for your comment. I feel the same way you do. I always felt tempted to buy from Berrylook and I did. However, my orders where usually too tight for my liking even though I’ve ordered their biggest sizes. I used to wear size between 16-20 and now, I have lost some pounds and am down to size 14 which makes it slightly easier to wear. So, unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend a plus-size person to purchase even their largest sizes, because chances are that they might not fit.
      However, I can recommend Liligal. I have bought from them and received outfits that fit me perfectly. You are more than welcome to check my review about them to see the result. I hope that I was able to help.

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