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Christmas is almost year! Exciting right? You got your house all decorated and have figured out all the fun activities for your family this year, am I right? Now it’s time to do the most stressful of all. GIFTS!

Finding a gift is never a problem. You can find them anywhere you go. But finding the right gift is the biggest issue because of the people that we have to it give to. Before you purchase anything you need to first be aware of who they are and how they would react when you try to please them. This will help you safe both your money and time. Here are few types of love ones:

  • Just can’t please: You just can’t please them. No matter how much you try. The idea is to either to keep the receipt so that your money doesn’t drain down the toilet, or a gift car. Don’t bother spending too much.
  • Never use: They’re the ones that will never use your gifts whether they like it or not. Never bother yourself to spend a fortune on them. A less than 20 Dollars gift will be just fine.
  • Too good for the gift: The kind that are way too bougie to accept generic brands. Really you have to offer high end brands or ask them so that you know exactly what they want.
  • Surprise me: Finally, there are those who love to be surprised to feel special. But be extremely careful because it can be a trap. Usually the woman wants to see if you have been paying enough attention.

My article will focus more on this subject and give you ideas on what a woman may want during Christmas. Remember, always be sure to know her first and know what she wants, even if she doesn’t want to tell you, before you make any purchases.


CLOTHING (regular prices)

Item: Long Sleeve V-Neck Light Blue Draped Sweater

From: Rosewe

Price: $29.83

Price: M-2XL

This sweater will make a great choice for your love one because it’s very weather appropriate and stylish. But besides these wow factors, it’s also an amazing option for you because it’s NOT expensive.

Option 2


Item: Terra Sky Women Plus Surplus Back Drape Open Cardigan

From: Walmart

Price: $14.97

This cardigan makes a great choice to offer to your love one when you’re on a budget especially if you’re doing “secret Santa” at your job. It’s less than $15 and won’t hurt as much if they liked it or not. Just Be sure to include the receipt (Online receipt available).




Item: Charlotte Cardigan

From: Cashmere in Love

Price: $492 (Holiday sale for $394)

Size: M-L

This extremely soft cashmere cardigan is the perfect gift to give to your love one who either loves cashmere or is the kind who prefers high end brands. Offering a soft sweater or cardigan is the ideal choice because most women prefer the softness and warmth of it during these cold weather.


Option 2

Item: Skye Crepe Cape

From: Jacqui E

Price: $ 149.95

Size: 6-16

What other gift can you give to your career woman but these stylish, fashion forward yet professional cape. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be worn to any season and occasions other than work, such as a date, a girl’s night out, church, etc. For me personally, it’s the ideal choice Christmas present for any woman.




Item: Black Ruched Knee High Boot

From: Yoursclothing

Price: 49.99 Euro ($56.99)

Size: 6 ½ – 12 ½ (US Size)

Offering boots as a Christmas present is an ideal choice for women especially for those leaving in the cold areas. You can be sure that they will use them. The only thing that you may need to be sure of is to make sure that they actually like to wear boots because NOT ALL WOMEN WEAR BOOTS.





Items: Heated Jackets, Socks, Pants, Gloves, Coats, etc.

From: Gobi Heat

Prices: $169 – $259

This is one of my favorite products to give and to receive. The heated apparel makes the great gift choice to give to anyone you know that has a harder time dealing with the cold weather. My advice with this is to always make sure that you practice the safety instructions because you don’t want to electrocute yourself or your love one. Click here for more information about this product.

Option 2


Item: Well-tailored Coat

From: CoEdition

Price: $149

Size: 14-16

This second option is for anyone who doesn’t mind the cold and love to always be in style. Your love one could wear it to work, date, etc. This is a great way to keep her warm during the winter.




Item: Armitron Women’s Rose Gold Round Dress Watch

From: Walmart

Price: $35.00

This dress watch remind me so much of the one I offered my mom for Christmas few years ago. She loved to wear them and her friends were always envious of her and wouldn’t stop asking her where she got them from.

This jewelry would be greatly appreciate by almost any woman that you give to. I wouldn’t offer it to your upscale lady who wants expensive things, though it’s a beautiful gift, they may not use it. They would probably re–gift them instead.



I hope that I was able to give you some ideas on what to offer to a woman this Christmas because well, women are really hard to shop for. My advice to you is to always talk to the store that you chose to buy from on whether they’ll be able to ship them in time enough for Christmas. Keep in mind that they may ask your to pay extra for a quick delivery. But please be sure to contact them before making any purchases.

Also, Click the pictures provided above to take you straight to the site. Feel free to comment below for any question, suggestions, or review.


Merry Christmas!

Rachel Francoise



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