I love to watch movies about princes of unknown countries fall in love with a girl in America. But, every time I watch these movies, I realize that they all have something in common. They always ask the American girl to fix her posture. I didn’t understand that at first. I thought that Americans had good postures, but that changed the day I realized that my poor posture was better than most. The thing is, most people, not just American, hunch their backs without even realizing it. And when they try to fix it, well, they find themselves back into the position they started with.

Today, I’m going to going to give you seven very simple tips that I tried that helped me keep a good posture. But before, I would like to first tell you about the benefit of having a good posture.

According to, an article written by Jenna Jonaitis and medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis M.S., having a good posture has so much medical benefit such as:

  • reducing lower back pain and headaches,
  • Increasing energy level,
  • Improving circulation and digestion, etc.

Beside its health benefits, having a good posture can also open so many windows of opportunities to you. What I meant to say is, businesses are always looking for the best people for the job, people who are confident enough to get the work done. Sometimes, they won’t even care about your level of education, just as long as you are confident enough to get the work done. And a good posture is just the tool that will show them that you have great confidence in yourself and that you know exactly what you’re doing.


Anyone can have a good posture if they wanted to. But, the real challenge is keeping it. that’s why, today I am more than happy to show you some tips on how to keep a good posture.


The first step to take when it comes to keeping a good posture is to better your posture. The truth is, you can’t keep a good posture if you don’t have it to begin with. So, to help you better your posture, I have put together few steps to follow that I like to call “the five step posture guide”. The step is also great to follow when trying to look sexy or accentuate your curves during a photo shoot. My Five Steps Posture Guides are:

  • Chest up
  • Shoulders back
  • Lower abdomen tucked in
  • Butt out
  • And Face up or chin parallel to the floor




It is proven that women who wear high heels shoes have a much better posture than those who don’t. But, be careful not to wear something that makes you uncomfortable because that won’t be much of a help. My suggestion would be that you wear something that you’re most comfortable with, just as long as it has some height.

Ex: Wedges are my favorite shoes to wear. They’re comfortable, they never make my feet hurt and they give me great balance.


Have you ever met someone and could tell, just by looking at them, that they were dancers? I have. In fact, I could even tell that they did ballet. And I was right. The woman that I saw was indeed a ballet dancer. The reason I was able to tell that she was a ballet dancer was due to her posture.

Exercises like dance, planks or crunches can actually help you improve your posture naturally. The more you do it, the more you better your posture and keep it. Remember, the key to achieve success in this is consistency. Unfortunately, you cannot get or keep a good posture if you’re only going to workout once every months or when you feel like it. You have to keep at it for results.



Because the breasts are heavy, not wearing one would cause you to hunch which would ruin your posture. Here’s why: with the weight of at least 2 pounds per breasts, not wearing a bra would pull the body downwards causing it to look tired which could also cause back pain. This happens especially on women with large breasts.

Wearing the right type of bra is also very important. On this case you need to find yourself a bra that can give you great support and lift.

To know what types of bra you should wear especially when you have larger breasts, please click here for more.

PS/ In case wearing a regular bra gets uncomfortable, try wearing a sport bra instead. This can be pretty comfortable.



Women who struggle with back fat also tend to hunch. Some women who struggle with back fat say that standing tall can feel pretty uncomfortable. They agree that it just doesn’t feel good to have to feel their skin rubbing on top of each other, especially during the summer.

To avoid feeling uncomfortable, it is necessary to wear a bra that covers the area of your back that folds due to back fat. A bra with large back strap is actually pretty ideal, especially when worn pulled down to mid-back where the back folds. This allows you to stand tall without feeling your skin touch.




If you’re looking for something that will accentuate your curves by lowering your belly fat while improving your posture, then corsets are just what you need. Although it’s efficient and affordable, Corset can be very uncomfortable. So, if you’re not used to wearing corsets, my advice would be to start with something that’s slightly larger, and only wear it when you need it.




My husband just bought himself a posture corrector, like shown in the picture below”. I’m not too familiar with it, but I can tell the difference between when he wears it and when he doesn’t. These back and shoulder support is usually worn like a back pack allowing you to push your shoulders back and your chest up.

Posture Corrector
Posture Corrector from CLICK PICTURE TO PURCHASE

PS: My husband used to make a mistake thinking that wearing these back and shoulders support would automatically improve his posture like a corset would. But It didn’t because, wearing this item still requires one to fix their postures. I believe that this posture correct/ back support is mostly meant to support the position in which you put yourself in when you first wear it rather than magically improve your posture. What I meant to say is, if you wear this product hunched, well your back will remain hunched, but if you wore it while standing straight then your posture would remain that way unless you loosen the straps. So always keep that in mind.



Having a good posture can have a lot of benefit like mentioned above and it’s really important to carry that every where you go. Who knows what door this can open for you?

I really hope that I was able to provide you with some helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the box below. Remember, I am not a medical expert. Also, please always be sure to ask your physician before following these instructions.

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Until next time,

Don’t forget to keep a good posture!

Rachel Francoise

Style for Curves manager


  • Joachim

    Hi Rachel,

    thanks for a good read full of tips!

    Although many of these tips were obviously meant for women, I found a lot of useful stuff for myself as well! And it’s weird how many of these are like “duh, of course”-tips, but at the same time it’s so easy to not do it! So thanks for the reminder, and I will make sure to have this in the back of my mind from now on.

    Also, you have a very neat website, easy to look at and maneuver!


    • Rachel Francoise

      hi Joachim, thanks for your comment. I understand exactly you mean, most of these advice are pretty common, however the real challenge in this is to remember to keep the good posture. Therefor, this article was to help women keep their postures without making too much efforts remembering.

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