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Hello there! welcome to Style for Curves.

My name is Rachel Francoise, I’m a Student at the University of North Texas studying Fashion Design and Merchandising, I am a licensed cosmetologist and also a mother. With all that said, Fashion and beauty has always been a big part of my life.



Growing up at as the youngest of a family of six girls in Africa, I was always interested in everything my older sisters wore. By the time I turned 11 I found myself being more interested in my appearance than anything else. I remember just how much I loved to watch American red carpet events. I dreamed about nothing but wearing their outfits. But since I couldn’t wear or even afford them I would draw pictures of those outfits and kept those memories with the hope that I would wear them someday.

At around the age 16, I took an apparel course in high school where I fell in love with sewing. I found myself sewing everything from prom dresses, to evening gowns, to everyday outfits. I have been out of high school since 2011 but haven’t been able to attend college or pursue my dreams of becoming a stylist or a designer until later in life, after I became married.

During the time after high school, I attended a beauty school, and entered the Miss Africa USA pageant where I was also able to design my own gowns with very little experience in sewing. But I still made it work, even though I was a full figure pageant girl. I didn’t want to let anything stop me.

Now that I am married woman and a mom, I thank God that I was finally able to go to a four-year college to earn my degree in Fashion. Being a Fashion student and a mother can be hard but it is also a combination of being and doing the things that I love the most.



After Graduating from high school in 2011, I experienced a lot of difficult life experience and losses that I found myself 100lb heavier in less than two years. And of course I did experience lot of bullying from friends and family who talked about my weight gain non-stop and made me feel like I was ugly. From that experience I knew that it was up to me to make a decision to either let myself go by listening to their comments or to shut their mouths by embracing my beauty and new body.

So, I embraced my new body. I decided to not let my sense of style go but instead I showed off my curves and continued to wear make up and style my hair every single day. But during this experience, Shopping around in local stores was stressful. I mean, the plus-size sections in most places are very unflattering. Finally, I decided to do more research on where to find really good clothes for women like myself without having to break the bank.

Style For Curves is a chance for me to help women like myself to embrace their beauty and to find great styles regardless of their shape. I don’t want any other women to think that they aren’t pretty or attractive enough because of their weight. We, as a community should find ways to encourage one another by stopping these unfair prejudices by loving and embracing ourselves the way we are because Plus is Gorgeous!



I hope that this site can be a place where women of all sized, colors, and ethnic background could find encouragement and tools to help them either improve their looks or embrace themselves the way that they are and to rise above the false prejudices claiming that big isn’t beautiful, because it is, and every women is beautiful.
I hope that you enjoy this site. Please feel free to comment in the comment section if you have any questions or would want me to help you find an appropriate style for your beautiful self.

Stay beautiful!

Rachel Francoise



  • Angelica Waid

    Hi Rachel,
    WOW! I love your website! I can’t wait till my site is as complete as yours. I love the graphics, placement of your sponsors and your personal experience with fashion. I too am a curvy girl (size 14). Love the tips and your fashion sense. Your website is very engaging. Overall, you did a great job! Please feel free to check out my site and leave a comment.

    • Rachel Francoise

      I appreciate it Angelica.I thank God for great teachers from the wealthy affiliate program. It was a step by step process and that’s what got me here, and I believe that you can do just as well or may be more. Good luck on your new career and I hope we can keep in touch.

  • Tavares Heath

    What a wonderful site Rachel. Your website looks as if you have been doing this for years. You have nice readable content, and colorful images to bring out your post. I also love the way you have your social tabs at the footer. Amazing site Rachel keep up the great work.

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