Hi there and happy new year! I’m so excited to write my first article of the year. And because this is my first article, I decided to write about an issue that I’ve been working on in my personal life.

There was a time when my husband and I went through some difficulties which lead us to make some sacrifices in order to provide for our growing family, pay the bills and other major debts. The sacrifices we had to make included not being able to buy anything for ourselves, like clothes. Since this situation lasted so long, we started noticing that we had a major clothing emergency.

Fortunately for us God had a plan and gave my husband a new opportunity that helped him to provide and to take care of some debts. In other words, we were able to get back on our feet and there was less of a need to continue to deprive ourselves of clothes or going shopping.

Like most people, we thought that rebuilding our wardrobe at once was the best way to go, until we were discouraged after realizing how much it was going to cost us. But after a while, I came up with ideas that helped my husband and I make our wardrobe dream come true for a lot less.

Though I’m very excited to share these methods with you, I still want you to keep in mind that these tips might not work for everyone one but I still encourage you to give it a try.




The first step in building and upgrading your wardrobe on a budget is to know that it’s a process. Starting this change may require you to have patience and to understand that buying on a budget can take time. Remember, the fastest way to get your dream wardrobe is to be a consistent buyer. Instead of buying your clothes once every 5 months, I’ll say get yourself something every month, even if it’s just one outfit. What’s important is the consistency of your purchases.




One of the best ways to avoid breaking the bank in this process is to spare a percentage of whatever pay you get (whether you get paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). You can spare as little as 20 dollars a week which would total $80 by the end of the month.

Having this amount of money spared each month can help you buy 2-4 outfits depending on where you’re buying. Remember that it’s okay to buy as little at a time. What’s more important is that you keep on going with the routine.



It’s very important to know what you’re buying these clothes/Shoes for. This step will depend on your activities and your lifestyle. Always know what areas of your wardrobe needs upgrades, such as

  • Day-to-day wear
  • Church
  • Work
  • School
  • Special occasion
  • Date


Tottenham Hotspur



I wouldn’t recommend you to shop at expensive clothing stores when you’re on a low budget because, chances are that you’re probably going to leave the store with one outfit or empty-handed which would be pretty discouraging and can slow you down especially if you want to upgrade or rebuild your closet a little faster.

I’d recommend buying at stores that sell quality/designers clothing for less. In other word, find discounted clothing stores that sells new clothing such as Ross stores, Burlington or Walmart.



I personally try to avoid thrift stores as much as possible because chances are that I’m probably more likely to find something new online for the same price. So why wear someone else’s old junk?

The only reason I would want to buy at a thrift store is if I’m trying to find something I could wear for household chores. Some T-shirts and yoga pants are usually my go to. They would usually be .99 cents each.

But that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, buying at a thrift store can still be a good thing because you may have a chance to buy some pretty good clothing for a lot less. Some people throw their most expensive designer pieces there which allows you to buy them at a very low price.

Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind if you decide to shop at the thrift store:

  • Find the right thrift store. Not all Thrift stores are the same.
  • Know the right day and time to shop there. Early morning on week days are usually the best time to shop. Be sure to ask the store clerk to tell you when they usually display their items.





As I mentioned earlier, I refrain from going to the thrift store to buy stuff just because I know that I can get something new for the same price online.

Shopping online gives you the freedom to look around at things that you might not find at a store. It gives you the ability to see what’s on sale or clearance, and it also gives you the opportunity to pick your desired price and search for your items by sorting them from the lowest price.


With all that said, there are a few cons about online shopping that you should know.

  • Shipping cost
  • Getting the wrong item
  • Not getting the quality expected
  • Not being able to try on the item

Shopping online may have some cons but here are a few ways to avoid them:

  • Find sellers that offer low to free shipping
  • Shop at reputable and popular online retailers
  • Be sure to find a retailer that offers returns, and be sure to always read their return policies.



If shopping online doesn’t quite make you comfortable, well that’s totally fine. There are other ways you can save by attending your local clothing store. For example:

When going to your local clothing store, always be sure to look at their clearance departments and/or get to know what’s on sale first before heading to the regular priced items. To avoid being tempted to buy things at a regular price, my advice is to avoid looking at regular priced items unless you couldn’t find anything at the clearance or sales department.

Online businesses also carry lots of sales and discounts. Subscribe for our newsletters today!



Another way to upgrade your wardrobe in a budget, especially if you don’t have enough clothes in your closet, is to take advantage of the “end of season” sale. For example: After the Christmas season, most stores will put their “Christmas theme” products on sale to get them out of the way.

I know what you’re thinking. “If I purchased an item from last season, I won’t wear them until next year. I want something that I can wear now” or “ I don’t wear last season clothing. I like to be on point”.

First: you won’t have to wait to wear your clothes until next year because the season’s over. Here’s how. Find the types of clothing that can be worn all year long regardless of the season.

Remember, this is the perfect time to purchase expensive seasonal things too like Jacket and coats. This unfortunately would need to wait until it gets cold again to be worn. The great thing about this is that you won’t have to settle for the coat you don’t like when it gets cold only because you can’t afford it.

Second: If you don’t have that many clothes in your closet, you should probably avoid always being on point because that will cost you more money than you plan to spend. Always remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with wearing last season clothing especially if you’re on a budget.

My advice to you would be to purchase something that’s stylish, elegant and most importantly, TIMELESS.

End of season sales might just be an ideal choice for anyone who’s on a budget.



Thank you so much for reading this article. I really hope that I was able to help you with tips and ideas on how to build and/or upgrade your closet for less.

If you need help to find some of the best online clothing stores or need help with clothing ideas, please subscribe so you’re always going to know what on sale and what clothing you should wear for any occasion.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or reviews, please feel free to comment below.

Until then,

I hope you have a blessed year!

Rachel Francoise



  • Sam Frederiksen

    Great Ideas their, my main issue is my weight. I keep either putting it on, which is usually the case or lose it. I find when I buy new clothes they never fit very long. Having chronic fatigue is a real pain for me as I can’t just do whatever and maintain my weight at times I way to tired to do what is needed. Other times I try to play catchup then lose weight for a short time. Love to hear some thoughts on this:)

    • Rachel Francoise

      HI Sam, thank you for sharing your story I’m sorry to hear about you having Chronic fatigue. That must be tough.
      Me and most plus-size women also have struggled with finding clothes that fit and this have inspired me to create this website to help them including myself. Finding the right clothing for larger bodies is hard especially in local stores, even though it would have been easier for larger people to try on clothes that fit. My advice would be, 1: have your love one shop for you at a local store that have a BIG AND TALL section. (This would be even better if your local retail store had a website that allows you to order online. This way, you’ll see your order and pick the correct size for you.And if it doesn’t fit, well you can just return them).
      2. Find online taylors that can make you your own outfit with the correct size. Doing this can cost you which i don’t know how much, because I never tried it.
      3. Order online in reputable online stores. Only be sure that it has free shipping and free returns.
      I hope this was helpful.

  • Larry

    Great post, but you missed covering the real problem of rebuilding your wardrobe, or maybe it’s just a problem I have. The problem I’m talking about is how do you make up your mind what to buy??? That’s the big question.

    Great post and thanks for the ideas.

    • Rachel Francoise

      I Larry thank you for pointing that out. Rebuilding mine and my husband’s wardrobe was what led me to follow these 8 simple steps. So, since you don’t know what to buy, I’ll say, look in your closet, see what’s missing according to their categories and your lifestyles. FOr example: If you love golfing and you notice that you are missing golfing clothes, then i’ll advice you to either google ” the best clothing to wear for golfing”. SO it’s just depend on what you lack.
      Don’t buy anything by looking at your closet as a whole. It will only confuse you on what to buy. Be sure to sort out your wardrobe by categories. It’ll help you to know what you have or what you should definetely buy.
      I hope I was helpful.

  • Devara Garrison

    Wow! You have some really great ideas on shopping while on a budget. This usually applies to me!
    I like to shop Belk’s online clearance. I can find tons of great clothes on clearance and it’s free shipping if you spend $100.
    I found name brand jeans; “Celebrity Pink” for $20 in my size online.. In the store the same jeans cost $44! It’s kind of strange, but it’s true. I recommend checking out their clearance above anywhere, from my own personal experience.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Best wishes,

  • Nick Cooke

    Omg I have so many friends that shop daily and end up spending £100s haha! Will pass this article on to them, thank you!

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