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Hi and welcome to Style for Curves. Lately, I have been asked a lot about what’s on this spring. so because of the high demand, I have decided to make a post about it. And for this spring, I plan to give you tips on what to wear for different occasions, and what you should wear depending on your body shape. So be ready for it because you’ll definitely see lot of clothing tips this spring.

Without further a due, let get to it!


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IZABEL CURVE’S White Floral Hanky Hem Top from at 29.99 Euro ($33.59)

Sizes: 14 – 24 (USA size)

IZABEL CURVE White FLoral Hanky Hem Top From: Sizes: 14-24 (USA size). Price: 29.99 Euro ($33.59)


Though it is possible to wear this outfit to work, seeing it makes me wish that today was  my day off. This top is a perfect outfit to wear if you want to achieve a clean look while running errands. Its comfortable and yet elegant look is just what you need this Spring.

Please feel free to wear this top with some denim, either some flat scandal or wedges, and if it’s still a little too Chili where you live, then you can always add on a leather jacket to go with it.


Yellow Tie Front Shirt from at 19.99 Euro ($22.39)

Sizes: 14-34 (USA size)


Yellow Tie Front Shirt From: Sizes: 14-34 (USA Size) Prices: 19.99 Euro ($22.39)

Yellow is so on this Spring and this style makes it a perfect choice to have especially when you’re a plus-size woman who just wants to take it either take it easy or go out on a small trip with friends or family.

I would recommend that you wore this outfit like in the picture with some white denims and some wedges.


MAURICE’S Plus-Size Crocheted Inset Floral Blouse from at $39.99

Sizes: 0W – 3W

MAURICES Plus-size Crocheted Inset Floral Blouse            From: Walmart            Sizes: 0X-3X               Price: $39.00


This Maurice crocheted insert Floral Blouse is a great outfit to welcome the spring season. Its comfortable style is  just what you need to wear to your work place on a casual work day. This will allow you to be more relaxed and still look stylish. Great for moms and any woman who’s very self-conscience about her belly.

Don’t forget to wear this outfit with some dark denim and light brown wedges


Tie Neck Open Shoulder Tee From Eloquii at $39.95

Sizes: 14-24


TIE NECK OPEN SHOULDER TEE                 From: Eloquii      Size: 14-28              Price: $39.95

Great to wear tucked-in or out. This top is such a great investment because it allows you to wear it on different occasions such as home, work, date night and etc. You can wear this with shorts, like in the picture above, denim of your choice, or with both pants provided at the  “bottoms” section below.



Lifestyle Attitudes Plus-size Women Jacquard Stretched Woven Pants From at $22.99

SIzes: 18W-24W

LIFESTYLE ATTITUDES Women’s Plus-Size Jacquard Stretch Woven Pant         From: Walmart               Price: $22.99                   Sizes: 18W-24W

What a great way to show off those curves than to wear these pair of woven pants? I consider these pants to be a great investment because, not only it allows you to wear it on different occasions, Its breathable and stretch material allows you to wear it on different seasons.

You can wear this pants with some sandals like shown above, or with some ankle boots during the fall or winter, and still look great.



Paperbag Waist Short with Belt from Eloquii At $54.95

Sizes: 14-28

PAPERBAG Waist Short with Belt      From: Eloquii       Sizes: 14-28        Price: $54.95


I love the color of these shorts. It’s so on this spring. This is an ideal choice for shorts lovers to wear on both, during the spring and during summer.

Another thing that I love about these short is the fact that you can wear them with almost any tops or shoes and still look good.

Belted Window Pane HandkerChief Hem Skirt   From Eloquii                 Sizes: 14-28


BELTED WINDOWPANE HANDKERCHIEF HEM SKIRT                From: Eloquii                 Sizes: 14-28


Are you a skirt lover? I am! If you’re like me and you love to wear skirts during this season, then this outfit is just what you need. The skirt is also great to have if you’re looking to accentuate your curves.

I recommend that you wear this outfit with a top similar to the one above or any top that isn’t baggy. Wear this with either flat or heels sandals (the choice is totally yours), but do not forget to wear shorts underneath especially on a windy day.



Printed Off-the-shoulders Dress  from Eloquii

Sizes: 14-28

Printed off the shoulder dress
PRINTED OFF THE SHOULDER DRESS                      From: Eloquii                    Sizes: 14-28

OMG! if I had to pick my favorite of all these styles, I would pick this one. It is such a feminine and elegant dress. Great to wear during the spring and summer with flat/heels sandals, or wedges, on a romantic daytime date.


TORI Oversized Hooded Knit Dress by STANDARDS AND PRACTICES from

at $74 (currently on sale for $59.50)

Sizes: 1X-3X


Tori Overisize Hooded Knit Dress From: Sizes: 1X-3X Price: $74 (on sale right now for $59.50)


Sometimes all you need to do is “chill”. And what’s the perfect outfit to wear on a relaxing Spring and rainy day than this oversize hooded dress? I can image someone wear this dress with some white tennis shoes,  loose curls and light make-up just  to school.

Perfect for almost all shapes and sizes!


CITY CHIC’s  Rose Gypsy Tunic from at $89.00

Sizes: 14-24

Are you in need of something flirty this spring for your first date? Then this dress is just what you need. Its elegant and flirty style makes it an ideal choice to have this spring and summer for your date or for a casual day with   friends.

You can either wear this dress as it is or add on a denim jacket or a nice cardigan. What I love about this outfit is the fact that it gives you more options to express yourself . You can wear it with either a nice cardigan with some wedges, or some flat/Cowboy boots and denim jacket, or with some high heels sandals for your date night.

PS/ I would recommend this dress for anyone with an hourglass shape or a straight body shape.





I hope that you liked the pictures and the styles I provided above. Please feel free to comment in the comment box below if you have any questions about these outfits and I will be more than happy to help you.

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Until next time, have a great day!


Rachel Francoise


  • Missy

    I am loving the first dress from Eloquii, my sister in law would absolutely love it! I’m bookmarking your site now and I’ll stop back to get the link for her birthday, I’m so excited now. In Pennsylvania we just got another 5″ of snow yesterday so I’m really looking forward to these awesome spring trends.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Oh my! 5″ of snow, that’s a lot of snow! I bet you’re looking forward to the spring and summer, Missy. Also be free to subscribe to this website for saving opportunities on you favorite outfits! Thanks again Missy

  • Jen

    Hi, I love these styles for Spring. I’m always looking for new styles for different seasons which is hard because I am a size 14, and things don’t always fit the way I need them to, but the items you handpicked are great and very pretty. Thanks for sharing. fyi, I love the HANDKERCHIEF HEM SKIRT. I think this one is the prettiest.

    • Rachel Francoise

      HI Jen thank you for your comment. I totally understand the struggle of finding new outfits when you’re on a certain size. please be free to subscribe to my website for more similar articles and other special savings offers. Thanks Jen

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