Summer is just around the corner ladies. And what better time to feel sexy than during the summer? I have always been so thankful for clothing industries that are now making amazing and flattering clothes for plus-size women. I  can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out about the plus-size women swimsuit that I’m going to show you. Let me tell you, there’re on flick!

Years ago, plus-size women were outcast because of their sizes. They were given ugly clothes and was told to hide their bodies in shame. But today, things have changed. Talented designers have created amazing clothing including swimsuit to help curvy women feel more comfortable in their own skin. And thanks to them, women like us can wear stylish One Piece or Two Piece Swimsuit.


So now, don’t hide yourself away. Don’t lock yourself in shame. Stop giving excuses not to attend that pool party. Give yourself a chance to shine now that stylish, sexy and elegant swimwears are being made just for you.


Without further due, please check out the pictures that I provided below to see what you’ve been missing. And if you like it as much as I do, then please feel free to purchase it.

For purchase, just click on the company name provided on top of each picture.


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Here we go!


UKAP’s V-neck Polka Dots Bikini Swimwear from at $18.89

Size S -5XL

UKAP’s V-neck Polka Dots Bikini Swimwear From: Size: S-5XL Price: $18.89



Aixy Vintage Bikini Swimsuit from at $29.99

Sizes: M-5XL

Aixy’s Vintage Bikini Swimsuit From Size: M-5XL Price: $29.99

Wrap Halter One-piece Swimsuit from Eloquii at $99.95


Item: Wrap Halter One Piece Swimsuit From Eloguii Sizes: 12-28


Seville Ruffle Onepiece – Print from CoEdition at $109.00


Item: Seville Ruffle One Piece – Print From CoEdition Sizes: 14-22 Price: $109.00




One Shoulder Black and White Floral Swimsuit from ELOQUII at $99.95


Item: One Shoulder Swimsuit From Eloquii Price: $99.95 Sizes: 12-28



AKFashion Sexy See-through  One-piece Bikini Swimwear from at $19.99


fashion’s Sexy See-through Sleeveless One-piece Bikini Swimwear From Size: XL – 5XL Price: $19.99


Sexy Shimmer/Bronze One Piece Swimsuit from Eloquii at $89.95

Bronze and shimmer one piece swimsuit
Item: Shimmer One Piece Swimsuit From ELoquii Price: $89.95 Sizes: 12-28


Thank you so much for checking out these swimsuits, I really hope that you liked it just as much as I did.

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Also, feel free to leave your comments below if you have any questions or concerns about these products. And if you liked what you saw and would like to purchase them, then feel free to click on the company’s name for more.

Until next time, Have a great day!


Rachel Francoise

Style for Curves


  • Georg L. Schele

    Interesting article about swimsuits for plus size women. It is about time that these ladies get the attention they deserve. I could hardly believe that they were treated that bad before. My personal favorite is the seville ruffle one piece, but the others look well too. I take it that all of these swimsuits are of a good quality?

  • jen

    Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions. I always have trouble finding the perfect swimsuit for my figure. The ones you have suggested are great and beautiful also. My favorite is the sexy see through from Walmart. Thanks so much your post was very helpful.

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