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It’s almost Black Friday! What better time to go shopping? I don’t know about you, but as a mother and aunt of so many nieces and nephews, black Friday can feel like Christmas to me. It is just the best time to do all my Christmas shopping, spoil myself with something nice, and get all my house shopping done, all for a lot less.

I’m usually afraid to buy Christmas presents for my loved ones. And you know why? Well, because they can be very picky and sometimes they wouldn’t even use the Christmas gifts that I got for them. Sadly, we all have that one person in our lives who would never use their presents no matter how hard you try to please them (you know who I’m talking about).

So, Due to the fact that I couldn’t please everyone with their gifts, I developed a few tricks over the years. First I tried gift cards and cash, sadly they felt left out because well, they wanted to open their presents in a big box. Then I decided to start to shop on black Fridays where I can get the best quality of things for a lot less, while I still make them use it. Guess what? I spent my money on those gifts and the least they could do is pretend to love it. lol



I came across a lot of online clothing stores and found so many deals that they offer for this black Friday that I’m very excited to share with you. Among those offer I listed below, I was also able to find some designers outfits and accessories, that I thought some of you may be interested in.

And without further a due, let get started….


Item: Sweet Romance Coat Plus-size: 14-22

From: CoEdition

Original price: $149 Sales Price: $104.30 You save: $44.70

The winter Is almost here, in fact there are places that are already feeling like the winter. Usually in times like this, most businesses would rise the cost of their Coats and other winter outerwear.

I find this one to be beneficial because first, it is a very stylish style for plus-size women to enjoy and second, it is low in price and you get to save $44.70 (which is quite a lot).



I also came across these party dresses that I thought would be a good idea to share because the holidays are almost here and there are parties almost everywhere, whether at work, church, school, or friends, you name it.

Finding just that perfect gown can really be stressful and expensive. To find that this company had lowered their prices on gowns made me think that it would be good to post them just in case there’s anyone who will have a festive season.

The good thing about these dresses is that you can wear them all year long and not just during the holiday seasons.

Item: Callum turtle-neck dress

From CoEdition

Original Price: $109.00 Sales Price: $81.99 You save: $27.01



Item: Lauren Jersey Dress

From: CoEdition

Original Price: $139 Sales Price: 104.99 You save: $34.01



I fell in love with this website when I saw it. They have so many shoes/boots and even clothing for a lot less. This is a great place to go to when you want to get some pretty cheap Christmas presents for yourself or your extremely picky daughter or niece.

I found these to be very beneficial especially since this is now a cold season and boots are usually expensive around this time. So, I would really recommend this site for anyone who’s on a budget.

Item: Sexy Black pointy toes tight high boot faux Suede

From: Ami Club Wear

Original price: $44.99 Sales Prices: $18.00 You save: $26.99


Item: Sexy Yellow Rhinestone Plaid Chunky High Heels Booties Faux Suede

From: Ami Club Wear             Sizes: 5-11

Original price: $34.99 Sales Price: $14.00 You save: $20.99

Great choice to add to your shoes closet for less on something you could wear all year long. So why not take advantage of these offers.

Item: Sexy Black matte Single Sole High Heels Pumps Faux Leather

From: Ami Club Wear

Original Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $16.00 You save: $23.99



When I was doing my research I thought that it would be good to find some Black Friday offers for the more upscale people who love designers stuff. Rich people got to save too, right? So I came across this website that had a Black Friday sales on their designer clothes and accessories.

I got to warn you that these are very expensive items, but hey they’re designers. They have to be expensive.

Really anyone can still get something like these. I think that it’s a great place for men who want to offer something special to their wives on Christmas or any special days.

Click Here to see or purchase items below


Item: Navy Skirt and Jacket Suit

From: Darby Scott

Listing Price: $625 Sale Price: $437 You Save: $188

“Personal shopper included”

This Navy Skirt and Jacket suit is very elegant look for women who love to look professional and put-together at all time. Great for office work, and can also be worn separately with jeans or khakis.


The only downside about buy this outfit is that the sale is final, so you cannot return them. My advice with this is to speak with the personal shopper that the company provided just so that you can be very sure of your purchase.


These accessories would be great to give to that special woman in your life on a very special day and it doesn’t have to be given on Christmas. You can hide it and hand it later in the year if you want. Besides giving them on Christmas day, you can buy it now and giving them on valentine’s day, your anniversary, her birthday and etc. The idea is to take advantage of this amazing Black Friday offers.

Item: Jewel Embelished Mink Matte Alligator Clutch

From: Darby Scott

Original Price: $11,500 Sales Price: $8,050 You save: $3,450

“Personal shopper included”


Item: Faux Amber Necklace set

From: Darby Scott

Original Price: $325 Sale Price: $125 You save: $200

“Personal shopper included”

Last but not least

I hope that I have provided some helpful links to you. I encourage you to click the links attached to the pictures if you want to purchase the items or if you want to see more similar items.

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any question regarding these offers.

I hope you have a great experience this season.


Rachel Francoise



  • Lila

    Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing these deals. I’m going to have to look into getting those boots from Ami Club Wear! I’m also going to subscribe to your mailing list because I could use more information on deals for plus-sized women.

    Thanks Again!

    • Rachel Francoise

      That Sounds great Lila. I always post deals and articles and reviews about plus-size clothing. You know, Ami Club Wear have a lot of sales on their shoes. You can click on the picture of their products to see many more choices they have for a lot less too.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Thanks Jamie, I’m glad to hear that this article gave you ideas on what to get to your wife. I actually plan on making another article about Christmas gifts ideas to give to love ones. Stay tuned for it for more ideas.

  • Scarlett

    I love sales. And this is my kind of sales. There are some wonderful choices here at very reasonable prices. And I love this black sexy boots. Thanks for this awesome article. With this terrific sale.

  • Stephanie

    I agree, shopping on Black Friday feels like Christmas cause there’s so much excitement, especially when the item you wanted to buy get reduced to a more affordable price.

    This year I’m hoping to purchase some new clothes, so this post has given me some good ideas for Christmas gifts I can get.

    Those Rhinestone Plaid boots look gorgeous!!! I definitely need a pair of those! Do you know if they ship to the UK?

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hi there Stephanie, Thank you for your comment. I believe that they ship world wide. Feel free to check their website to see more choices of boots and shoes. They have sales on lot more shoes for very less. Thank you

  • Michelle

    Hello Rachel,
    Great selection of ‘goodies’. I am not a big shopper but your ideas and tips are certainly worth paying attention to…and I will. I can see where Black Friday deals will surely result in some ‘hefty savings’ and definitely some smiling faces come Christmas time.
    Keep up the good job and happy holidays.

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