12 Types of Bra every women should know- Are you wearing the right bra?


Buying a bra seems like an easy job, but it’s until you buy the wrong kind for your breast that you realize that shopping for a bra is not easy at all.

So, how do you know that you’re wearing the right kind of bra? Fortunately, the answer is a lot simpler than it sounds. Other than knowing your breast size bra, it is equally important to know the type of bra you’re buying and also how you plan on wearing it (Remember: not all bras are created equal. Some bras are made for only certain types of Breasts, and others are made for only a certain type of clothing).

12 different Types of Bra a woman should know

There are almost countless types of bras, it’s almost feels like the bra industries create brand new types of bras every single day. And because of it, I’m only going to reveal to you 12 of the most trendy and common type:

The Demi Bra:

· Covers about half of the breast

· Creates cleavage by lifting the breast outward

· Ideal for smaller and firmer breasts

· Does NOT provide good support for women with larger breasts. (It’s preferable not to buy this if you have bigger breast).

The Transparent Bra:

· Have transparent back Straps and/or shoulder band

· Most are not padded nor have underwire to give support or coverage

· Ideal for smaller and medium breast

· Best to wear with light colored outfit

The Push-up Bra:

· Provides more cleavage than Demi Bra

· Some contain removable padding which are great for women with asymmetrical breasts

· Comes in 3 different level of padding such as gentle, moderate, and explosive

· Support both smaller and larger breast

· Lifts at center and provides shape

The Balconettes Bra:

· Contains thick shoulder strips and underwire

· It is both supportive and sexy

· Great for smaller and medium size breasts

· Pushes upward rather than center

· Reveals the top part of breast. ( something to think about especially for the more modest ladies)

The Longline Bra:

· It’s very stylish

· Its corset like design a great for slimming

· It helps reduce the unwanted back fat.

· Can be good for all breast sizes (always be sure to pick the correct size)

The Sheer Bra:

· Very Similar to the Longline bra, except its fabric materials are very skin revealing

· Its Satin, Tulle, or lace gives this bra a more sexy and fancy

· It gives more nipple coverage compared to most lingerie.

Padded bra:

· Pushes the breast towards the center and upwards

· Its Padded styles are made to prevent the nipple to show

· Great for women with smaller breasts who would want to achieve a fuller look

The Full cup Bra:

· Protects the entire breast

· Gives great comfort and structure

· Some can have underwire

· Great for larger breast women who seek for great breast coverage

The Sport Bra:

· It’s very protective and supportive

· Prevents the painful breast bouncing that can happen during physical activities

· It’s cotton fabric helps to keep cool

· Sweat absorbent

· Great especially for women with larger breasts

The Strapless Bra:

· Comes either with or without padding

· The ones with Underwire are to help provide support especially to women with larger breasts

· It’s very important to have the right size strapless bra

· Can slip off if too loose

The Deep Plunge Bra:

· Great for sweetheart neckline, Low V-neck and other plunging designs

· Best to purchase padded plunging bra for safety

· It’s longline design can help slim the upper body parts

· Good for almost all breast sizes. ( Always try it on before buy to make sure that it gives you the look that you’re looking for)

The Adhesive Bra:

· Made with silicone

· Contains NO straps, sides, or back

· Great to wear with a more revealing outfit

· Can be reusable

· Better for women with smaller breast. ( I wouldn’t recommend this to women with larger breasts)

The Minimizing Bra:

· Ideal for women with larger breasts

· Helps make the breasts look smaller and flatter (This is great for women with larger breast who would want to make their chests look smaller)

· Gives full coverage

Do you own the right bra?

Now that you’ve read this article, I really hope that you were able to recognize some common mistakes, and I also hope that this article could help you avoid them in the future. Don’t worry yourself too much if you still can’t figure it out. It takes times. Just remember to smile and embrace that part of your body.

You have any suggestions or would like to add something or tell us your favorite type of bra and why you like them so much, in the comment below. I’ll enjoy reading them.

A bientot!

Rachel Francoise


  • Lynn

    Hey, great article! The only one I really like in this is the padded bra. I try to find one that has minimal padding and wireless. I do not like the wire bra. It is very uncomfortable to me. My favorite brand is Werner’s.

    • Rachel Francoise

      HI there Lynn! I am with you. I prefer minimal padding and wireless. Unfortunately I always have to have wire for support and lift or they just won’t look or feel right.
      Anyway, it was nice talking to you!

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