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12 Free Christmas Gifts Ideas for your Wife to Make her Holiday Experience Unforgettable

Hi there and welcome to Style for Curves! Earlier this year, I wrote an article about ways to wow your wife on your anniversary or valentine’s day for a low price. With that idea in mind, I decided to write another article similar to that one just because Valentine’s day and anniversaries aren’t the only special days in your relationship that are worth celebrating. In fact, the Christmas season can also be  a very romantic time of the year.

The one thing I love about the Christmas season is the cheers that everyone brings to one another, and if you keep reading this article you will see that you wouldn’t have to spend a penny in some options that I recommended below. The Christmas spirit itself, can set a great romantic atmosphere that all you have to do is to be a gentleman.

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There’s absolutely nothing that is more romantic than waking up early and making breast fast to your wife. This is an option that works even if you have to work early in the morning. All you have to do is either wake up earlier than usual to cook breakfast or, order her a nice breakfast from her favorite restaurant on your way to work.

This is a great option especially if your budget is a little tight and you can’t afford a nice gift to give to her. You have the option to either do it every day from December 1st to the 25th, or anytime, just as long as you do it more often.



As a woman and a mom, I know how stressful and frustrating it can be to watch the children and keep the house looking presentable. So, if you can’t cook and are on tight budget, but you want to do something really nice for her, then doing her chores is another special thing you can do for her. However, if you are not familiar with housekeeping, then I’ll suggest that you start by vacuuming the entire house, load the dish washer and/or the washing machine. It’s that simple. But, It’s not over. Doing the chores may be hard but keeping the house clean is even more challenging.

Be sure you do it as often as you can on your day off if you can’t do it from December 1st to the 25th



With things being so stressful and exhausting, it gets so hard to take a break especially for stay-at-home moms with young children or any working women. So, giving her time to just breathe and relax is another great gift that you can give to your wife for free. You don’t have to take her to a spa, sometimes all she needs is to watch TV in your bedroom by herself with her feet up for as long as she needs to. You, meanwhile, can use this time to either do some chores or take the children out if you have any.

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This is similar to making her breakfast and doing chores. However, the reason I chose to add it to the list is because there is something more romantic and sexy about a man making a nice dinner for his wife. Dinner time is when everything else starts quieting down.

To make your dinner a more romantic event, there are some very important that you need to consider which are table presentation and lighting. Here’s why, the way that you choose to set your table and  atmosphere  can say a lot about the way you feel and how you want things to go by the end of dinner. This option can work whether you have children or not. You just need to be creative.

Remember, though cooking dinner is considered a nice and romantic gesture, you need to avoid doing it every single night or it might kill the romance.



Want to make your Christmas season more Christmassy? Then baking Christmas cookies may just be it. This option is great whether you can bake or not. Just make sure that you follow the recipe instructor and cook them toughly. Be sure to bake the cookies together with her and the children if you have any. You are welcome to sing or play Christmas songs to set the spirit. To make things fun, try decorating your Christmas cookies. Use your cookie cutter and decorate. You can make it look perfect or not. I personally think that making mistakes on decorating the cookies can be funny (I watch nailed it and that’s how I know that failing to make the perfect looking cake or cookies can make for a funny memory).



Try to make time to decorate your house with your family. It’s just as similar the baking. It can be fun and beautiful. Your wife and children will actually appreciate the time that you spend together with them than anything you can ever buy them.



What I mean by “watch Television” is, “watch her favorite movies with her and show interest while watching it”. Don’t just sit in front of the TV, comment on it and most importantly, PUT YOUR DEVICES AWAY! However, the only time that you need to gently suggest something other than what she wants is when she tries to put on something that may sadden her mood. The point of this is to make her happy. Speaking of making her happy, what about watching funny shows like,  for example: NAILED IT (on Netflix), American Funniest home Video etc.

Come on , laugh a little!



Christmas festivals are one of my favorite part about Christmas. It’s around the time when communities gather together to share a Christmas cheer. Believe me, staying at home during Christmas can be boring and can make the entire season a little depressing. This is a time to celebrate and another perfect time to see her smile and maybe laugh out loud.



Do you want to talk romance during Christmas time? Then carriage rides are what you may want to consider. This time is usually the best to tell her how beautiful she looks, how much you love her and how grateful you are to have found her. All, while the carriage driver drives you on streets full of Christmas light. This will cost you a little without breaking your bank.

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Like I said earlier, cooking for your wife on Christmas can be romantic just as long as you don’t cook every day to avoid killing the romance, It is also the same for dinning out. I’m not again dinner out, in fact, I think that dinning out in a nice restaurant during the Christmas season is one of the best thing you can do around that time. Try your best to take her out on a date at least every weekend if you can and It doesn’t matter if you have children or not. You can still make it a romantic day. Be sure to dress up. NO JEANS, NO FAST FOOD.



My husband and I have a tradition to drive around after dark just to see how people decorate their front yard (I was a little skeptical when he fist asked me to go to the ride with him however, I ended up loving it. And now, it became our little tradition). We usually play the judge and argue about which house decorated the best. The very fun part about driving around is usually how people use their sense of humor to decorate their house and it ‘s so funny.

PS/ Avoid doing it during any storms, and always make sure that you park you car if you want to admire the art.



There’s nothing more special and more romantic than slow dancing to a nice Christmas song with deemed light. You don’t need to be a dancer to achieve this that  all you have to do is to admire her. That’s all.


How to make her valentine’s/Anniversary day Special for Less



Most of the time we gets so caught up into getting the best and most expensive things for our love ones that we forget that Christmas is about, well, of course the birth of our Lord Jesus-Christ, and also family. These memories that you create together as a family are really just the things that they would remember the most rather than any present that you’ll ever give them. So, if I had to answer a question of “what would be a Christmas present that you can offer to my wife that is free of charge”, well, my answer would be “YOU”. Of course women and mostly children would still want to receive a present, however, I’m positive that they’d pick you above all.

I hope that you like this post and that you found it to be helpful. Please I encourage you to subscribe even if you’re a man because I sometimes use tips that are gender neutral. I also want you to subscribe if you want to see other gift guides for this Christmas season (only it won’t be free this time). The prices would vary depending on where you get them. But, don’t worry, I have provided Gift Ideas starting from under $20. So, please stay tuned and don’t forget to comment below for question, follow us on social media and share!

Until next time,

Merry Christmas!

Rachel Francoise


  • Lee

    I absolutely agree with you here that moms do have it hard and it can be stressful. My girlfriend is forever trying to tidy up after them for them to keep being messy, then cooking the dinner, getting them ready for bed and then the school runs. They do need their break and to be treated. I will certainly be using your advise on the different things I can do to treat her and keep her feeling special, especially as it is getting close to Christmas, I will have to start planning!!

    • Rachel Francoise

      I really appreciate that Lee. I believe that when you do this that you wouldn’t even have to bother about buying expensive things to please her. She will be so pleased that you, being there would be the only thing that would matter to her (that’s how it was with me).

  • Cathy Allen

    Wow – you seem like quite the romantic! When I was married, I’d have been happy if he would have just washed the dishes or vacuumed. If men follow your advice, there will be a lot of happy wives this year. Thank you for sharing such beautiful ideas!

    • Rachel Francoise

      My husband inspired me to write this post. He always did chores to help me out. From this, I realized just how other women would happy if only their husband would load the dish washer and gave them a little break.

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