So, I was temporarily hired at a clothing store. Working there have thought me a lot about the mistakes that we all make while clothes shopping. To tell you the truth, I’ve made the same mistakes over and over and over again, and I am so ready to change. So, no worries because you’re not alone in this.

Without further a due…


While working at a clothing store, I realized that there were lots of women who would spend at least $20 on an outfit that they plan to wear to do chores. Seriously, most f us wait to shower until the chores are done. Now, why sweat on a $20 T-shirt when you can get them at a bargain store for only $3.99?



Most people complain about how expensive it to buy clothes at regular retail stores, while the’ll be spending $50 on a used item that would have cost them about the same if the were new. Frankly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.

Forgive me but you should never spend more than $5.99 on a used outfit, unless the’re designers and gently used. Believe me there are way too many stores that sell clothes for less that you don’t need to keep shopping at bargain stores

Here are some of my favorite stores that sell clothing that are less than $10:

  • Ross Stores (Discount Clothing Store)
  • Forever 21
  • Walmart (Online)
  • SHEIN (Online)
  • Amazon
  • Old Navy
  • Kohl’s (clearance rack)
  • Macy’s (Sales)

Bargain stores don’t always equal to less expensive like you may think. Always compare your prices



Most of us spend way too much money on items that we could have gotten for less with greater quality because of lack of research. Who can blame us? We’re too busy, right? Luckily for you, I have an answer to that problem. Here are two ways to know what’s out there without wasting too much of your precious time researching:

  • Google: It’s that simple! Just google it and you’ll find lists of stores you want to know. You even might be surprise to find that there are great businesses close to your own home.
  • Fashion Blogs: There are so many fashion blogs like Style for Curves that will help you figure it out. These fashion bloggers are there to help guide you to the hottest stores they can find. Their job is to create reviews about those stores and their products, to send you newsletters’ of  their special savings offers when you subscribe, and to give you fashion advice. Isn’t that cool? So, subscribe and follow us if you need our help!



One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made while shopping for anything was, being afraid to spend a little extra. We, sometimes, forget to ask ourselves why businesses decide to sell their products at a lower price. QUALITY.

I know how hard it can be to be on budget and to want to fill your carts. But, If you’re looking for something that has great quality, I’ll suggest that you get to spend just a little extra. I’m not suggesting that you break your bank account, but my point is, if you really want to buy something that would last, then spend a little more than you’re used to.

PS/ Not all expensive things have good quality



Few weeks ago at work, I met a young lady who looked very upset and was calling herself “fat” because she tried on dresses that didn’t fit. First, let me tell you something about that woman. SHE WAS GORGEOUS! I mean, she was tall, curvy and had a pear shaped body, very beautiful even after 3 kids. Sadly, she left the store angry and disappointed at herself because she picked up three dresses that would have probably fit one of her preteen daughters

Most of us, unfortunately, have made the same mistakes. Sadly, while we waste our time hating ourselves and our bodies because the clothes didn’t fit, we don’t stop to realize that it was never our bodies fault to begin with. The really problem is the size that we picked. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, don’t be afraid to go a size or two larger. I know that It can be a little disappointing, but, I can promise you that finding the right size outfit would make you feel and look great.



What I mean by being size paralyzed is to lack the ability to change sizes. Some people (including myself) get caught up into thinking that just because the can fit in a size 2X that 2X is the only size that fits them.

If this is you, then let me tell you my story. Ever since my dramatic weight gain, I only tried on and bought sizes 1X to 3X. They fit well, but the made me look bigger than I actually was. And since I only shopped local back then, and that local stores didn’t (sometimes still don’t) have good outfit for big women, I would dress in ridiculously ugly outfits. Fortunately for me, all of that changed when I tried on a stylish medium top and was very surprised to see that it fit.

This story was used to encourage you to be flexible when it comes to choosing sizes. You need to remember that different manufacturer can sometimes use different measurements.So, give other sizes a try.



Most women, especially smaller women, are ashamed to shop at the junior department. If this is you,  I want to assure you that there’s nothing wrong with shopping juniors. I’m not telling you to go pick-out an outfit that you know that an 8th grader would wear, but, I want you to know that there’s nothing to feel ashamed about. Most junior sections carry clothing that are mature (age appropriate) and very fashion forward that no one would ever tell that it was bought from the junior department unless you told them.

So, own it and be proud!



Being married doesn’t mean that you have to shop at misses. I was married at 21 years old and thought that I only had to shop at the misses section. The reasons for doing that was because I always assumed that the juniors sections were for kids and single women. Sadly for me, I looked older than I really was.

Here are two very important things you should always remember:

  1. 1. You don’t have to stop wearing sexy and flattering outfits because you’re married. Allow yourself to stay desirable
  2. 2. You can find flattering clothes at the misses section, all you need to do is to look around

So, don’t be afraid to explore and take risks. Being married doesn’t mean that you have to stop being fun or looking sexy and young. That’s a mistake most of us, married woman make that we should stop making.



Newsletters are extremely important for both, companies and their customers. It is one way to help businesses keep in touch with their clients.

This is why I think that the newsletters’ method is a win-win situation for both parties. Besides helping business stay in touch with their customers, newsletters can also:

  • Help educate customers
  • Help clients/customers know what’s new and on sale,
  • And, Customers who consider their newsletters’ tend to save more than those who don’t.

So, If you tend to ignore your newsletters’, I’ll suggest that you give it a try. Doing so will help change your shopping experience for the best.



As it is commonly known, keeping your receipt can help you make returns and exchanges on items that you purchase (Item (s) must show no signs of usage). However, did you know that there’s money hidden in it too? Well, let me tell you this. At the very bottom or the back of most receipts, is hidden sweepstakes that you can enter to win prizes. The prizes can either be a store item, a vacation, or cash (the cash prize can vary between $50 and sometimes  a million dollars depending on the company).

Some companies would ask you to do surveys, watch video or give your opinion on their upcoming products. Each company is different that you just have to follow their instructs to win.

This is definitely a change you don’t want to miss.



We all make mistakes sometimes that we don’t even realize we’re making. That’s why, I felt so grateful to get the change to share these mistakes with you to help your shopping experience get a little better.

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Do you have a shopping mistake or a funny shopping story that you would want to share with us? If yes, then comment below and let start the conversation!

Until next time, I hope that you have a great day!


Rachel Francoise

Style for Curves Manager


  • sandy ness

    Hi, it hurt to read about the receipts and possibility of winning money since I always lose my receipts. I have a bad habit, I know. I am very small and I always forget to check out the younger sections. I don’t usually wear anything that’s not a plain color. For some reason, I can’t get out of my comfort zone and wear clothes that stand out as I used to before. I do love going to thrift shops since a lot of the times I find clothes that even have the tags on them. I have bought many nice blouses for a $1 and some even with tags! Thanks for this article, it provided some great information and tips.

    • Rachel Francoise

      Sandy, please don’t feel bad because most of us have also made the same mistake as to throwing away receits. You’re a beautiful lady and I hope that you can get out of your comfort zone once in a while to try on different things. I’m very certain that you will make anything work.

  • Bobby

    Thanks for the wonderful information! I’m impressed with your empathy and how you can tell when people are upset. That’s going to go a long way for you in the fashion business. I have a question for you: So, I have a hard time even shopping for myself. Being a guy, average build, average looks, average everything what do you think I could do to find something that I would like? It may be different for men, but I imagine it’s universal to want to feel good in what you’re wearing. Anyway, great post and I look forward to more!

    • Rachel Francoise

      Hey there Bobby, thanks for visiting style for Curves and thanks for your compliments. Now, to answer your question, I’ll say that the best way to find out what you like Is to go to your local clothing stores and try on different styles (you don’t have to buy them). By doing this, you’ll be to know what style works for you. I’ll also recommend that you refrain yourself from making online purchases until you figure out the best style for you.I hope that I was able to answer your question Bobby

  • Tamika G

    Hi there, great tips to avoid these common shopping mistakes. Some of these I wasn’t even aware of so I was happy to learn some new tips that will certainly be useful. Shopping-wise there are some things we definitely do on autopilot so this post can make us pause and reconsider. Thank you!

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