• 2020 Stylish Winter/Early Spring Fashion for Plus-size Women-Start the New Decade with Style

    Winter can be a very boring and the most tempting time of the year to want to dress down. “No need to care about how you look, your jacket would cover it up anyway, right?” Wrong! Looking stylish doesn’t only have to happen during the warmer seasons. Your beauty and style needs to be celebrated all year long, am I right or am I right?

     Instead of only thinking about covering your outfit with a Jacket during the cold weather (which is totally right especially when you’re in the outdoors), you also need to think about when you get INSIDE, in a much warmer place. Now tell me, are you still going to want to keep that jacket on? Or, wouldn’t you want to feel more comfortabe by taking it off? And now tell me, how would you want to look without that jacket? I guess you know the answer!

    Now, I want you to seat back and relax while I show you what’s available this year. And the clothing that I’m about to show are very simple, comfortable but yet stylish look, great for the New Year/New Decade Resolution.

    Are you ready? Then, keep scrolling down!

  • 6 Simple Tips to Help You Afford Next Year’s Christmas Presents


    Don’t you just wish it was true when they say that it was “Santa” who gave all the presents so that you wouldn’t have to? I don’t know about you, but I feel like this Christmas tradition was only made for rich people. Come on, who else can afford expensive gifts not only for their own children and spouses, but to their entire extended family, their friends and co-workers in this economy, if not the rich? Realistically speaking, this tradition is crazy and sometime unnecessary. That’s just me.

    What then shall we do? Shall we stop giving out present on Christmas? Of course not! This tradition is widely practiced that most children expect their presents and for most parents, their joy is to provide something meaningful to their children during that time of the year. This bring me to my very first advice: DO NOT stop giving because you will NOT feel good about it. Here’s why:

    “My husband and I had our second child two days after Christmas. During the pregnancy, we stayed focused on preparing for our second baby’s coming that we forgot to save a little for our, then, 1 and a half year old son. We thought to ourselves that he was just a baby and that he wouldn’t remember a thing. We still got him something but, it wasn’t much. I’ll tell you that we have never felt as terrible as we did for not giving much to our son (this experience inspired this post). It felt almost as if we had failed him for not giving him our best”.

    This story is exactly why I’m encouraging you to never stop giving especially to your family. My experience really inspired me to find ways to prepare myself for the next holiday without stressing out. So, If you’re interested about knowing what I did, then keep reading.


    Please keep in mind that the were strategies that I used depended on my circumstances and that they might not work for you 100 percent. However, I still encourage you to pick what you think could work for you.



    Don’t stress about offering gift to your friends or extended family. Focus first on your close family and then spend it only others if you have some money left. Don’t worry about offering to all of them if you cannot afford it. What you should worry about instead, is first the people in your household. This option alone saves you lots of money and protects from developing health issues due to stress. So, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PLEASING THOSE WHO DO NOT LIVE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD!


    Sometimes you just have to say no. Buying gifts for your children and/or spouse alone can be expensive, and stressing about pleasing people outside your household is totally unnecessary. I understand that this option can be hard especially if you happen to be close to your extended family. Therefore,  I encourage you to try these tips if you feel obligated to offer a gift:

    1. Provide only to their children by giving them gifts that are less expensive (believe me, they will NOT use it unless you meant the world to them). So DON’T spend over 10 buck on them if you feel obligated to give.
    2. Tell them that you don’t need any presents so you won’t feel pressured to return the favor. I always thought that this holiday’s tradition was fit for children and not adult. And, I also don’t think that it’s fair to offer presents to working adults who probably make more than we do and who are more likely to never use them. However, that’s just how I feel.



    We’ve all made the mistake by thinking that black Friday is the only time to save big. Believe me when I tell that there are plenty opportunities throughout the year that can help you save and help you avoid stressing over the holiday. 


    Being a blogger helped me realize that there are stores that offer big savings’ opportunity of up 90% OFF. Buying ahead of time not only helps you save, but it also helps you spend a little a time rather than a lot at one in a short period of the time. This will also allow you to purchase for people outside of your household.

    Here are some saving opportunities:

    1. Right after Christmas: This happens between the December 26th and January First when stores would dramatically drop their prices for up to 95%.

    2. The fourth of July Sales: You could save up to 70% OFF store wide in many stores in America.

    3.  End of Season sales: This usually happen at clothing stores where they will offer up to 50% or more Off their last season items. What I love about this  is that you may find yourself owning an “expensive outfit” for very less.

    4.  Black Friday sales: This event doesn’t happen during the traditional Black Friday day. It happens sometimes during the year when stores would decide to drop their prices. Sometimes they’ll do it because they really want those items out of their store as son as possible and they would dramatically drop their prices sometimes up to 90%.

    5.  Every day is sales day: Being a blogger helped me realize just about how many time stores put their products on sale. This is a secret that most people don’t even know. My advice here is to subscribe to bloggers and they’ll tell you what is in and what’s on sale. (So please, subscribe to our website!)



    Believe it or not, there are stores such as Walmart that offer layaway months before Christmas to help their customers to afford items. These layaway options don’t usually start until the later during the year (From August to December at Walmart) but are pretty helpful especially if you are planning on buying things that are a little over your budget. What you do for a layaway is to go to your local store that offers it and register. Once you register, you’ll be asked to give a percentage of whatever it is that you wish to put on layaway. And then, You’ll be asked to pay them whatever’s left over as you go. Keep in mind that you don’t get your items until they are all paid off.



    The credit option is pretty similar to layaway. However, there are some differences. For example: On credit, you are allowed to take your items home once you qualify for it without waiting until it’s all paid off. However, there are some business that charge interest which can also be pretty expensive.

    No worries, because while there are companies that charge interest, others, however, do NOT. Eloquii, CoEdition, and Kohl’s are examples of stores that offer interest free payment plans.



    Never take advantage of your cash back offers especially if you’re late on purchasing for the holidays. The cash that you get back will help you to purchase more and save more. Rakuten for example, gives you option for cashback from many stores. All you need to do is to sign up and it’s free!


    Last but not least,

    These were the five strategies I developed that helped me afford for Christmas and other events. I don’t know about you, but saving isn’t that easy because emergency do happen and not everyone has thousands of dollars saved up. Please don’t get me wrong. I still believe that some do have lots of money saved up. However, there are still many that do not, unfortunately, especially with low pay and the rising cost of living.

    I’ll tell you that I used to save up for black Friday the entire year before I had children and any responsibilities. And I was able to keep it until Black Friday came. However, after responsibilities strike and I had children, I could barely keep the same amount of money for a month even if I tried hard not to spend (keep in mind that I don’t usually spend on myself that my husband would usually push me to do so). However, bills happen and many other realities do happen that you and I can relate to. So, I understand that saving for an entire year might not be a possibility for some.

    What I’m trying to say is that you do not need to stress out for the holidays and that there are countless ways to help you slowly prepare yourself throughout the year.

    I really hope that this post was helpful to you and I encourage you to either subscribe, share this post/bookmark it, or comment below if you have any questions concerning this post or anything questions at all.


    Until next time,

    Thank you very much and don’t forget to check out our items!


    Rachel Francoise

  • Things to expect from the Art Institute-Read before Enrolling


    Hi there and welcome to Style for Curves. I believe that you’re on this website either because you’re interested in attending the Art Institutes or you’ve been accepted to one of their campuses. Either way, I want to let you know that you have made a great decision to research before getting in. However, it’s totally okay if you’ve already been enrolled into their school.

    The purpose of this review is not to encourage nor discourage anyone from attending this school. I am simply telling you my experience to help you decide whether this school is the right one for you or not.

    Anyway, before I tell you about my experience with the Art Institutes, I would like to first tell you a bit about myself and how I came across the Art institute.

    Well, I came from Africa and my (Parents) plan was to become a doctor when I grew up. However, I ended up changing my mind when I came to the USA and after taking an Apparel course in high school. I felt so in love with designing and sewing right away that all I wanted was to become a fashion designer. With only a semester worth of experience, I remember designing and sewing crazy stuff such as my prom dresses and even my pageant dress. I just loved doing it so much and couldn’t wait to become a fashion designer.

    Since I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion, I began researching for different schools. This is how I came across the Art Institutes which immediately became my dream school. I believed that it was going to be a “Harvard” University of Art.

    Sadly, after high School my life shifted for the worse that I had to take responsibility and had to delay my dreams of attending the Art Institutes and becoming a fashion Designer. However, I had the opportunity to attend the AI six years after graduating from high school. I applied to the Art Institute and was accepted very fast even though I had a pretty low GPA (Grade Point Average) at that time.



    I always thought that the AI was a big school that only admitted people with a higher GPA and lots of great talents. However, It wasn’t like that. I received their call only two days after I had subscribed to the school to get more information about their Fashion Program. To me, that was a tiny red flag. Here’s why: I always thought that being admitted to the Art Institute was going to be as hard as being admitted to Julliard School with only 6% acceptance. However, It felt like they were begging me to get in. Anyway, I didn’t mind that. I knew that it was my dream school and wasn’t going to let that bother me.

    Get CPD Accredited Courses at £10


    After being admitted, I remember talking to the nice lady in the admission center who handed me a paper containing the cost of all of their programs. I saw that their fashion design program had the second lowest cost of all other programs with over $50K to get an associate degree and double the amount to receive a bachelor degree. This, my friend, only applied to tuition.

    I was told that they offered a scholarship that would take away between two to five thousand dollars Off tuition on students who would attend full-time. Scholarship competitions was also another way some of their students could lower their tuition cost.



    The Art Institutes offered quarters courses rather than semesters courses. I didn’t mind that at all. All cared about at this point was my education to my favorite school.

    My first day of class, however, was the day when I began to see that the Art Institute was NOT what I thought it would be because we didn’t have a room to study. We’re told on paper that our class was going to be in a certain classroom. However, when we got there, we saw that there was already a teacher with a class-full of students who told us that this was his room for another 3 hours. So, for about 45 minutes after class was supposed to start, we saw ourselves standing in the hallway with our teacher who was hired temporarily, looking very confused. After about an hour of standing in the hallway, our teacher was finally able to find a very small room in which we had to share computers. And over the course of less than 2 months, we changed classrooms at least 5 times.

    What I liked about attending classes in the Art Institute was the fact that I only had to go to the same class once a week unless it was the summer. This, to me, meant lots of free time to do homework.



    I’ve only attended two semester at the AI but I can tell you the kind of teachers you can find there. The teachers there vary from kind-and-experienced to kind-and-no experience (can’t teach) to experienced-and-rude. Which can be like any other teachers from any other school. However, I remember my design teacher was so mean that she humiliated in front of the entire class and made me cry. All because I told her that she has checked the wrong name during the attendance making it look like I was absent while I was there. And guess what? I was pregnant.

    Please, don’t get me wrong, that teacher was 1 out 4 teachers that I have had at the AI who was a jerk. However, I was warned about how mean the AI teachers were going to be by some of my tutors. And they were saying that to prepare me for what was ahead. However, I had no idea that those who were mean were going to be so mean.

    Magee 1866


    My AI campus provided us with so much great tutors who were mostly students in the upper class. What I liked about my tutors there was that they were great teachers, they were nice, and cheerful.

    The school always made sure to pick the best and the most talented students to tutor others. However, I wished that the school have picked their teachers just as carefully as they picked their tutors. Like I said earlier, the AI had teachers who were just terrible at their jobs that the tutor would be the one who would do all the heavy lifting. There were days that I wished that one of my tutors were my teachers just because they knew how to teach and they had the best teaching techniques to help anyone understand even the hardest subjects.

    Another unfortunate thing about their tutoring system was that they didn’t hire enough tutors. For example, they would assign the same tutor to tutor at least 2 courses on top of going to school full-time.



    Unfortunately, the AI was all about money that I felt like they really didn’t care about the well-being of their students. They would charge you for missing two classes. Though I didn’t miss class much, even though I was pregnant, I was consistently being called at the financial aid to talk about money and how much they would be taking away. So, if you decide to attend the AI, you need to be prepared about money talk.


    I heard some students complain about how some former students were jobless and had to attend different colleges just to get hired. I heard this rumor a lot, however I don’t know if it’s entirely true because my brother-in-law graduated from there and from what I see, he seems to be successful. I would encourage you to ask around just to be on the safe side



    To me, the AI was a disappointment. I had such high regard for them until shortly after being admitted. However, I don’t want to discourage you if this is your dream school. I still recommend that you ask around and do more research especially about different colleges and universities that offer your desired program because you may be surprise to find out what public universities can offer for half the price.

    I hope that my story helped you realize what you could be experiencing once you get admitted. Please comment on box below if you have any question or you would like to add a comment about your own experience with the Art Institute.

    Until next time,

    Have a great day and good luck!

    Rachel Francoise

  • 8 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Ideas for your Wife

    Oh so you’re stuck and you have absolutely no idea about what you’re going to get her this year. I get it and I totally understand that just about how challenging shopping for a woman can be.. I mean, I’m a blogger for plus-size women and get so nervous picking up things for them just because I know how particular we can be. Thankful, I had a chance to listen to women throughout the years talk about their favorite Christmas gifts and decided to post some of them in here. Therefore, I invite you to take a look at the top 8 choices that most women reported to have been happier with.

    However, these choices will not guarantee that your special lady would love it. And since know your lady much more than anyone one, I want you to consider these few things first:

    1. What has she been talking about having or going to since the beginning of this year? Then, I’ll suggest you go get it.
    2. Has been going through lots of stress lately? Then get her something that would release her stress (Provided below)
    3. What’s her personality like? Then, I’ll suggest that you get her something that fits her personality. (Don’t get her anything that’s too flashy if she likes it simple)

    Once you ask these questions, you’ll be able to figure out what she may enjoy this Christmas and new year.


    Remember: The ideas provided below will be linked. But please, don’t let that scare you. It’s only to help ease your purchase and purchasing through our website will NOT cost you extra.



    GUCCI GUILTY Eau de Parfum 3Pc Set at MACY’S


    GUCCI GUILTY Eau de Parfum 3Pc Set at $132 at MACY’S

    I know why I have put down a well known designer name. Women love these kind of stuff.  The thing you need to know about us is that we care some much about our appearance and how others see us that besides just looking good in clothing and make-up, we want to be told how good we smelled too.  The fact is that sometimes it means more to us to be told how good we smell than just how we look.

    Here’s the important to remember. While giving a women a gift set of perfume may seem ideal, some women may interpret it differently and get offended by it. However, the thing that would make a difference between buying a designer rather than a regular set is that being given a designer perfume set can make one feel special and not insulted.




    23 and Me- Personal Ancestry + Traits Kit and Lab Fee Included at WALMART


    23 and Me- Personal Ancestry + Traits Kit and Lab Fee Included at WALMART $79

    This gift has got to be the most interesting and life changing gift you can give to anyone because, with things being so diverse, sometimes we lose track of where we’re really come from. I find that this gift would be so important for everyone to use regardless of whether they know exactly where they’re from or not. Here’s why: So, I was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Africa and I always told myself that I didn’t need this type of thing just because well, my parents, grand-parents and all were born and raised in the Congo. But, here’s what changed my mind. I was watching some African born and raised youtubers that had the same situation as me but decided to give this product a try just for fun. But oh boy! I loved seeing the surprised look on their faces when they found out that they were actually from different sides of Africa than they thought. And some even had ancestors from outside of Africa. watching these videos made me wonder just how little I may have known about myself. Just to tell you that you never know what you might find out about yourself.

    “I haven’t bought one yet, but I’ve been bugging my hubs for it and I really hope that he hasn’t forgotten”. LOL


    Gift Card

    When you have know idea what to get someone, sometimes it’s a good idea to just buy a gift card. With this, you can allow her to purchase anything she wants. However there are a few things that you may want to consider when you decide to purchase a gift card:

    1. Try your best to give her either a Visa or a Master card gifts card just in case she want to use it in more than one place.
    2. Depending on where you live, you want to make sure that you put more than enough amount of money to it. I wouldn’t recommend anything below $100 unless you decide to get a gift card from a specific place like a restaurant. Even then, try to give her a little over a hundred.
    3. Don’t let this be the only gift that you give to her. Add something else to it or she may be disappointed



    Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor from Walmart at $54.99

    Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor from Walmart at $54.99

    I also believe that offering a blender or juicer can  be ideal especially since now everyone is trying to get healthy. I love that you can find it at a great price now compared to few years ago.  And, I also  believe that offering this gift would be a great way to show support to anyone who is trying to better their lives by eating healthy.


    by Gobi Heat

    Heated Apparel by Gobi Heat

    Offering a heated apparel can also be considered very thought especially if she doesn’t like the cold. You can get a variety of choices such as socks, coats, jackets, leggings, gloves and many more at Gobi Heat with a 3 interest-free payment plan on all of them. To learn more about the Heated Apparel, Please Visit The Heated Apparel Review



    Mini Miracles from T3 at $179

    Product of T3

    Hair products may not seem light a good gift to gift to anyone but in this case,  it is because it’s top Quality. This would be thoughtful to anyone who’s either a hairdresser or anyone who love to do hair.



    CHARRIOL Women’s Debutante White Topaz Cable Bangels Bracelet (9/10 ct . T.W.) in Stainless steel & Rose Gold-Tone from Macy’s at $238

    CHARRIOL Women’s Debutante White Topaz Cable Bangels Bracelet (9/10 ct . T.W.) in Stainless steel & Rose Gold-Tone from Macy’s at $238


    Fine Jewerly is one of the most popular gift to offer to a love one and  the good part about this gift is that you can never go wrong with it unless she isn’t a big fan of Jewerly. Though I recommend that you purchase something that is out of the ordinary, I believe that you can still impress her with a lesser expensive one, just as long as it would last. For cheaper jewelries, please visit  Walmart.com



    Basket of Gourmet Delight from BLOOMS TODAY at $90


    Oh I love this gift and I believe would be a great one to offer especially if she’s a snacker and on a low card diet. I was offered something similar to this few years ago and I loved it and wished that I never ran out of it. To make sure that she’s going to love it, I’ll recommend that you make sure that she’s not pregnant and that she loves stuff like this.


    The list is always going to be long especially when it comes to impressing your love one. And I’m pretty sure that you’ve been going above and beyond to find the perfect gift. That’s why I encourage you to make the search wherever you can to find your perfect gift. However, if you are more than welcome to pucharse through us if any of the choices provided pleases you (don’t worry, return and exchanges are available as long as it happens in specific days after you purchase). To purchase anything, please click on the pictures of your favorite items which would lead you to the store that provided it.

    I hope that you liked this post. I encourage you to subscribe to us for newsletters on what to tips and sales opportunities from our patterns. And if you’re shopping before black friday, be sure to scroll down to our ADS sections for more ways to save.


    Thank you so much for reading this article. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

    Until next time, Merry Christmas!


    Rachel Francoise

  • What to wear to a Holiday Party? Wedding & Work Christmas Banquet Dresses

    Hi there! So, my husband just told me that there was going to be an office party at his work this holiday. To tell you the truth, I haven’t gone to any party this entire year since I had my baby last year on December 27th.  And I’m dying to go to this party, especially since it’s going to be a very formal event. Girl, I’m so ready to dress up. It’s like December can come fast enough!

    I will be very straight forward with this posts and every others post for the holiday because I figure that all you’re probably looking for some outfit to wear and not much about what I might have to say. However, you are very welcome to comment below for any questions and suggestions.

    Ps: This post will include affiliate links on every store names that I’ll provide below. These affiliate links will take you straight to the store that sells the products with NO extra cost to you. I, in the order end, will receive a small percentage of every purchases you make through this website (These % will help me to buy Christmas presents for my children)

    Also, Since the pictures aren’t linked diretcly, it means that, when you click to the website of the store of the dress that interst you, you may want to either scroll to find the dress or type the name of the dress which I’ll provide on top of each one of them. It’s pretty simple!

    Now, let get started!


    Rosewe is a clothing store that very affordable outfit for  both Regular and Plus-Size women. To access their dresses below click “Rosewe” on the Title.


    Plus-size V-Neck Sequin Embellished Dress at $32.36

    sizes OX-3X

    Plus-size V-Neck Sequin Embellished Dress at $32.36 sizes OX-3X


    Plunging Neck-Lace Panel High Low Dress at $41

    sizes M-XXL


    High Waist Asymmetric Hem One Shoulder Dress at $39.52 sizes M-XXL


    HIgh Waist Asymmetric Hem One Shoulder Dress at #39.52 sizes M-XXL



    DRESSES FROM COEDITION ( Plus-size Fashion)

    CoEdition is  a Plus-size Designer clothing Store that provide numerous clothes styles and brands such City Chic, Lost INk, Rachel Roy, etc. I have personally purchased from CoEdition before and was so amazed by the quality of their products as it was very rich in quality. I will recommend buying from CoEdition if you’re looking for an outfit that looks rich/Expensive, great for showing off. Beside their rich quality, CoEdition have reasonable price and would also provide Interest-free payment plan for those who can’t afford them right away.

    Sidney’s Closet Good As Gold Dress at $99 (4 Interest-Free Payment of 24.75 by AfterPay)

    Sizes 14-24

    Sidney’s Closet Good As Gold Dress Sizes: 14-24 Price: $99 (4 Interest-Free Payment of 24.75 by AfterPay)


    CITY CHIC Lacey Love Dress at $129 (4 Interest-free payment available) Sizes 14-24

    CITY CHIC Lacey Love Dress at $129 (4 Interest-free payment available) Sizes 14-24

    CITY CHIC’s All Class Dress at $149 (4 Interest-free payment plan available)

    Sizes 14-24

    CITY CHIC’s All Class Dress at $149 (4 Interest-free payment plan availale) Sizes 14-24


    ALEX EVENINGS’ Ruffle Caplet Sleeve Dress in Vintage Teal at $219 (4 interest-free payment plan available)

    Sizes 14W-20W

    ALEX EVENINGS’ Ruffle Caplet Sleeve Dress in Vintage Teal at $219 (4 interest-free payment plan avaiable) sizes 14-24


    CITY CHIC’s Embroidery Attraction Dress at $189 (4 Interest-free payment plan available)

    Sizes 14-24

    CITY CHIC’s Bright Light Dress-Gold at $119 (4 interest-free payment plan available)

    Size 14-24

    From CoEdition



    Eloquii is a plus-size brand that sell fashion-forward clothing from women of sizes 14-28. I have personally purchased from Eloquii, and I strongly recommend them for their great customer service (Click HERE to see the review of the dress that I have purchase from ELoquii and my experience with them). Like COEDITION, Eloquii also do offer payment plans for those that can’t afford their favorite outfit right away.

    I have provided pictures of their collections, however, if you’re interested in purchasing or viewing more of their fabulous clothing, then click on ELOQUII on the title (dress from Eloquii) above.



    Metallic Wrap Maxi Dress at $109.95 (3 Interest-free payment of $36.95)

    Sizes 14-28

    Metallic Wrap Maxi Dress at $109.95 (3 Interest-free payment of $36.95) Sizes 14-28


    Twisted Shoulder Sheath Dress at $89.95 (3 Interest-free Payment plan of $29.98 with Affirm)

    Sizes 14-28

    Twisted Shoulder Sheath Dress at $89.95 (3 Interest-free Payment plan of $29.98 with Affirm) Sizes 14-28


    Mock Neck Sequin Dress at $149.95 (3 Interest-free Payment of $49.98)

    sizes 14-28

    Mock Neck Sequin Dress at $149.95 (3 Interest-free Payment of $49.98) sizes 14-28

    Tie Waist Midi Dress at $79.95 (3 Interest-free Payments of $26.95)

    Size 14-28

    Tie Waist Midi Dress at $79.95 (3 Interest-free Payments of $26.95) Size 14-28




    VINCE CAMUTO’s Fit & Flare Metallic Jacquard Dress at $168 ( 40% OFF till January 2)

    Size 2-16

    VINCE CAMUTO’s Fit & Flare Metallic Jacquard Dress at $168 ( 40% OFF till January 2) Size 2-16


    R&M RICHARDS Plus-size Sequined Surplice Dress-Gold Shampagn at $199 sizes 14W-22W


    R&M RICHARDS Plus-size Sequined Surplice Dress-Gold Shampagn at $199 sizes 14W-22W

    XSCAPE Plus-Size V-Neck Gown at $299

    Sizes 14W-20W

    XSCAPE Plus-Size V-Neck Gown at $299 Sizes 14W-20W


    XSCAPE Plus-Size Embellished Neck Gown at $269 (Currently on sale for $160.99)

    Sizes 14W/16W


    XSCAPE Plus-Size Embellished Neck Gown at $269 (Currently on sale for $160.99) Sizes 14W/16W


    I hope that you enjoyed seeing these gowns as much as I did. But it’s not over yet! My upcoming article will include dresses as low as $17. So, stay tuned

    For questions, please comment below and to purchase, please click on the store name of each title (Dresses from…). Remember, purchasing through this website would NOT cost you extra.


    Until next time,

    Merry Christmas!

    Rachel Francoise


    * “This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through us would NOT cost you anything extra, but would help Style for Curves get a small percentage from the companies you choose to buy from”

    Item: Printed Scuba Strapless Dress

    From: ELOQUII

    Original Price: $119.95

    Color Available: Black and White stripes, and Yellow and pink Stripes

    Sizes: 14-28


    HI there and welcome to Style for Curves! As you can already tell by the title, today, I’ll be talking about a dress that I purchased from Eloquii. From those of you who are not familiar with Eloquii, Well, Eloquii is an Online/local clothing store for plus-size women from sizes 14 through 28. There, you’ll be able to find diverse clothing options such as Dresses, Tops and Bottoms, outerwear, Accessories, Shoes, Lingerie Etc.

    In this post, I provided information about my experience purchasing the Printed Scuba Strapless Dress. These informations will include my experiences in purchasing, the shipping and waiting, the packaging, the clothing (fabric and other quality and sizes,) reviews from other customers, and my recommendations.

    My hope with this review is to give you enough information to help you decide about the dress and the company that sells it. Interested, then keep scrolling down!



    I purchased this dress when it was on sale few months ago. I felt so lucky to have found it then because its original price was a little pricey and I didn’t quite fill comfortable spending that much on a dress or even a company that I never shopped for before. However, I had absolutely no idea that Eloquii gave 3 interest-free payment plan (Affirm) to help their customers purchase items even when they can’t afford it right away.

    “I haven’t used Affirm just yet but with my understanding, I believe that all you have to do is sign up, and follow any direction given”.

    This option was one of the things that encouraged me to make more purchase from Eloquii in the future.




    This dress was the very first dress that I ever bought from ELoquii, and my experience with shipping and the wait, helped me realize that they have a great customer service team because, while I was waiting for my order to arrive, Eloquii’s customer service made sure to email me to let me know (in a personal email rather than automated email) that my order was shipped and also reassured me that it was safely on its way.

    In addition to reassuring me about the safety of my order, they offered a 7 days free shipping which I ended up receiving my order exactly a week after I ordered it.




    My package arrived about a week after I have ordered it in a classy and expensive like “ELOQUII” bag like shown above. Inside the package was of course my dress and the return/exchange paper provided to help their customers know their policies and how they could return or exchange. I didn’t use that, however, I thought that it did contain some useful informations.



    The dress looked exactly as it did in the picture. It arrived clean and wrinkle-free. However, there was 3 things about this dress that surprised me:

    1. 1. The quality of the fabric: Though I always knew that Eloquii was very reputable Plus-size clothing store, looking at the fabric online, I thought that the material was going to be thin. But, I was wrong. The dress was made with a thicker spandex like material which made the dress be a little heavier than you would expect.
    2. 2. The construction of the dress: I wouldn’t tell you how many time I have wondered why most online stores have given up on properly constructing their dresses, especially their simple styled dresses. What I meant by this is. Usually when I order a dress similar to this one online, I receive a dress that looks like the designer just wrapped a piece of fabric together and then bang! Calls it a dress. This Eloquii’s dress, however, was carefully constructed to hug a woman’s curve. The way this dress was constructed and sewed made their product look way more expensive than it actually is.
    3. 3. Eloquii was a brand: I know this sounds silly, but I thought that Eloquii was just like most popular stores that sold products of many brands. But, Eloquii sold Eloquii made products. Interesting!

    My only disappointment about this dress was the sizing. I ordered size 18 since I normally wear size 18, However, their size 18 felt more like a size 20. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t open my package right when it came. (The reason for that was that I wanted to make a review video for this dress, And since this was my very first order from Eloquii, I thought that it would be great to share my first experience by videotaping it. However, I never made the video because I became to busy with school and ended up unpacking it about a month later). And this delay affected my chance to exchange.



    This dress received four and a half stars and here’s what everyone’s saying:

    • “Beautiful dress” said Kristina V who ranked the dress as “better than expected”
    • “Great Piece” said Audris S. “The dress is great and the fit is forgiving!… I sized down one size”
    • “Stunning” Said Latasha J. “This was my second pick to wear to a wedding and it should have been my first. I sized down and the fit is perfect… at 5’2 it’s a little long but my heals will remedy that. Love it”.
    • “Pretty and unique color combo” said Tonia K. “ Beautiful colors and nice strapless dress. Fits me kinda big…. The bow tie is a little larger than I expected also. Nice fabric also”.


    I was very surprised to have found other customers satisfactions and complaints to be pretty similar to mine since I decided to include their reviews after this one was already done being written. This tells me that I’m not the only one who feels a certain way about this gown. And if you ever ask me if I would I ever recommend this dress to anyone, well, the answer would be an absolute yes. The dress has great quality, it looks just like it does in the picture and looks pretty classy and more expensive than it’s worth.

    I will definitely be careful it comes to sizing. My recommendation is to avoid following the size that you usually wear on a regular basic but instead, measure yourself before making any purchases just to be safe. I also wouldn’t recommend to go one size down like most of their customers said, only because everyone’s different and measuring is about the most ideal way to know what size would best fit.

    FYI, The bow Tie was one of the reasons why I chose to purchase this dress. To me, it was the “cherry on top” of this dress because it added some “drama” to this simple dress.




    I want to thank you for reading this review, and I really hope that I was able to help you decide about this particular item or even the company itself. I’m always happy to answer questions and review different things. If you have any question at all, please comment below.

    Are you convinced about this dress and ELoquii and would like to make a purchase? Please Click HERE.

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    Until next time,

    Have a great day!

    Rachel Francoise


  • 12 Free Christmas Gifts Ideas for your Wife to Make her Holiday Experience Unforgettable

    Hi there and welcome to Style for Curves! Earlier this year, I wrote an article about ways to wow your wife on your anniversary or valentine’s day for a low price. With that idea in mind, I decided to write another article similar to that one just because Valentine’s day and anniversaries aren’t the only special days in your relationship that are worth celebrating. In fact, the Christmas season can also be  a very romantic time of the year.

    The one thing I love about the Christmas season is the cheers that everyone brings to one another, and if you keep reading this article you will see that you wouldn’t have to spend a penny in some options that I recommended below. The Christmas spirit itself, can set a great romantic atmosphere that all you have to do is to be a gentleman.

    Want to know more? then keep reading!


    There’s absolutely nothing that is more romantic than waking up early and making breast fast to your wife. This is an option that works even if you have to work early in the morning. All you have to do is either wake up earlier than usual to cook breakfast or, order her a nice breakfast from her favorite restaurant on your way to work.

    This is a great option especially if your budget is a little tight and you can’t afford a nice gift to give to her. You have the option to either do it every day from December 1st to the 25th, or anytime, just as long as you do it more often.



    As a woman and a mom, I know how stressful and frustrating it can be to watch the children and keep the house looking presentable. So, if you can’t cook and are on tight budget, but you want to do something really nice for her, then doing her chores is another special thing you can do for her. However, if you are not familiar with housekeeping, then I’ll suggest that you start by vacuuming the entire house, load the dish washer and/or the washing machine. It’s that simple. But, It’s not over. Doing the chores may be hard but keeping the house clean is even more challenging.

    Be sure you do it as often as you can on your day off if you can’t do it from December 1st to the 25th



    With things being so stressful and exhausting, it gets so hard to take a break especially for stay-at-home moms with young children or any working women. So, giving her time to just breathe and relax is another great gift that you can give to your wife for free. You don’t have to take her to a spa, sometimes all she needs is to watch TV in your bedroom by herself with her feet up for as long as she needs to. You, meanwhile, can use this time to either do some chores or take the children out if you have any.

    Tottenham Hotspur


    This is similar to making her breakfast and doing chores. However, the reason I chose to add it to the list is because there is something more romantic and sexy about a man making a nice dinner for his wife. Dinner time is when everything else starts quieting down.

    To make your dinner a more romantic event, there are some very important that you need to consider which are table presentation and lighting. Here’s why, the way that you choose to set your table and  atmosphere  can say a lot about the way you feel and how you want things to go by the end of dinner. This option can work whether you have children or not. You just need to be creative.

    Remember, though cooking dinner is considered a nice and romantic gesture, you need to avoid doing it every single night or it might kill the romance.



    Want to make your Christmas season more Christmassy? Then baking Christmas cookies may just be it. This option is great whether you can bake or not. Just make sure that you follow the recipe instructor and cook them toughly. Be sure to bake the cookies together with her and the children if you have any. You are welcome to sing or play Christmas songs to set the spirit. To make things fun, try decorating your Christmas cookies. Use your cookie cutter and decorate. You can make it look perfect or not. I personally think that making mistakes on decorating the cookies can be funny (I watch nailed it and that’s how I know that failing to make the perfect looking cake or cookies can make for a funny memory).



    Try to make time to decorate your house with your family. It’s just as similar the baking. It can be fun and beautiful. Your wife and children will actually appreciate the time that you spend together with them than anything you can ever buy them.



    What I mean by “watch Television” is, “watch her favorite movies with her and show interest while watching it”. Don’t just sit in front of the TV, comment on it and most importantly, PUT YOUR DEVICES AWAY! However, the only time that you need to gently suggest something other than what she wants is when she tries to put on something that may sadden her mood. The point of this is to make her happy. Speaking of making her happy, what about watching funny shows like,  for example: NAILED IT (on Netflix), American Funniest home Video etc.

    Come on , laugh a little!



    Christmas festivals are one of my favorite part about Christmas. It’s around the time when communities gather together to share a Christmas cheer. Believe me, staying at home during Christmas can be boring and can make the entire season a little depressing. This is a time to celebrate and another perfect time to see her smile and maybe laugh out loud.



    Do you want to talk romance during Christmas time? Then carriage rides are what you may want to consider. This time is usually the best to tell her how beautiful she looks, how much you love her and how grateful you are to have found her. All, while the carriage driver drives you on streets full of Christmas light. This will cost you a little without breaking your bank.

    Gobi Heat Evergreen Lifestyle Banners



    Like I said earlier, cooking for your wife on Christmas can be romantic just as long as you don’t cook every day to avoid killing the romance, It is also the same for dinning out. I’m not again dinner out, in fact, I think that dinning out in a nice restaurant during the Christmas season is one of the best thing you can do around that time. Try your best to take her out on a date at least every weekend if you can and It doesn’t matter if you have children or not. You can still make it a romantic day. Be sure to dress up. NO JEANS, NO FAST FOOD.



    My husband and I have a tradition to drive around after dark just to see how people decorate their front yard (I was a little skeptical when he fist asked me to go to the ride with him however, I ended up loving it. And now, it became our little tradition). We usually play the judge and argue about which house decorated the best. The very fun part about driving around is usually how people use their sense of humor to decorate their house and it ‘s so funny.

    PS/ Avoid doing it during any storms, and always make sure that you park you car if you want to admire the art.



    There’s nothing more special and more romantic than slow dancing to a nice Christmas song with deemed light. You don’t need to be a dancer to achieve this that  all you have to do is to admire her. That’s all.


    How to make her valentine’s/Anniversary day Special for Less



    Most of the time we gets so caught up into getting the best and most expensive things for our love ones that we forget that Christmas is about, well, of course the birth of our Lord Jesus-Christ, and also family. These memories that you create together as a family are really just the things that they would remember the most rather than any present that you’ll ever give them. So, if I had to answer a question of “what would be a Christmas present that you can offer to my wife that is free of charge”, well, my answer would be “YOU”. Of course women and mostly children would still want to receive a present, however, I’m positive that they’d pick you above all.

    I hope that you like this post and that you found it to be helpful. Please I encourage you to subscribe even if you’re a man because I sometimes use tips that are gender neutral. I also want you to subscribe if you want to see other gift guides for this Christmas season (only it won’t be free this time). The prices would vary depending on where you get them. But, don’t worry, I have provided Gift Ideas starting from under $20. So, please stay tuned and don’t forget to comment below for question, follow us on social media and share!

    Until next time,

    Merry Christmas!

    Rachel Francoise

  • Victoria Secret’s got Competition: Plus-Size Women now have a Designer Sexy Lingerie store

    HI there ladies! Well, I was doing research about Miss Mary of Sweden, when I decided to look around for sexy lingerie for plus-size women. I’ll tell you that I was very impressed to find out that there plenty of sexy lingerie for plus-size women at one of my favorite and most recommended store, CoEdition. So guess what ladies? Victoria Secret has a big competition! While they won’t cater to most big women, well, CoEdition is taking over! So, do you want some sexy Lingerie and night gowns but are too big for Victoria secret, CoEdition is just a place you need!


    I have purchased from CoEdition before. Not only their package looked good and professional, but their products was amazing. When I first find out about this store, I was a little skeptical because of their pricing. However, when one of my girls and later myself, purchased from Coedition, I realized why the pricing were slightly higher than others. QUALITY. And their clothing are DESIGNERS! I guess that makes sense.

    Another thing that I like and appreciate about them is the fact that they almost always have sales on their products to help their customers purchase without breaking the bank.

    Without further a due…

    You can find them all at COEDITION


    OH LA LA CHERIE’S Alina Bra and Thong- Estate Blue


    OH LA LA CHERIE’S Alina Bra and Thong- Estate Blue


    CITY CHIC’S Onyx Contour Longline Bra, Hi Brief or Thong-Shiraz

    CITY CHIC’S Onyx Contour Longline Bra, Hi Brief or Thong-Shiraz


    CITY CHIC’S Aline High Brief & Bra

    CITY CHIC’S Aline High Brief , Bra



    OH LA LA CHERIE Riva Teddy – Gray Natural Leopard at $47 sizes 1X-4X

    OH LA LA CHERIE Riva Teddy – Gray Natural Leopard at $47 sizes 1X-4X


    OH LA LA CHERI Maia-Nude-Deauville Mauve sizes 1X-4X

    OH LA LA CHERI Maia-Nude-Deauville Mauve sizes 1X-4X


    CITY CHIC’S Boudoir Bustier-Black at sizes 36C- 44DD

    CITY CHIC’S Boudoir Bustier-Black at size 36C- 44DD




    OH LA LA CHERIE’S Gisela Tiger Print Robe $49

    OH LA LA CHERIE’S Gisela Tiger Print Robe $49


    CITY CHIC’s Antonia Print Wrap-Burgundy sizes 14-24


    CITY CHIC’s Antonia Print Wrap-Burgundy sizes 14-24


    CITY CHIC’s Antonia Print Wrap- Animal Size 14-24


    CITY CHIC’s Antonia Print Wrap- Animal Size 14-24



    NATORI SLEEPWEAR – Enchant Chemise in Night Blue and Rose

    NATORI SLEEPWEAR – Enchant Chemise in night Blue and Rose


    CITY CHIC Satin PJ-Black sizes 14-20

    CITY CHIC Satin PJ-Black sizes 14-20



    I hope that you are as excited as I am after seeing these Lingerie options for plus-size women. CoEdittion has gathered some of the best designers around the world to give plus-size women a change to show and unveil their beauty. Now tell me, who said that plus-size isn’t the ideal beauty?

    Did you like what you saw? There’s more! Click COEDITION to see more options or to make a purchase. And Don’t forget to share a picture of your favorite lingerie and share  your order to show us your perfect fit!

    For questions and concerns, please scroll to the comment box down below and Subscribe!

    Until next time, have a great day!


    Rachel Francoise




    HI there! Welcome to Style for Curves. I believe that you’re here to find out if Miss Mary of Sweden is the right store for you. Well, let me tell you that you’re not alone. I, for one, was curious about this company of which I kept seeing advertisements. I decided to do a little research to know more about the store and what people are saying about them and their products, Which I also decided  to share with you to help you make your decision.

    In this post, I’ll be sharing their story and what they guarantee their customers, I’ll share their customer reviews from 3 different websites, and finally share my opinion and decision after researching this company and their products. If you want to know about any of these topics then I encourage you to keep reading!


    I know that most people usually don’t look at the “about us” menu while shopping, maybe because they are very familiar with the company or they just want to shop. The reason I decided to include their presentation is that I find that it is extremely important to get to know the people from where you’re buying, especially when you’re purchasing online and it’s your first time. Knowing the backstory of the company to which you’re giving your money will help convince you to either trust them or go elsewhere.

    So, what is Miss Mary of Sweden? Miss Mary of Sweden “World Class” is a Swedish lingerie (bra) Company that has been around for over 60 years in Bora, Sweden, made to give a comfortable fit to women of all sizes. According to their resources, Their designers would invite women of different breasts and shoulders shapes and sizes to fit their sample in person to ensure perfection and comfort for all. And to ensure quality, these same designers would bring dozens of women to wear their garments for a longer period.

    Miss Mary of Sweden sell a variety of lingerie such as:

    Bra: ”A cup to J Cup”

    non-wire, under-wire, cotton bra, T-shit bras, Visionary bras, minimizing bras, Activity bra, Front Closure, Prosthetic bra, etc.

    Bodies & Corsets

    Comes with or without shaping effect with front opening crotch. Measuring from size 38-52 and price ranging between $65.99- $98.99


    Contains different categories such as Pantie line, Girdles, Visionary and Wincool. Costing between $10.99-$54.99 and measuring from Size Medium (10) to size 3 XL (52)


    Comes in white and beige, with sizes between 32-40 at $76.99




    Let get to the very interesting part about this review. What are people saying about Miss Mary of Sweden?

    Here are some reviews I found from 3 different websites that I believe will help you make decisions:

    Miss Mary of Sweden Star Non-wired bra received 5 stars from 50% of their customers and 1 Star from 14% of those who weren’t satisfied on amazon.

    Most of their negative reviews came from women who complained that the bra was either pointed, ran small, not as expected, or did not provide enough support. “Comfortable but not enough support” says Freda, one of their unsatisfied customers, and “This bra was too pointed and I did not like the look” from another who gave one star.

    More than 50% of customers voted that this bra was the most comfortable bra they ever worn “Best ever. I can wear it all day long and never know I have it. And it stays where it belongs! Ordered two more after the first one” says Carol. Though most of them agreed that the bra was the most comfortable, breathable and soft bra they’ve ever worn, some of these positive reviewers have had smaller issues such as the sizing “ A little small in size, but cups are good fit (the girls don’t fall put). Comfortable an moves with me. I will buy this product again” says Donna who gave this product 4 stars


    Miss Mary of Sweden Cotton Dots non-wired bra had 156 votes/reviews in total where 127 gave 5 stars and 3 out of the remaining 29 customers gave one star.

    No support, No separation, Not designed for anyone who actually need a bra…” says an angry customer among the 3 customers who gave 1 star.

    Though there had been few angry customers, there were also happy, satisfied customers like Julie M. “ After reading many reviews I decided to try Miss Mary for myself. I wasn’t disappointed, a really comfortable bra and well worth the price. I will be purchasing another one soon.”


    Miss Mary of Sweden Side Support bra received 4.4 stars in the overall rating. Since this website didn’t present me with the exact number of people who gave either a star or five stars, I decided to read the most recent reviews on the first page. And though I was only able to look at their very first page, I saw that 15 out of 20 people gave it 5 stars while 2 gave one star and the rest gave either 2, 3 or 4 stars.

    This bra is lovely, and the quality is good. It was described as “side support” which I didn’t feel that it had. So I returned it. It would probably work well for a more well-endowed woman”. Said sidni71 who gave 2 stars to this product. Among those who weren’t happy with their products was Renee725 who gave a star saying “ I wouldn’t buy this again. I’m older and need more support”.

    This bra, however, received 15 five star reviews from customers who agree that the bra was comfortable and that they would purchase this again “Sold on this one. I won’t buy any others from now on. Support and comfort is A+” said LK. Another one of their satisfied customers, Sam from Wisconsin, also tells her story “ I hate bra shopping. Therefore, most of the bras I have and like wear out quickly…I decided to take a chance on this one… it’s probably one of the best, long-wearing bras I’ve ever owned… They’re flattering, comfortable, and actually fit the way a bra is supposed to fit, without sliding or binding”.

    Click for more lingerie options!


    While reading these reviews, I’d say that I was pretty convinced to purchase from Miss Mary of Sweden. Of course there was some negative reviews which I found pretty helpful. However, the number of positive reviews (5 STARS) outnumbered the negative reviews by a huge amount in each of these websites.

    Another thing that I found to be convincing was that about 95% of all these reviews confirmed that their bras were pretty comfortable, which was what Miss Mary of Sweden’s guaranteed their customers. This made me confident enough to trust their product and I would be willing to purchase a second bra if my first order didn’t come out as great. As a reviewer and a blogger, I believe I would give them second chance if they have messed up my first, this will give me a great opportunity to know if they are as good as they say. Let face it, mistaking size and color in your order will always happen, however it shouldn’t be a recurring mistake.


    Shop MissMaryofSweden.com now!



    I really hope that I was able to provide you with the necessary reviews to help you make your decision.

    If reading this post convinced you make a purchase to Miss Mary of Sweden then you are more than welcome to click HERE or on the pictures provided above. If not, please let me know if there’s a way I can help you.

    If you liked this review and would like to see more, then please subscribe and like us on Facebook for more posts like this one.

    Again, thank you so much for reading this review.

    For comments about your experience or any comments at all, please scroll down to the comment box below.

    Until next time, have a great day!

    Rachel Francoise

  • What’s this Fall? 8 Trending Fall 2019 Printed Dresses for Plus-Size Women


    HI there! Welcome and thank you for visiting and choosing Style for Curves for your style guide. My name is Rachel Francoise and I’m here to share with you what’s in this Fall.

    This season carries lot of styles, and though its not the spring or Summer, the Fall also has amazing colors and prints. With that in mind, I decided to give you all a more specific type of style rather than a broad topic just because there’s just so much to see this Fall and I don’t want you to miss out on any of it.

    Today, I am so excited to share with you my first article of this Fall’s Fashion which is “Trending Printed Dresses of the season”.  You’ll be able to see dresses from everyday wear to girls night out, to date night and to other events.

    Are printed dresses your thing? Then, keep scrolling down!


    “ This is an affiliate post which means that Style for Curves will get a small percentage of everything that you chose to purchase through us. However, you are NOT required but welcomed and encouraged to do so if anything in here please you. This is just like your regular online shopping because there will be NO EXTRA COST to your purchase. However, you may have a change to save by subscribing to our Website for Saving Newsletters.”


    Printed Wrap Dress from ELOQUII at $109

    size 14-28

    Printed Wrap Dress from ELOQUII at $109 size 14-28

    This printed dress dress is for the tall and curvy women looking for a feminine and sexy dress to wear to any casual event during the Fall.



    CITY CHIC’s Golden Floral Tunic-Black from COEDITION at $99 sizes 14-24

    CITY CHIC’s Golden Floral Tunic-Black from COEDITION at $99 sizes 14-24

    Just like the dress at the top, this dress will look great for tall and short ladies. Great for any casual fall events. You can wear this dress with heels or flat, the choice is yours!



    CITY STUDIOS’ Trendy Plus-size Embossed A-line Dress from MACY’S at $69

    sizes 14W-24W

    CITY STUDIOS’ Trendy Plus-size Embossed A-line Dress from MACY’S at $69 sizes 14W-24W

    Looking for an outfit you can wear at multiple events? Then this dress is just what you need. You can wear it for church, work or at a  semi-formal wedding.

    Girls night out

    COLDESINA’S Jenny Dress in Leopard from COEDITION at $78

    sizes M-3X

    COLDESINA’S Jenny Dress in Leopard from COEDITION at $78 sizes M-3X

    It’s not Fall without leopard prints. This dress is for these fun ladies looking for a night out with the girls whether to go dancing or drinking. I love that this dress is sexy and classy. It’s speaks ” I’m a classy lady looking for fun. So, R.E.S.P.E.C.T!”


    Date night

    ROBBIE BEE’s Metallic Animal-Print Trapeze Dress from MACY’S at $79

    sizes 1X-3X

    ROBBIE BEE’s Metallic Animal-Print Trapeze Dress from MACY’S at $79 sizes 1X-3X

    Are you invited to a special event? Well then, this dress great for you. If you’re like me, you love to dance and be free but are worried about your stomach, then this dress is just for you. You can wear this as shown in the picture or with your own style.


    DRESS THE POPULATION’s Emery Midi Dress-Python from COEDITION at $275

    Sizes 1X/3X

    DRESS THE POPULATION’s Emery Midi Dress-Python from COEDITION at $275 Sizes 1X/3X

    If you’re invited to be someone’s date to a wedding, Whether it’s your coworker, boyfriend or fiance, then this gown’s your number 1 go to. Click the picture to see the sexy low-back!




    Indigo Patch Maxi Dress from CoEdition $119

    sizes 14-24

    Indigo Patch Maxi Dress from CoEdition $119 sizes 14-24

    Who said that Fall printed outfit has to be leopard print? I absolutely love this dress. It is feminine and has a Spring, Summer and Fall flow to it which means that you get to wear this in more than one season.  I also love that this dress doesn’t scream “Fall” like some gowns would. What I meant to say is, the dress has just the right amount the orange/yellow/Sunset “Fall color” to it.

    This dress will be great to wear to a date night or a girls night out.

    CITY CHIC’S Mirage Dress from COEDITION at $119 sizes 14-24


    CITY CHIC’S Mirage Dress from COEDITION at $119 sizes 14-24


    Both these dresses are such great investment because it allows you to wear them at different season and events. The second dress for example can be worn at a bridal or a baby shower, a first date and etc. I understand that there are places that get pretty cold around the fall, however, I wouldn’t recommend it to be worn with leggings,even nude leggings.


    Thank you so much again for visiting our website. I hope that you like what I’ve presented today. Please feel free to subscribe for more posts like this, comment below, and share us on social media.

    Until next time,

    Y’all have a great day!


    Rachel Francoise